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Toy wolf with a rude name becomes a must-have for Hong Kong protesters

Ikea toy that was hurled at C.Y. Leung flies off the shelves after becoming a must-have item

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 December, 2013, 5:16am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 December, 2013, 4:29pm

He's the small, cuddly toy who is flying off the shelves at local Ikea stores. But Lufsig isn't the latest must-have Christmas gift.

The grinning wolf, based on the antagonist in the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, has become the latest symbol of protest against the government of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, who has long been characterised as a "wolf" for his perceived cunning and lack of integrity.

The wolf comparison isn't the only reason Lufsig has become a favourite with protesters: the translation of the toy's name used in mainland stores is close to an obscene three-word phrase in Cantonese associated with the female genitalia. Hong Kong's Ikea stores have not translated the name of the wolf, which the store's website says is "fond of play and mischief".

The toy, which depicts the wolf seemingly about to devour an elderly woman, caught the imagination of internet users after two protesters from the League of Social Democrats flung one at Leung during a public forum on Saturday.

An Ikea spokesman refused to comment on the political implications last night, but confirmed that Lufsig had sold out at its stores in Causeway Bay, Sha Tin and Kowloon Bay. A few of the toys that remain in stock will go on the shelves today.

"All Lufsig toys were sold out," she said. "The next set of supplies will arrive in Hong Kong in early January."

One beneficiary of the craze will be the United Nations' children's organisation Unicef, which will receive a HK$10 donation for each HK$99 toy sold.

And speculators are also cashing in. On Yahoo's online auction platform, a Lufsig toy was listed for sale at HK$150 yesterday.


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Only idiot are being incited and used by radical political party. Now they are wasting money for buying meaningless stuff.
Hong Kongers' stupidity to follow fads and spend money of useless items never fails to amaze me.
The comic relief of this toy is fabulous. The toy caught on because it strikes a chord - the powerful and the elite of Hong Kong are not doing their jobs. They hated expletives like the toy's name - the toy is for them to offend these elite.
That item is not useless. As a companion to children, a toy is good for them. Secondly, for every purchase of the toy $10 is given to UNICEF.
So why not donate 99 dollars to UNICEF or even a homeless person on the street that is suffering from the cold?
Can a child not have one toy less for the good of someone without a home and who is starving.
Oh and how are we being used? Saying no to **** governing and kowtowing to the mainland is being incited and used?! Or maybe you are saying we should pucker up and suck it in?
A picture is worth a thousand words. Let us hope this picture marks the day CY Leung changes history. CY is now a politician who must lead.
The toy wolf is just a mirror to reflect Hongkongers' dissatisfaction towards the government. The only remedy is to make universal suffrage happen in 2017. A government with recognition of the people must be formed to solve the administrative obstacle.


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