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Threat of sanctions against Philippines 'overdue'

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 November, 2013, 5:56am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 November, 2013, 5:56am

Hong Kong should have got tough with the Philippines and imposed economic sanctions more than three years ago over the fatal Manila hostage drama, a survivor and a family hit by the tragedy say.

They said the government had never taken a hard line after eight Hongkongers were shot dead and seven injured when a bus was hijacked by a sacked Philippine policeman in 2010.

Now that Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has raised the possibility of sanctions if no substantial progress is made in talks on the issue, they hope Manila will be pushed into accepting their demands, which include an apology and compensation.

"The announcement was late, but it is still a positive signal," Tse Chi-kin, the older brother of slain tour guide Masa Tse Ting-chunn, said yesterday after Leung's statement. "It is the first time the Hong Kong government has taken such a tough stance with the Philippines in three years."

The Legislative Council is to debate and vote on a motion today proposing economic sanctions against the Philippines.

Democrat lawmaker James To Kun-sun said the government could, as a warning, stop official visits and purchases of Philippine products. But to exert real pressure, To said a total embargo of goods was needed.

Tse called on Hongkongers to present a united front in exerting pressure on the country. "The Philippine government has been ignoring Hong Kong and disrespectful to Hongkongers. We should resort to tougher measures to push the Philippine government to take responsibility."

Survivor Yik Siu-ling also felt sanctions could push Manila to follow up properly on the case.

"I believe the Hong Kong government has the backup of the central government," she said.

Yik, whose lower jaw, left thumb and right index finger were shattered by a bullet, planned to visit Taiwan next month for more cosmetic surgery. The process is expected to last a year and cost about HK$1 million.

Mainland analysts of international relations expect the Hong Kong government to tighten visa requirements against Filipinos or impose other sanctions.

Professor Jia Xiudong , a senior research fellow at the China Institute of International Studies, said he believed Hong Kong had properly consulted the Foreign Ministry, or its representatives in Hong Kong, before making the threat.

Shi Yinhong , an international relations professor at Renmin University, said Beijing's endorsement was needed if the sanctions affected military or political ties with Manila, but Hong Kong could impose economic sanctions independently of the central government.

"Any measures taken by the Hong Kong government will not go beyond its limit," Shi said.

"As the Philippines rely on mainland China and Hong Kong for economic development, the sanctions may push Manila to take further steps to respond to Hongkongers' demands."


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Some Facts
1. The Philippines already expressed its condolences to the families of the victim. They even declared August 25 as a National Day of Mourning as a sign of respect.
2. The Philippine government already offered a $75,000 compensation for EACH victim’s family. That is a LOT compared to the compensation received by a Filipino soldier or a policeman’s family if they are killed (which is only about $2,000)
3. Hongkong is only a city, the Philippines is a sovereign country. Thus, the head of Hongkong does not have the diplomatic right to directly call and make demands to the PRESIDENT of the Philippines as if they are equal. Let China do that.
4. In 2005, Mr. and Mrs Madrigal, filipino tourists, was hacked to death in Tianmen square in China in front of their children. Also In 2013, a Filipina doctor, also a tourist, was killed and her family injured when a burning vehicle driven by alleged chinese terrorists crashed into them.
Did China apologized ? Did they even offered compensation ? NO!
Why the double standard ? If China cant protect their tourists then why blame the Philippines for this isolated incident ?
5. Hongkong’s retaliation by punishing 100,000 innocent Filipino domestic helpers won’t solve anything. It’s nothing but bullying tactics aimed at the wrong targets.
Your avatar is No Pigs? Then how do you get your cloven hooves into your own home? You dumb ashhole flip. No wonder your university graduates come here to clean our toilets. Of course visa free access will hurt you. You still have quite a few people who grew rich stealing from the hordes of dumb animals that fill up most of your country. Those few filthy rich flips still want to come here to escape the **** that is the Philippines. You know. They want to experience civilized life. We certainly don't want to go there. What culture and what food do you have that anyone would want? There's a reason why there are no flip restaurants anywhere outside of flipland.
Hongkong can go to hell. Why would PH government apologize for something it is not responsible for? Will Beijing apologize for the terrorist attack on Tienanmen square which killed a Filipino doctor and injured 3 family members? The visa-free restrictions will mostly prevent Filipinos for shopping in HK and visiting Disneyland. Taiwan's sanctions never worked and it ended up swallowing its pride and lifting them. So, better hurry up with your sanctions, Hongkongers.
You call yourselves civilized? 99% of you live in holes on the wall while working for the 1% who are rich. The few thousand Filipinos who clean your toilets do not represent the 90 Million Filipinos, the Filipinos whom you want to deny visas are precisely the ones who can afford to splurge on luxuries you cannot afford. Well, we will go shoppin' in Singapore, dahlings. An export-dependent city refusing to export to PH? What a stupid idea! Cutting off your nose to spite your face. Who's got more to lose than the Hongkongers who live in ratholes?
because most of the 90 million will depend on those few thousands who are sent to take care of someone elses family in other countries & in many cases with their lives on the line like in the middle east? The rest sure are filthy rich and we all know why, so wilfredo you must be one of those filthy rich ones, maybe thats why you think that any economy in this world depends on Philippine.
"As the Philippines rely on mainland China and Hong Kong for economic development, the sanctions may push Manila to take further steps to respond to Hongkongers' demands." What an ignoramus. We are not intimidated.
Taiwan sanctions never worked? Wow someone must have truly been living in a bubble.


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