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Hong Kong named one of world's best cities for students

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 November, 2013, 5:21am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 04 December, 2013, 11:10am

Hong Kong has been named the seventh-best city in the world for students but remains behind Singapore, which is Asia's top-ranked city.

Both cities leapt up the rankings in the second QS Best Student Cities list - Hong Kong by 12 places and Singapore by nine, to third overall.

Paris and London held their positions at the top of the leader board. Beijing and Shanghai came 18th and 35th respectively.

Cities were judged in five categories: university rankings, student mix, quality of living, employer activity in recruiting students and affordability.

Hong Kong scored a total of 403 out of a possible 500.

"With a maximum of 100 points awarded [in each category], Hong Kong's highest scores were 96 for employer activity, 94 for rankings and 85 for student mix," QS head of research Ben Sowter said. "With employment upon graduation an increasing worry for students around the world, the city's high employer activity combined with world class universities gives it a unique edge on the world stage."

High rent dragged down the city's affordability score (69), although eating out and transport were deemed cheap.

Last year, Hong Kong had an overall score of 351 and was described as "a bit daunting" for those who valued "peace, quiet and personal space".

To be considered for this year's rankings, a city had to have a population of more than 250,000 and at least two institutions in the QS World University Rankings. Ninety-eight cities qualified for the list.


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None of the top ten cities is American, world's top student attraction?
Shenzhen's transport is about 300% cheaper than HK's.
There seems an explosion nowadays with surveys in anything imaginable. It is fine if they are to inform us with facts without a hidden agenda. Here this survey of best cities for students didn't include New York, Boston and Seattle says much how independent the survey is.
Some of the world's surveys that appeared recently in SCMP are to me just rubbish created by organization with money to burn and a point to make. One must beware when lies repeated in sufficient number of times they become truth.
SCMP please fix this glitch. How hard is it to get a comment section working properly ?
That is a bogus index. Kids should go wherever they need to go to learn whatever they want to learn. If my interest was to ride a horse on a piece of magnificent grassland under a big blue sky, I would prefer to find myself in Mongolia learning from the people there.
By the way, University of Hong Kong's dingy campus is far from being attractive. I wouldn't be so ready to get brainwashed there even if I was offered a scholarship, to tell you the truth.
The Hong Kong University when I visited there a decade or so ago didn’t impress me. It is not necessary how nice the setting or the buildings must be, it is more how the campus is being used by the community as a place for pursuit of knowledge. I saw during my visit the fights of stairs that led to the Knowles Building (I believe) were plastered fully with commercials. More were hung along the handrails. While such abuse of an environment that posed unsafe use of stairs, the acceptance of a shopping mall like environment on an academic campus is pathetic.
But I still must thank its Architectural Library opened to me without prior application approval for my research work. It was not the case in trying to use the Avery Library at Columbia.
If you are planning on being recruited by the top quality listed company, having a decent local degree is no match for one that is earned abroad: America. UK or Canada. The good news is an average job is quite easy to come by in HK but if one is competing with foreign degree holders, the bad news is one is second at best. The elite prefers people with global visions and culturally cultivated, something that can't be learned from the books. It's a subconscious paradigm that will never shift. The grass is greener....
As an HR manager, here is the die hard fact: if juxtaposed two candidates with equal credentials, it's a rule of thumb to always pick the one with overseas diploma regardless of grades from the transcript.
Sticks Evans
sudo rm -f cy
How the hell did we score 85 for student mix? Almost everyone here is either a local or a mainlander. With more and more mainlanders, too.
But, but, but, no university bars in this city!


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