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Leung Chun-ying dismisses call for review of Exco vetting process

PUBLISHED : Monday, 11 November, 2013, 4:13pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 12 November, 2013, 6:29am

Lam Woon-kwong's call for a review of the vetting process that led to the controversial decision to issue only two free-to-air TV licences was brushed aside yesterday by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and other members of his cabinet.

One Exco member said Lam, as Exco convenor, should refrain from uttering such criticism in public, while others said the decision to deny Hong Kong Television Network a licence did not go against public opinion.

Leung again maintained that procedural justice had been observed.

"Lam called for a review of the process, but not the decision," said Leung at a business community lunch. "We have complied with procedural justice."

While discussing the possibility of reviewing the decision-making process, he said: "It is a matter for the future as to whether we need a new system and a new set of procedures."

Exco member Chow Chung-kong said the licensing decision was correct.

"The deliberations have spanned across two administrations, with four consultancy reports done … [the decision] was correct, made after comprehensive considerations," said Chow. "Some members of the public have expressed discontent, but this does not mean the decision deviated from public opinion."

Another Exco member, lawmaker Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, revealed that in a regular lunch among non-official Exco members yesterday, one had asked Lam to share his opinions with other councillors in private first before going public.

"Lam also asked us to excuse him for embarrassing his Exco fellows," said Ip.

Although Lam earlier said there was a huge discrepancy between Exco's decision and public expectations, Exco colleague Cheung Chi-kong, a close Leung ally, said the public resentment stirred up by the TV saga was "all within Exco's expectation".

Separately, Lam clarified that his call for a review of the process that led to the decision to grant only two free-to-air TV licences was not an attempt to distance himself from Leung.

"Exco's justification [for granting only two licences] was indeed rejected by the majority of the community. I was also among the ones to be blamed by the public. It is impossible to draw a line [between Leung and me]," he told Cable TV yesterday.

Lam did not comment when asked whether he would resign or if there had been any disagreement between him and Leung.

"I have no conspiracy. I am only saying the obvious and have no intentions," he said.

Lam reiterated that, in his remarks on Sunday, he was talking about the institution, not Leung.

Chinese-language newspaper Ta Kung Pao joined the condemnation, asking in an editorial yesterday if Lam was incapable or shirking his responsibilities.

Video: CY Leung at Legco on the free-to-air ruling


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'did not go against public opinion'? What planet is Exco member Chow Chung-kong on? The same one as John 'middle class' Tsang I guess.
I agree, didn't think there could be a worse CE, but I think CY is winning this one, starting with his covering up of his unauthorised building works at his home, Nat'l education, collusion with the triad crook Heung Yee **** and Lau Wong Fat and on and on... then kowtowing to China on the HKTV license, but covering it up as usual...
hard times !
it appears that there can't be any worst scenario in the governance of the SAR, but only worse ! Undoubtedly,the incumbent Chief Executive, C.Y.Leung is the worst leader among the three chielf executives both in his personal ethics and ability in governance.How can we tolerate this old guy for three more years until 2017 ? I wonder.
I always thought that after Tung and Tsang, there couldn't possibly be a worse CE.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the (by far) greatest disappointment in Hong Kong S.A.R.'s history! Mr. CY Leung!!!
Oh, Boy...talk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.
Why couldn't he and Exco have just been straight up and open about the reasons for the decision?
Perhaps the rigged crony political system makes candour and honesty impossible. Our appointed so-called leaders have become so unaccountable and arrogant they take decisions favouring special interests in secret behind the backs of a public whom they patronise and view with contempt.
sudo rm -f cy
If CY didn't break any laws, then there is something wrong with our laws. Unfortunately, half our legislators aren't democratically elected so we can't even change those laws.
The thought that we have to bear with this Chief Nitwit and his team of incompetent, overpaid ExCo cronies, especially John Clueless Tsang, for another 4 years at least...

... makes my head hurt.

Can someone at least teach the man the proper use of English tenses? For the HKD 400k per month we pay this sorry excuse of a glorified mayor, you'd think we could at least expect to get someone who understands the difference between the past and present perfect tense.
and your administration is transparent and accountable.....yeah, yeah.....
What the hell is procedural justice? It differs from natural justice seemingly. Why not just say procedures were followed? Procedures are just that, procedures. At the end of the day, procedures dont take into account public opinion. So LAM is not allowed to voice his opinion on the procedures in Exco but he is the convenor for God's sake.
What a pity that rotten special interests have been allowed to infiltrate and corrupt our governing system through the discredited political appointments system.
The property lobby is corrupt, but Donald Tsang letting Heung Yee K u k triads into Exco was the worst outrage of all, stupidly repeated by C. Y. Leung, to their eternal shame.
he looks so gay here, pouted lips and eyebrows on the rise. ATTENTION: false eyelashes. he can be the Chinese of HK, mama Mia!!!



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