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Carrie Lam defends decision to restrict attendance at Beijing officials’ luncheon

Chief Secretary says 'venue’s constraint' prevents more lawmakers from attending event

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 November, 2013, 1:25pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 November, 2013, 2:34pm


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21 Nov 2013
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Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor defended the government’s decision to only invite seven lawmakers to attend a luncheon with two Beijing officials on Friday, saying it is impossible to include more because of the “venue’s constraint”.

Civic Party lawmakers Ronny Tong Ka-wah and Dennis Kwok are the only two pan-democrats attending the luncheon with visiting Basic Law Committee Chairman Li Fei and Vice-Chairman Zhang Rongshun.

Tong and Kwok were invited in their capacities as Legco House Committee and Legal Panel vice-chairmen, respectively – along with the Legco president and four committee chiefs.

“Because of the venue’s limitation, we cannot invite all 70 lawmakers, but we did not choose arbitrarily who, or which parties, can attend,” Lam said. “Lawmakers who cannot attend can be relieved that after we started our consultation in December, we will listen to all lawmakers and political parties.

“I hope we can forge consensus based on the Basic Law,” Lam added.

On worries that Li and Zhang’s visit could set the framework of the political reform before the consultation were launched, Lam said that the pair was only expected to explain legal points and the government would not touch on detailed proposals at the first stage of the public consultation exercise.



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For heaven's sake, it's only a lunch. Can't people wait to hear the substance of the consultation before criticising Carrie Lam?
Oh Carrie, you are talking about logistics and if your people cant find a venue to accommodate everyone its the fault of your little uns. Its shameful to lay the blame on the size of the venue. Cant you do better Carrie? Saw you on TV just now and you seem to have lost your lustre and you don't speak with confidence anymore.
Venue's constraint?
Must be the lack of bathrooms for all the **** that CY and his team has stored up.
woof woof
Another cosmetic show done by someone who is better at it than CY.............that's all it is.
Like all public "consultations" this one will be purely cosmetic and as always the outcome has already been decided. The HK Govt. will defer to the CCP apparatchiks to deny HK people any meaningful political representation.
The venue's constraints?

The government appears to have turned spotting constraints its specialty these days, for example in the free-to-air television market.

Is our government now so powerless/incompetent/clueless* that they can't find a table with enough seat for lunch?

Or have they risen so high on the contempt-for-the-public scale that they can't even be bothered to come up with proper excuses anymore?

* take your pick
I guess Li and Zhang’s visit will very much serve to make sure that the "public consultation exercise" will be orchestrated such that it will fit the "framework of the political reform" that has long been decided in BJ.
will david li kwok bo be there? his charity is paying for a non-merit based scholarship for her son in the UK... how does that work? so tycoon pays for chief secretary's child education (in the UK, which is a whole other story), and routes it through a charity which makes discretionary decisions on who to give scholarships to? hmm... jeremy lam... SCMP how about doing some real investigative reporting? or have the kuok's ordered you to tow the line? ****www.cambridge.org.hk/blog/blogs/scholarship.php?cat=77 maybe the icac can take a look, but i suspect they are too busy drinking maotai with the commies


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