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Yau Ma Tei crash between minibus and truck kills woman, 90

PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 December, 2013, 2:16pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 December, 2013, 4:45am

A 90-year-old woman died and three others were injured when a minibus and a truck ran out of control and mounted a pavement after they collided at a junction in Yau Ma Tei yesterday.

Lam Mui, who was trapped under the truck, was declared dead in hospital. She lived in a nearby home for the elderly and was thought to have been walking back there.

Police said they would look into the design of the junction of Temple Street and Wing Sing Lane - which has neither traffic lights nor give-way signs - and decide whether to improve road safety measures there.

"Whether or not there is a give-way sign, motorists should pay attention to the road situation before driving into a junction," said Superintendent Ko Shek-cheong of the Kowloon West traffic unit.

The crash was the 31st fatal traffic accident in the Kowloon West area this year, compared with 18 for the whole of last year. The figures have prompted police to issue road safety warnings and step up enforcement.

In yesterday's accident, the truck and the green-topped minibus, with four passengers, collided at the junction at about 10.45am. They then mounted the Temple Street pavement before coming to a stop.

Lam had to be freed by firemen and was declared dead in Kwong Wah Hospital at 11.10am.

"It happened all of a sudden and I could do nothing to avoid it," said truck driver Chan Wong-moon, 61, who was unhurt.

He said his truck was rammed by the other vehicle and pushed onto the pavement.

Police said a male passer-by was hit by the minibus, but escaped serious injury. The two other injured were the minibus driver and one of his passengers.

The three men, aged from 54 to 61, were treated in hospital for minor injuries. The junction was closed to traffic for about three hours until the two vehicles were towed away for examination.

Ko said the accident site was not a traffic black spot, and that there was no evidence to suggest either vehicle was travelling beyond the 50km/h speed limit. Both drivers passed a breathalyser test. Kowloon West traffic unit officers are investigating. So far, no one has been arrested.

Police figures show 101 people died in road accidents across the city in the first 10 months of this year, compared with 96 in the same period last year.



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What is it going to take for the government to wake up from sleep and take serious action against minibus drivers & reckless truck / bus drivers??
I am just wondering why the transport department and the Hong Kong Police does not take any harsh action to educate the minibus and truck drivers in HK? I seldom ride minibuses, because there are dangerous and the minibus drivers are like animals and do not consider the safety of others in the traffic. Those minibuses are really a shame for Hong Kong. All could be solved with harsh and hard punishments for those drivers, nut it seems they just get away with it every time
It's always sad when an elderly is a victim, just because you know it is most likely because they are not in the physical condition to even make an attempt to escape.
Travel on minibus is quite rare for me, but the times that I have been on them, it makes me worried because the drivers just have little regards for road rules or even speed...
Minibus drivers are reckless. They take corners faster than most sports cars and the speed indicator warning/beeper means nothing to them. And the passengers are too timid to speak up at all. Only a matter of time before an entire minibus is going to crash with multiple fatalities.
If your mini bus driver is seriously speeding (not the odd +10 km/h) take a picture of the speed indicator, note down time, location and the driver's name (on the id card on the dashboard) and report it to the police (you can do online) and send the picture as evidence.
I did the same with a driver using his mobile while driving and police prosecuted him.
The comments are not working. Let me re-clarify before you start getting hostile. My comments were not directed at the person who past away on the pavement. That person was very unlucky. A case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The 2 drivers will likely be prosecuted for manslaughter. My condolences to that victim. The only message I wanted to convey is that sometimes I am standing at the lights waiting to cross the road when suddenly an elderly will not look left or right and just cross with no disregard for anyone whatsoever. Drivers need to avoid these obstacles because they simply will not obey instructions.
I really don't think you should wish anyone get hit by a bus however bad or inconsiderate they are.
What we should try to learn is just not let ourselves or our children turn out with his view that just because you have a car, you have right of way and can run over an elderly person who probably didn't know there was a car coming.
Drivers always need to be ready to break for elderly people who suddenly cross the road. But these mini bus drivers do not consider anything what has to do with safety. That is the problem here.
guns to shoot the reckless drivers. After they have come to a stop.
Not just minibus and truck drivers, taxi and bus drivers are just as reckless. I encounter all kind of drivers every morning running the red light on Jordon Road near Elements.



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