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Families of Manila hostage victims hail sanctions vote

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 4:07am
UPDATED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 10:00am


  • Yes: 26%
  • No: 74%
8 Nov 2013
  • Yes
  • No
Total number of votes recorded: 683

Families of the victims of the 2010 Manila hostage killings welcomed a vote by lawmakers in favour of a motion pressing the government to impose sanctions on Manila and cancel visa-free access for Filipinos.

Lawmakers voted to pass a non-binding motion by People Power's Albert Chan Wai-yip calling on the government to impose sanctions. No breakdown of the vote was given.

They also voted by 41 to three, with seven abstentions, in favour of former security chief Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee's amendment calling for visa-free access to be scrapped.

A further amendment by Chan's party colleague, Raymond Chan Chi-chuen, calling for restrictions on Filipino maids was withdrawn after Ip's was passed.

The votes chime with a warning by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying this week that he would impose sanctions if Manila failed to meet the demands of the families of the eight Hongkongers killed by gunman Rolando Mendoza and the seven people injured in the bus siege and botched rescue attempt.

Watch: Manila bus hostage-taking incident

Survivors and families want an apology, compensation and punishment for officials involved in the affair.

"The government now has a basis to change from being passive to taking the initiative to act," said Tse Chi-kin, brother of tour guide Masa Tse Ting-chunn, one of those killed.

Tse said he would accept only an apology from the Philippine government, not the Manila city government, which has made overtures to the families since flamboyant former president Joseph Estrada was elected mayor earlier this year.

Addressing the Legislative Council yesterday, Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok cited a public opinion poll that found 65 per cent of Hongkongers supported sanctions.

"I believe the whole Hong Kong public are united and … share one common goal - that is, that all [the families'] demands are satisfactorily met," Lai said.

After the vote, Lai said Ip's amendment would "bring inconvenience" to people from both places.


