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Hongkongers still ‘negative’ about mainland visitors, HKU poll shows

HKU poll shows that nearly a third of Hongkongers have 'negative feelings' for mainlanders

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 December, 2013, 5:57pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 December, 2013, 10:59pm

Negative feelings in Hong Kong towards mainland Chinese are at their highest for some years, while sentiment about Japanese people remains comparatively warm, a poll shows.

The Hong Kong University survey conducted in November showed 31.8 per cent of Hong Kong people have “negative” feelings for people from mainland China.

The same survey in May put the figure at 35.6 per cent, meaning the average figure for this year was the highest since the exercise began in 2007.

Mainland tourists or residents are an important source of revenue for Hong Kong. But they are also seen as straining the city’s resources and pushing up prices of items ranging from baby formula to property.

More than 1,000 people were interviewed by phone for the survey.

Only 14.9 per cent of those questioned in Hong Kong, which was under harsh Japanese occupation during the second world war, harboured negative feelings toward Japanese people in the second half of the year.

However negative feelings towards the Japanese government reached a high point this year - more than 63 per cent in the second half of the year, and 58.8 per cent in the first half.

A dispute between China and Japan over East China Sea islands has intensified in the past year, fuelling hostility towards the Tokyo government on the mainland and in other Chinese societies.


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I dislike anyone with bad manners or bad hygiene behaviours while in public.
I've seen mainlanders peeing in shopping centres and pooping on the street; and also nicely dressed mainlanders claiming they lost the movie ticket and want a refund still.
I've seen locals talking loudly on the phone when there is no need to; and also witness recently, two old locals trading profanity before trading blows while on a short bus trip.
I've seen westerners coughing on the MTR without any intentions of covering their mouths.
The focus for Hong Kong people should be to focus on the behaviours and not where the people come from, because I can assure you that some people from the mainland that I have had the privilege to have known and worked with hates those behaviours just as much.
People should really think through their hatred and not just go with the herd, you need to understand that it is due to the lack of education and extremely fast wealth gains that causes such a gap between wealth and behaviour, and when you witness such things, the best thing to do is to remind yourself not to act like that.
That said, I have seen some self-perceived wealthy fellows that act with a level of arrogance that ranks among the worse.
i am a HKer and I see HKers are no better than mainlanders. But HKers' superior complexes make them hype mainlanders' bad behaviours but blind to the similarly ugly behaviours of HKers, who are similarly noisy and bad-mannered and step their shoes on the opposite seats in bus.
John Adams
The problem is not so much that Mainland tourists are often bad-mannered (they are, but then so also are many English, American, and many other countries' tourists - except with the notable exception of the Japanese and Singaporean tourists who are always supremely polite)
The problem is that there are simply too many Mainland tourists and they seem to drag their luggage with them all day, everywhere they go.
The "tourism revenue" they bring goes to a very small number of jewelry and designer-label shops, greedy landlords, milk powder double traders... and that's about it.
Don't believe anything the HKTA tells you, because the HKTA itself is ultimately run by the landlords.
Meanwhile, our transport system is filled to over-bursting so that local residents are seriously inconvenienced, local HK residents can't go anywhere at weekends without facing huge queues, local shops are put of business, and everything becomes more expensive for everyone.
So how does this mass Mainland tourism help us as normal HK residents?
Whoever decided that the more Mainland tourists the better ad infinitum needs to spend a few weekends doing nothing else except queuing around Ocean Park as a normal tourist, or trying to get a bus back to Tung Chung from Tai O.
I was in a small Starbucks, walking behind a woman who was carrying a huge bag. She suddenly turned around and swiped my cup of hot coffee to the ground. Of course I was splashed and unfortunately someone sitting nearby also caught some of the hot liquid. This woman who spoke mandarin didn't offer an apology and just walked off when I confronted her, instead she told me that "You HK people always kick up a big fuss and think you are better off than us." That's how I realized that she is from PRC. Yes, I am going to fall into the category of 31.8% mentioned in this article if I encounter more ill mannered people like her.
Get with the times you narrow minded dickhead.
Such surveys are not good for Hong Kong at all, because when the media reports them, they make Hong Kongers appear as if they don't like anybody and anything. And this then becomes easily the cliché: Hong Kong people don't like the Mainlanders, the Japanese, the Filipinos, the Indonesians, the Singaporeans, the Brittish, and so on.
HKU, please do not waste your time and money with such useless and counter-productive surveys. SCMP, please stop pouring oil into the fire.
since the majority of mainlanders are raised in a rural farming environment , it is no surprise that a majority of them will behave like animals when they are outside their natural environment. I would suggest all mainlanders attend and pass a social civility course before being issued travel visas to leave prc. also here in Canada, one can usually hear mainlander Chinese talking/ yelling even before seeing them in social settings .
HKers just dislike everyone and anyone, including themselves
its the people you deal with and not the race or country...to bundle up and categorize china china ppl dislike is a lousy comparison....just pathetic
I have gone thru racist and rude ppl from from usa, china, Denmark, japan, british, and I don't even feel those ******** represent their whole country....why should I hold any grudges at all...
there is a sucker born every minute...
What's not to like about the Japanese? They are clean, polite and respectful. And since we are not bombarded with propaganda about how evil they are there is no enduring animosity either. We don't care what somebody's great grandfather did. How can America, who lost hundreds of thousands, fighting the Japanese in WWII be their best ally now? Well all those bad people are dead and we all move on. Hong Kong people's thinking is far superior in this aspect. You don't see Americans constantly asking the Japanese for an apology for attacking Hawaii do you? Stop acting like children, please.



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