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Mother 'may have invented girl's abduction' in Kowloon City

As fears for missing tot grow, police sources cast doubt on account of pushchair incident

PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 November, 2013, 11:18pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 November, 2013, 10:29am

An unmarried mother who says her six-month-old baby was abducted outside a Kowloon City park at the weekend may have invented the story to scare the girl's father, police sources say.

Suspicion has fallen on the woman's claims of how her baby, Yue Hoi-ching, was taken from a pushchair outside Carpenter Road Park on Saturday night.

Kowloon West regional crime squad is checking out the fabrication theory.

One senior officer voiced concern yesterday about the baby's safety. "The longer she stays missing, the more police fears [for her safety] escalate," he said.

A police spokeswoman said the force had sought help from the relevant government agencies. "The police are investigating all angles," she said.

The 31-year-old mother is understood to be a mistress of the baby's father, who is married with three children. He runs a small waste recycling company.

They met a few years ago when she was a salesgirl, and she became a housewife after getting pregnant, the senior officer said. The man rents a flat for the mother and child in San Po Kong Mansion on Choi Hung Road.

Police received a child abduction report from the mother at about 7.30pm on Saturday.

She claimed she gave directions to a middle-aged woman looking for Wong Tai Sin MTR station, while a man hurried past. She then continued on for a distance before realising her daughter was gone, she told police.

The sun cover of the pushchair was lowered and covered with a red towel. "It was unlikely a person could remove the towel, lift the sun cover, grab the baby and replace everything in a short time without the mother knowing," another police source said.

Inquiries showed the woman had had many disputes with her lover, some over money. "It is possible she fabricated the whole thing to scare him," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call 6148 0919 or 6148 0920.


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so after all the idiots who came bashing the mainlanders on the forum, it turns out its another HK greedy, compensation issue. Well done HK, showing its true colours
Dai Muff
Something is not ringing true about this, from the very beginning/
HKers are a very spoilt lot. We live in one of the safest city, great infrastructure, outside major disaster areas & reasonably good freedom. Yet, we are a disatisfied lot, picking & blaming mainland, picking on philippines for the smallest issue.
HK needs to grow some balls & live in the real world.
But at least the Mainland Bashers could have for a few days their satisfaction to blame on all Mainlanders. As I said, the story (it is not over yet) has a lot of unanswered question and conclusions should be made by the police who investigate this case and not the public. It shows only that the Anti-Mainland sentiment of the HKners, and of course most of the time by some foreigners here, has reached a ruthless level far beyond reason.
why would someone come from the mainland to steal a hk baby?
plenty to steal there
First we have unsubstantiated Mainlander bashing and now we have unsubstantiated single-mother bashing. Stories disseminated to the public should be couched in less inflammatory language.
HK'rs are becoming more and more pathetic.............really pathetic if they have to make up such stories to deal with their personal problems.......
A good old mainland bashing is how those idiots dont go psychotic in real life.
Dai Muff
I believe the person who made up the story, if it is indeed made up, is a recent arrival from the mainland.
@Stagger Lee and pinoy @******
How hilarious, first nothing was known about the mother and the Mainland basher thought she is a HKner and her child was abducted. They all were attacking the Mainland with abusive words. Then now a change in her story and doubts raising about the abduction. Now, oh she is from the Mainland, so well, still attacking the Mainland. What a hypocrisy at first and then the farce. Sometimes I am just asking how you guys make your living to be able to afford a SCMP subscription.



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