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Leung Chun-ying
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Leung Chun-ying wins praise and pledge of support from Li Keqiang

Li Keqiang notes city's growth and low jobless rate during meeting with the chief executive

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 18 December, 2013, 5:46am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 18 December, 2013, 5:46am

The government of Leung Chun-ying won words of encouragement from state leaders yesterday as the chief executive began his duty visit to Beijing.

Leung started his three-day visit by briefing National People's Congress chairman Zhang Dejiang on the progress of a five-month consultation on political reform launched earlier this month, before meeting Premier Li Keqiang.

"Zhang reiterated that the central government was 'genuine and sincere' about the reform … and hoped the SAR government would accomplish the … constitutional reform to implement one-man, one-vote in the 2017 chief executive election," Leung said.

Li also reiterated his support for Leung's administration and praised its progress - in contrast to his predecessor Wen Jiabao , who emphasised during the chief executive's previous duty visit that Leung's team had much work to do.

"The central government will support the SAR government and chief executive to strictly adhere to the law," Li told Leung in his office at the Zhongnanhai leadership compound.

While Wen set out six problems areas for Leung to address, including housing, poverty and the city's ageing population, Li noted the steady economic growth and low unemployment rate Hong Kong had achieved.

But he warned Leung to stay alert to global financial instability, which might bring uncertainty in the year ahead.

Leung said he told Li that the city's various livelihood problems had eased and he pledged to foster consensus on constitutional reform.

"The Beijing leaders affirmed the work by the SAR government in the past year," Leung added.

The chief executive will meet President Xi Jinping today, and also spend time with Hongkongers who live and work in the capital.

There was a surprise earlier in the day when it was announced that the heads of three policy bureaus would accompany Leung to his meetings with relevant Beijing ministries.

But the government said their visit had been pre-arranged. They are not expected to meet Xi, according to sources.

They are the financial services chief, Professor Chan Ka-keung, transport and housing minister Professor Anthony Cheung Bing-leung, and Greg So Kam-leung, secretary for commerce and economic development.

Meanwhile, the latest poll by the University of Hong Kong found that confidence in the city's future is at its lowest since June 2003. Of the 1,015 polled, 50 per cent said they had confidence while 43 per cent had no confidence, giving a net confidence rate of 7 per cent, down from 14 per cent in the last quarterly tracking poll in September. The margin of error was four per cent.


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"But he warned Leung to stay alert to global financial instability, which might bring uncertainty in the year ahead."
He's referring to the collapse in the Chinese economy that looms...shadow banking defaults are already starting. Once the Pyramid scheme economy in China collapses, Hong Kong will have to fend for itself. Hopefully, at this point, our leaders will start to rethink their strategy and focus on global instead on China-HK business policies .
He lost his chance to do the right thing ie postponing the deadline in the wake of the destruction caused by Haiyan. Now he doesnt know what to do. He will suffer a backlash from the international community if he insists on the sanctions and if he doesnt he will feel the wrath of those who claim he isnt keeping his word. Why, oh why, does he keep tripping over himself? Surely those advisors who earn mega bucks but advised him wrongly should be fired.
Quote "the latest poll by the University of Hong Kong found that confidence in the city's future is at its lowest since June 2003.........." . May I ask what categories of people were surveyed? Was it a random samples or did you merely concentrate, e.g., on the executive classes.....
I tend to think HK people would judge CY first on domestic issues, second on mainland-related issues, and only a distant third on his performance as a "global politician".
It is touching to see there is at least one person left in the world who still has faith in the Chief Nitwit.

Which reminds me - we are now almost two weeks past the expiry of the 1-month ultimatum the Chief Nitwit gave the Philippines on November 5.

I remember distinctly how he clearly stated then that sanctions would be imposed unless President Aquino would kowtow to mighty Hong Kong within one month.

A ridiculous thing to do of course, but it is even more ridiculous to then quietly let the whole thing slip again. Does the Chief Nitwit himself still believe in anything he says? Can we take the things he promises seriously at all if even a clear statement like this is just as easily forgotten again?
The real motive of the timing is to propose Anthony Leung to be the substitute of CY Leung by lobbying the central government to give a bad review of CY Leung.
For me it is as easy to see it is the property developer group who so far stands not to have business as usual under CY Leung is the master of the maneuvering. Ma and Tang are their front men. I think the plan has been crushed judging from this news report. Facts showed CY Leung has done in a year more than all the years by his predecessor. Central government sees that too and doses out its praise.
Most importantly most of CY Leung’s policy direction is right. I will support CY Leung to reform Hong Kong by pulling it out of being a backwater colonial city to become a truly modern city.
Including people who can’t be cataloged who have lost confidence in CY Leung to be a global politician because he failed to get an apology from Philippine. As a result, Hong Kong global standing and domestic livelihood all have been greatly damaged. Here even read about it being expressed and reasoned: you said you are going to do that ....– childish but at least honest to one’s view.


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