Radio DJ jailed for sex acts on boys

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 December, 2013, 4:29am
UPDATED : Friday, 20 December, 2013, 4:29am

A former RTHK disc jockey who molested two boys and filmed them naked was jailed for nine years yesterday.

Chan Chun-kit, 26, was described by a High Court judge as "despicable" for abusing the boys, then nine and 10, when their parents had allowed them to stay overnight at his place when he was their tutor.

Chan also uploaded a video of one of the boys, known in court as X, onto the internet, which could be searched for by the boy's name, the court heard.

"The acts of the defendant are a nightmare for parents," Madam Justice Maggie Poon Man-kay said.

Chan earlier pleaded guilty to molesting X seven times over a period of 10 months and sexually assaulting the other boy, known as Y, five times in 21/2 years between 2010 and last year.

Chan met X and his mother on a social networking site and became a close family friend. Y was Chan's neighbour, the court heard. On one occasion, Chan assaulted the two boys at the same time. The acts involved oral sex and touching the boys' genitals.

Chan's crime came to light when an officer working at X's school saw a nude picture of him on a mainland website and reported it to the school. After confirming with his mother that it was X, they reported the matter to police, the court heard.

Psychologist reports said Chan's likelihood of reoffending was high. He had sexually abused the boys even though he clearly knew it was morally wrong. He was found to be impulsive, irresponsible and opportunistic.

Chan told the court that he began showing sexual interest in children four years ago when he first watched child pornography. He said he had genuine affection for the boys.