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TVB boycott planned in protest of broadcaster's 'hegemony'

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 19 November, 2013, 11:23am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 19 November, 2013, 4:12pm

All eyes will be on the ratings of TVB’s 46th anniversary variety show on Tuesday evening as an indicator of how disgruntled Hongkongers are with what has been described as the broadcaster’s “hegemony” over the local free-to-air television market.

A Facebook page has been set up urging viewers in the 800 households in which TV meters have been installed to boycott show screened by the city’s leading broadcaster. The page has so far received almost 30,000 “likes” from web users.

A research company responsible for measuring TV ratings selected the 800 households as being representative of the city’s entire population and from whom viewership is measured.

The households have been asked to take a picture of the metering device and send it to the social networking page as proof of their support. The Facebook page has yet to announce how many of the 800 households have joined the boycott.

The Facebook page administrator earlier said there were rumours that some of the 800 households had been asked by the research company whether they had disclosed to media whether they were among the monitored households and were also told not to be influenced by others in doing anything that may manipulate the ratings.

In a reply to a Post inquiry, TVB declined to comment on the boycott of its anniversary variety show.

An audience member with the pseudonym “Ah Ming” is one of the members of the 800 monitored households. He allowed pictures to be taken of the TV meter at his home during an interview with the Apple Daily.

He said he would take his parents, whose only source of evening entertainment comes from watching a TVB drama series, out for dinner on Tuesday so that they would not be bored at home.

Many Facebook users said they hoped to see TVB actor Nat Chan Pak-cheung, who repeatedly defended TVB’s “hegemony” as “justified” and pledged to make his journey home from the studio by walking on his knees if the show achieved only three ratings points, and then later threatened he would die, keep his promise.

TVB last week agreed to donate HK$3 million to charity, following Chan’s suggestion, if the ratings of the show topped 30 points, pledging an extra HK$100,000 for each point thereafter – but promised no donation if they did not achieve 30 points.

Each point represents 64,200 viewers, so a rating of 30 means an audience of more than 1.9 million people.


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Haven't watched Jade channel (TVB channels) for the past 5 years - won't start now. Besides, after reading this article, [I] feel that TVB is dumping/shifting the blame by not donating to charity if 'they [TVB]' do not get a high rating? Isn't this something like blackmailing?
Rubbish show..don't need a boycott to not watch it.
TVB contracts mean for directors, writers, actors and singers, handcuffed for life.
All TVB shows and stories are an insult to viewers intelligence as stupid stories and trivial shows contribute nothing to the education of the public (stupid storyline of the shows, only cooking shows and embarrassing entertaining shows). RTHK should be allowed to have an own channel as it is them who seriously try to educate.
sudo rm -f cy
800 boxes for a city of 7 million is a terribly low sampling rate.
I beg to differ, after a long day at the office, I switch on my TV for pure entertainment not education be it unrealistic dramas, cooking shows whatever. There are many sources for improving one's knowledge and a sensible person won't expect to educate oneself from watching TV. I am quite amazed at the level of hatred directed towards TVB ever since the saga of HKTV licence rejection, are HK citizens no longer permitted to sit down and enjoy a TV show without being subjected to all this propaganda and follow the mob mentality. Nobody is forced to take on a job, it's a free market so don't lay all the blame on the employer be it a small or big company if the employee thinks he is not being fairly rewarded.
Thanks, but I’ve already got a self-imposed boycott on the TVB Jade channel. I’d rather turn the TV off than to have any of their content waste my electricity.
Well, in other countries, state financed or partly financed broadcasters have as well the responsibility to educate the people. HK with its people, the mass are literally uneducated in terms of "what is going wrong with their society". As an example, critical broadcasts, stories about poor families and "real" life is hardly shown at TVB. All what they serve the public is brain damage and how to not care about others by not understanding their life and circumstances. TVB only shows RTHK projects, from time to time at a time nobody watches TV, is because they are force to, at least "educate a little". You may like a society were people living trivial lifes. I like a society were people understand, care and are educated what is going on in the society. With TVB you only learn about celebrities, who show you were to eat and what they like to eat (of course after they made a financial deal with the restaurant owners). Then shows written by a 4th grade writer with no idea about real life. HK peoples life shouldn't be trivial and real education shouldn't be just a privilege of the rich and wealthy. Broadcaster has this kind of obligation and responsibility and TVB just deny this to the public. And they do their utmost to not changing this.
I'm watching on Fringe on Blu-ray instead. "Lek Gor" is a spastic for commenting now on his love for TVB. I bet he isn't going to crawl home if they receive 3 points.
Why would anyone watch TVB's Variety Show irregardless of all the HKTV furore? Actually, the boycott will play to TVB's advantage because they can blame poor audience numbers on the boycott instead of realising that it's because their TV shows are old-fashioned and totally out of touch with modern TV audiences. Ah, that's why we need a new broadcaster to shake things up.
I'm not sure I agree with you, but you put your point across very well…. I salute you.



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