Businessman in TV celebrity Shen Xing's assault lawsuit is freed on good-behaviour bond

After prosecution fails to serve summons on Phoenix presenter, court gives her alleged assailant a two-year good-behaviour bond

PUBLISHED : Monday, 23 December, 2013, 3:33pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 24 December, 2013, 4:37am

A mainland businessman who was arrested for breaking into Phoenix TV presenter Shen Xing's flat and accused of trying to harm her was placed on a two-year good-behaviour bond by Kowloon City Court yesterday, after the prosecution dropped charges against him.

Li Jun, 42, the chairman of car dealer Abest Group, had faced assault charges after forcing his way into the apartment of 38-year-old Shen. He was also charged with one count of weapons possession and one count of criminal damage. He denied all charges.

He was supposed to face trial yesterday, but the prosecution told the court that they agreed to withdraw the charges against Li, after negotiations with his lawyers. A prosecutor said one reason for the move was that they had failed to serve the witness summons to Shen.

"Taking into account the overall situation of the case, including the nature of the case, the facts, background of the defendant, the victim's wishes and attitude towards the events, we consider it appropriate to handle the case with a binding-over order," a Department of Justice spokesperson said.

Li admitted he had gone to Shen's home at Jade Court, Peony Road, Sham Shui Po, on August 22, after finding she had another man staying in her flat. He had climbed up onto her balcony, as Shen refused to let him in, even after he had been knocking on her door for an hour.

The court heard Li claimed Shen was his girlfriend. He claimed he had the right to enter the flat and that he broke the glass door from the balcony.

Deputy magistrate Veronica Heung Shuk-han told Li that under the good-behaviour bond he was forbidden to use any violence on anyone and could not destroy others' property. If he violated the bond, he would be fined HK$3,000.

Li then left the court without making any statement.

The court heard Shen had a male friend staying in her flat on the night of the offence.

Li knocked on the door in the early hours of the morning, when she was sleeping. As Shen did not want to see Li, she did not open the door. She later heard the sound of breaking glass coming from the dining room, went to check and found the glass door from the balcony smashed.

Li earlier said he was missing Shen. When he found out there was another man in the flat, he became angry and accused her of cheating. He also brandished an extendable baton and rushed towards her. The male friend tried to separate them and the police arrived soon.

Li told the police: "She lied to me." He also claimed he believed he had the right to enter his girlfriend's flat. The police calmed Li down and took the baton away.

Shen suffered bruising to her legs and hands and she was taken to hospital for examination.

Li's actions were captured on the building's CCTV camera. Footage showed Li being helped onto the top of his car by his driver, then reaching Shen's balcony.

Shen, who is from Jiangxi province, joined Phoenix at the end of 2004 and hosted cooking, entertainment and music shows. She made a statement three days after the incident saying Li was not her former boyfriend. She also denied reports in the Chinese media that the man in her flat that night was a wealthy businessman called Wu.