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CY's new media man named … and shamed

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 December, 2013, 4:30am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 04 December, 2013, 5:01am

The appointment of former core member of the pan-democratic camp Andrew Fung Wai-kwong as the government's point man for media relations immediately drew misgivings from across the political spectrum yesterday.

Fung, a Southern District councillor and public relations consultant, was named information co-ordinator for the Office of the Chief Executive. He will take up the post on December 16, earning HK$175,000 a month.

Pro-government industrial lawmaker Lam Tai-fai said Fung was viewed as a man of mediocre talent. "His reputation is so-so and his competence is questioned by many," said Lam. "The only thing we can do is to maintain close scrutiny of his work."

Fung, who used to sit on the Democratic Party's central committee, said he was "very honoured" to have got the job. It is understood he has resigned from his role as district councillor and is stepping away from his public consultancy firm PR Concepts, which caused chaos at October's Arts Development Council election due to faulty ballot papers.

The job at the chief executive's office has stood empty since August 1, when media veteran June Teng Wai-kwan quit citing health reasons.

A government spokesman said Fung "has experience in public relations and political work". When Teng got the job in 2012 and her predecessor, Andy Ho On-tat, was appointed in 2006, they were described as possessing a "wealth of experience".

Democrats chairwoman Emily Lau Wai-hing noted that even Fung's handling of rumours about his appointment was "disastrous". He compared the role to that of "the spokesperson of the White House", and his confusion over how many words there were in a famous Chinese idiom is still being joked about.

Also joining the chief executive's media team is Patrick Nip Tak-kuen, director of the chief secretary's private office. He will succeed Michael Wong Wai-lun as Information Services Department director in February.



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[His reputation is so-so and his competence is questioned by many.]

A perfect fit for the Chief Nitwit's team then. He will feel right at home.
The pic makes the guy look like an idiot or maybe he really is one............in fact, all the people that CY appoints are idiots and the decent ones all leave his cabinet.
This HK government just becomes more and more pathetic as the days go by...........I think most HK'rs are counting down the days to the next election (irregardless of whatever type it may be) just as long as CY gets out of the picture.
I see Emily is being her usual positive self. I've lived here for 22 years and have yet to hear her make a constructive comment. She's a bit of a one-trick pony. I suppose the thing about her quest for "democracy" is that she doesn't have to do anything with concrete results. It will be interesting to see if she actually turns up for the Tai Long Wan vote today. Probably not, she has more " important" things to do.......
If you can't manage your own photo, then…… what media can you manage?
Unfortunately, HK has a never ending succession of nonperforming bumblers as "leaders" and election or not, I think anyone worth their weight in Asia's China City won't want the thankless task.
That is not a flattering photo of Mr. Fung, makes him look like a communist underlying...


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