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Hongkongers still ‘negative’ about mainland visitors, HKU poll shows

HKU poll shows that nearly a third of Hongkongers have 'negative feelings' for mainlanders

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 December, 2013, 5:57pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 December, 2013, 10:59pm

Negative feelings in Hong Kong towards mainland Chinese are at their highest for some years, while sentiment about Japanese people remains comparatively warm, a poll shows.

The Hong Kong University survey conducted in November showed 31.8 per cent of Hong Kong people have “negative” feelings for people from mainland China.

The same survey in May put the figure at 35.6 per cent, meaning the average figure for this year was the highest since the exercise began in 2007.

Mainland tourists or residents are an important source of revenue for Hong Kong. But they are also seen as straining the city’s resources and pushing up prices of items ranging from baby formula to property.

More than 1,000 people were interviewed by phone for the survey.

Only 14.9 per cent of those questioned in Hong Kong, which was under harsh Japanese occupation during the second world war, harboured negative feelings toward Japanese people in the second half of the year.

However negative feelings towards the Japanese government reached a high point this year - more than 63 per cent in the second half of the year, and 58.8 per cent in the first half.

A dispute between China and Japan over East China Sea islands has intensified in the past year, fuelling hostility towards the Tokyo government on the mainland and in other Chinese societies.


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What I don't understand is the "forgiveness" and "amnesty" offered by some HKers to the Japanese who brutally murdered millions of their kinsmen, some of which may even be their distant relatives. It is true that all those events happened 70 years ago, but history is not to be forgotten especially when the criminals themselves have never expressed any regret at all. They worshipped war criminals as deities.
Imagine if you were a Jew, would you forgive someone who denies the holocaust and worship Hitler as a god? Only those who are remorseful towards their course of action are worthy of forgiveness.
It is true that the strong demand and purchasing power from the mainland people help push up the price level of items ranging from baby forumla to property in Hong Kong. But we should not forget we did welcom their visits in 2003 when Hong Kong sufferred from SARS and financial difficulty. When we always uphold the principle of fair and equality, have we tried to show our sympathy to treat our compatriot fairly? We are just lucky enough to be born in Hong Kong, a modern city, so we can receive better education.
SCMP should stop reporting on this as HK'er vs. Mainlanders. I despise the overcrowding caused by so many visitors, mostly from one place, clogging up the limited infrastructure in HK. But, that is Beijing policy done on purpose to destroy HK, not the visitors' fault. Poor manners, yes, but I almost punched a Flip maid on a train who argued it is OK to feed a little girl in her care, because she was hungry. I've also helped a Mainland mother with her baby crib, to descend a flight of stairs at an MTR station. Treat people as people, not as labels. I have made many close friends when I lived in China. I find loud talking people, HK and Mainland, on trains obnoxious. I have knocked over people forcing their way in the middle lane when I try to exit a subway. Stop causing strife with your idiotic reporting. Report it as those who are civilized (like me) vs. the uncivilized (like loud people and that Flip maid). Another thing, watch out on Sundays as Flips buying cheap goods at Park n Shop don't bag and leave with their fruits at the check out line. They purposely let their cheap foods co-mingle with my bottle of wine and expensive stuff, then pretend to accidentally bag my wine and goods along with their apples and a banana. That was not a HK vs. Mainland thing. That was just low life behavior endemic to a society. I told the Flips, "Next time you wonder why people don't want you here long term, remember today." Not even a "Sorry".
Hongkongers are snobbish. Who knew?
This is a ridiculous survey. What was the objective of such survey other than to heighten public hostility over mainland Chinese tourists? Media should play a role in alleviating social tension and contributing for the better of Hong Kong.
I have come back to Hong Kong for about 2.5 years and can see vast improvement in them and have also witnessed appalling behaviors from the locals. I think it is time for HongKongers to hold up a mirror to look at themselves. I am constantly bugged by the poking umbrellas during wet days, not giving up seats for elderly and those that are pregnant and using their phone all the time and being oblivious about the people around them, protesting and complaining just about everything.
Do a survey about these and publicize it to help Hong Kong withhold its value SCMP!
Free Jihottie
This article is quite funny. SCMP should just change the date each year and repost it because it's ain't never going change as long as Asians continue to dislike Japan.
Anyone who thinks Japan have not "adequately or properly" apologized is delusional. What exactly is "adequately or properly" apology? I bet no one can describe it much less express it.
Apology is never going to bring back the dead. Apology is never going to bring back the past. Apology is never going to undo the pain. It times the Asians try forgiveness because apparently, seeking an "adequate or proper" apology has not work. Move on already.
Hong Kong people dislike the Japanese? Is this article even real?
If Japan starts looking for countries to join them as part of 'Greater Japan', Hong Kong and Taiwan would be first in line!
You people are idiots. Focus on the problem, not something that happened 70 years ago. Do you still hate Germans for 1939? Morons.
Focus on the fact in question. HK'ers don't like mainlanders because they are rude and uncivilized compared to HK society. Its a fair comment because its an accurate observation.
End of story.
JP has never properly apologized for the war crimes they commited and the stupid JP politicians keeps visiting shrines for those same criminals annually!!
What if the Germans never apologized for the war crimes and keep visiting 'allegedly' Adolf Hitler grave or Hermann Goering's or Himmler's..? go figure u SOB!!
Free Jihottie
@lamlm38 Could you describe what exactly is a "proper" apology? Have you ever done it. What does it looks like. How does it feels. Who is the expert on this. Please, I'm being serious. What exactly is a "proper" apology.
Don't waste your time. You don't know. No one knows. So stop asking for something you don't even know what it is. Try forgiveness because "proper" apology haven't worked out for you.




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