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Aquino should apologise for Manila bus tragedy, say victims’ families

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 October, 2013, 7:23pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 October, 2013, 9:05pm

Even if the Philippine government is willing to apologise for the Manila bus hijacking that left eight Hong Kong people dead, families of those killed said Philippine President Benigno Aquino should say sorry too.

They made the remarks on Wednesday, as reports suggested that Manila's city government had sent councillor Bernardito Ang to Hong Kong to meet the victims’ families in order to discuss compensation.

The City Council of Manila earlier this week passed a resolution taking it upon the city's government to apologise for the hostage crisis. Ang has reportedly brought the resolution documents with him to Hong Kong.

A staff member at Ang’s Manila office confirmed that the councillor left the Philippines for Hong Kong on Wednesday morning but she did not disclose the purpose of the visit.

Tse Chi-kin, elder brother of slain tour guide Masa Tse Ting-chun, said the passage of the resolution shows that another progress was made in the Philippines.

It is progress. From the very beginning, the Philippines has owed Hong Kong people an explanation. But I hope someone who can represent the country can apologise. Aquino is a suitable person
Tse Chi-kin

“It is progress. From the very beginning, the Philippines has owed Hong Kong people an explanation. But I hope someone who can represent the country can apologise. Aquino is a suitable person,” Tse said.

He was not informed that councillor Ang was visiting Hong Kong.

Some family members of the victims, as well as Democratic Party lawmaker James To Kun-sun who has been assisting them, met Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok for an hour on Wednesday.

To said he reiterated the families’ four demands to Lai, which are an apology from the Philippines, compensation, punishment for the officials responsible and improved tourist safety.

He was also not informed that Ang was in Hong Kong.

“Even if he is really coming, he is just a city-level official … he cannot represent the whole country or the entire government,” he added.


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Some of Hong Kong's political leaders and sensasionalist media are responsible for this never-ending charade. The Philippine government has already express "regret" over this incident and there is no need for the Philippines or its President to "apologise" for a crime committed by an individual or even a group of trigger-happy incompetent policemen. An "apology" is only given by a government or President on behalf of the country for grievous crime committed, such as genocide or massacre. This is obviously not the case. I suggest Hong Kong people should wise up and understand that an "apology" in the form of expression of "regret" has already been given and there's nothing more to "apologise". Maybe Hong Kong should also look at their own backyard and see who has not apologise for what has happened in our recent history?
SCMP must have been paid by the CY Leungs govt. to have a non-stop coverage of this news.
Rent a quote James To pushes his grandstanding political face into the suffering of the families, making extravagant demands, part of which smack of a desire for revenge and to humiliate the entire Philippines people.
The families of the victims of Lamma IV have had no apology from Marine Department or the Ferry Company, but we do not see such undignified behaviour from them.


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