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Albert Chan Wai-yip looks gay in this photo... he needs a pink sausage to shut his mouth WINK
Again, the Philippines have already offered $75,000 compensation to each victim's family. Was it not enough ? In comparison, If a Filipino soldier or police dies, the Philippine government can only afford $2,000 compensation to their family. So I guess its all about the money huh ?
As for apologies, the Philippines had already expressed it condolences, even declaring August 25 as a national day of mourning, with all flags in the country in half mast in respect of the victims. Also, the City of Manila have already issued a formal apology. Again not enough ?
What about the tourists that die in China ? Has China ever apologized or even offered a single cent of compensation ? Nope. That's hypocrisy.
Oh, a British Pilot was attacked, stabbed and mobbed by Hongkongers yesterday and is now in critical condition and the Police said that it's 'just" a warning. Perhaps HK should apologize to Britain too ?
Enrique, why not express them again by taking out full page ads, for a week in all HK media, have Estrada and Aquino speak and behave penitently. Why do you think a sovereign country like the Phillipines is still talking to HK a small city 3 years later? LOL of course it's about money- think big Tourists $ to Phillipines that is. That's why Aquino asked the Manila Chinese commerce to foot the comepnsation- you get the business so you pay for it. No one else in Phillipines will!
A chap brought up an interesting view the other day- if the MPD did not act on the hostage+shooting incident, we can blame the MPD for neglect. Well they acted but botched the job, they were in total negligence for failing to do half the job!
Just like post WWII Germany had been penitent, paying reptribution for 40 years+ and thus was probably mostly forgiven, because Germans took it like a man. History now only blames the 'Nazis' for the wrongs of the Third Reich.
The Phillippines probably won't be forgiven until they come to terms with this incident like Germans did.
Some Facts
1. The Philippines already expressed its condolences to the families of the victim. They even declared August 25 as a National Day of Mourning as a sign of respect.
2. The Philippine government already offered a $75,000 compensation for EACH victim’s family. That is a LOT compared to the compensation received by a Filipino soldier or a policeman’s family if they are killed (which is only about $2,000)
3. Hongkong is only a city, the Philippines is a sovereign country. Thus, the head of Hongkong does not have the diplomatic right to directly call and make demands to the PRESIDENT of the Philippines as if they are equal. Let China do that.
4. In 2005, Mr. and Mrs Madrigal, filipino tourists, was hacked to death in Tianmen square in China in front of their children. Also In 2013, a Filipina doctor, also a tourist, was killed and her family injured when a burning vehicle driven by alleged chinese terrorists crashed into them.
Did China apologized ? Did they even offered compensation ? NO!
Why the double standard ? If China cant protect their tourists then why blame the Philippines for this isolated incident ?
5. Hongkong’s retaliation by punishing 100,000 innocent Filipino domestic helpers won’t solve anything. It’s nothing but bullying tactics aimed at the wrong targets.
average joe
The Hong Kong Government is deluding itself if it thinks this will hurt the Philippines. While I agree that the families deserve remuneration, they have repeatedly rejected any offer the Philippines has made on account of "It's not enough." Yet, the money offered is more than any LOCAL citizen ever receives.
You cannot ask a country's head of state to apologize for the actions of a criminal. Does this mean the Hong Kong government is willing to apologize for every foreigner EVER hurt on their soil? Because there have been a lot. The Philippine Government also never asks for apologies from heads of states for crimes that affect Filipinos in HK, China (as recently as the car bomb in Tiananmen) or anywhere else. They ask for explanations, of course, and apologies from those directly responsible but never from the sovereign nation itself. Why? Because the Philippines recognizes that a heinous act of one person is not tantamount to a sin of the many.
You also cannot think this will bully Aquino as it will cost him votes because there is NO re-election for heads of state in the Philippines. Oh, and voters don't respond well to bullying.
Less Filipinos traveling to HK, which make up the second largest demographic of tourists after mainlanders, slow down HK tourism, and it will be the perfect opportunity for Japan, Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia to market themselves to the FIlipinos. I know for a fact that two of those nations eye Filipinos as a top market potential.
Surely we can ask Aquino to apologize for:
1. The arrest of Mendoza's brother in front of news crew so Mendoza gets enraged:
2. The Senior Government Official (Puno) and Senior Commandants away for supper, so
they were not there when the botched rescue attempt took place;
3. A properly SWAT team was not allow to rescue the hostages, while police officers who
not trained in hostage rescue went in, resulting in a fire fight and more damage to the
4. A grinning Aquino when he inspected the crime scene where so many people died, and
even two people disabled for life. Where was the respect for the dead?
5. Aquino claimed to be against corruption, however, although the report from the Justice
Secretary recommend that action be taken against Alfredo Lim (he is a family friend of
the Aquino family and was the one who ordered the arrest of Mendoza's brother), and
action should be taken against Puno (Aquino's best friend). Instead they were never
punish. Aquino protect both his cronies from punishment.
6. As President, Aquino is also the supreme commander of all security forces in the
Philippines, and that includes the Philippine National Police. Just for the botched
rescue attempt he should apologize.
As a Christian, is it not the right and just thing for him to apologize? Or maybe he does not believe in God?
average joe
The problem is the demand for an unprecedented Presidential apology is an affront to the office of the President because in diplomatic circles, that is reserved for crimes by the national government. Just as it is not the responsibility of the China's president to apologize for the recent murder of a Filipino tourist in Tiananmen Square, but rather the responsibility of those tasked with security for the city. Nor should it be the HK president apologizing for the Lamma Ferry incident.
The Filipinos mourn the tragedy, and they lament the incompetence shown by the local police. But it is not the office of the President who should apologize. But rather all the people directly involved in the botched operation. The chain of command demands that the head of the PNP, not the Commander In Chief, is held responsible and therefore should issue the apology.
Personally, I think it is Mr. Lim and his administration that should be held accountable. I think they should have apologized and should have been held accountable. THAT I can understand. I would certainly take Aquino to task for protecting him. HK should demand that Aquino hold Lim, and the PNP officers accountable instead of demanding an apology.
We cannot second guess the actions of the police, (why SWAT wasn't allowed etc) because we weren't there. I think some of it has to do with grandstanding. But I can't be sure. Even then, it is they who should be brought to justice. That's what HK should be demanding.
This is a populist ploy by CY Leung to drum up some support for a non-issue to detract from bigger problems, like the Hong Kong credit bubble, zero interest rates, corporate leverage, air quality, education system issues, media freedom issues and many others. The filipinos have enough problems at home already, Hong Kong should show a good example. And why should these families suddenly get so much power and influence? People die of flu, heart attack, cancer, obesity or whatever every day and their families get nothing for it.
You guys who think the PH should not apologize are nuts. Let see, multiple times to take out hostage taker, sending in the brother to neg. with crazy hostage taker, mayor and police chief going out to eat while hostage situation was still taking place, and many more. Second, comparing it to other hostage rescues it also a sign of someone who refuses to take responsibility for their actions. Take for instant what "peterjohannes.reyes" said below. Well, did you realize Peter that Germany had sent in a elite rescue unit and was up against multiple Islamic terrorists that day? They were not against up against one person in a bus but multiple targets scatter throughout multiple buildings and fields. They didn't send in a make **** boy scott team like the PH government did that day. No honest, clear effort was made to rescue those hostages by the PH government until it was too late. If the hostage situation had occurred in HK, you know HK would had sent out their elite SDU unit to save the hostages, not a bunch of ill equipped, fully retarded, wannabe rambo look a like police officers.
Glad that now the HK elite politicians are sorting things out. Wow, Regina joining the clowns!




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