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British pilot stabbed and beaten in Lantau car park

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 8:57pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 09 November, 2013, 4:08am

A British pilot who was stabbed and bashed in the head by three masked men as he returned to his Lantau home on Friday is in serious condition in hospital.

Dominic Warren, 47, was attacked at about 1.45am after parking his car on South Lantau Road, 100 metres from his three-storey house in Tong Fuk village.

Warren is the director of operations at TAG Aviation Asia and was returning home after running a training session for new pilots at the Chek Lap Kok airport.

It seems that he was hit with a rock in the head and stabbed
Carlos Gomez, colleague

Police said he was ambushed by three masked men soon after he got out of his car in the car park. One of them had a box cutter, and another a hard object believed to be a rock. The men were thought to be Chinese.

“It seems that he was hit with a rock in the head and stabbed,” said Carlos Gomez, the chief executive of TAG Aviation Asia, which operates and manages private jets.

A police officer said Warren managed to get away from his attackers, who fled, and made it inside his home, where his domestic helper found him and called the police. His two teenage sons were also home at the time.

Warren was taken to the Mui Wo Clinic with head, arm and chest injuries, then transferred to the Princess Margaret Hospital in Kwai Chung. He had surgery, but his condition was not life-threatening, Gomez said. He did not know of any motive for the attack.

Officers searched the area but did not find the men. A bloodstained box cutter and two face masks were found at the scene.

Warren was not known to have been in dispute with anyone and did not know his attackers, another officer said. “We believe the attack was just a warning rather than an attempt to kill him,” the officer said, adding that the motive for the attack was unknown.

Warren, a divorcé, moved to the city from Britain two years ago with his two sons when he was hired by the aviation firm. The family is understood to have moved into the Tong Fuk house from Discovery Bay about two months ago.


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Villagers most likely, since he moved there 2 months ago. Maybe he parked his car slightly out of his allotted space. Villagers aka triads aka lazy village bums that collect car park money using public land get really upset when you do this... (I parked my car once in a village next to the Sha tin mall and got all four tires slashed.. all because I parked slightly wrong).
OMG, that's the conclusion of the HK Police? A warning rather than an attempt of murder but in the same sentence saying that he had no disputes with anyone and that hey don't know about the motives? Great job, HK Police! Makes me feel very good that you are on top of keeping the safety in this city as high as it is! Manila City police could have done it the same way.
So because it's a warning, you don't have to look into it further? What if the warning becomes actual murder next time?
Obviously most readers will not know what type of person Mr. Warren is or what he may have done wrong, but it was clearly a targeted attack and I'm sure that even if Mr. Warren was disputing with someone, he would not openly say it for the fear of his life.
What were Lantau police doing? No doubt an emergency call was made and police should have set up road blocks and checkpoints at ferry terminals. There are not many ways in and out of Lantau. Did they do this?
Or is this just another case where they don't care?
Obviously, it is not for money. Hope he will be well soon.
on behalf of her majesty and the british empire, i DEMAND apologies from all china town... HAHA
How can you say something like this? Hong Kong Police is one of the best in the region and for sure better than the Singapore police! You are hurting the feelings of Hong Kongers with such comments about their police here.
Great! You solved the case.
And if 2 would you condone the attack?!
So that means that Great Britain should ask CY Leung/Hong Kong people to apologize to the people of England?! Hmmm.... england should include trade restrictions against hongkong because of this incident.;) lol!



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