YEAR REVIEW's most popular polls of 2013

Hongkongers were more vocal than ever in 2013, voting on our polls in record numbers

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 31 December, 2013, 8:51am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 31 December, 2013, 9:03am

Readers of took to their keyboards and voted with their fingers during 2013 as we set them daily poll questions.

Occupy Central, a near riot in Mong Kok and Edward Snowden were all hot topics when it came to casting votes.

But one poll in particular struck a chord with readers: would Hongkongers vote to return to a British overseas territory, given the option?

The question came about in March when Falkland Islanders voted 99.8 per cent in favour of remaining a British Overseas Territory. This, of course, came in the same month that some Hong Kong activists waved colonial flags during protests in the city.

A staggering 21,185 votes were cast in our poll, resulting in 90 per cent of readers suggesting that Hongkongers would return to a British overseas territory.

While's polls are in no way scientific – after all, we are unable to tell whether voters are from Hong Kong or elsewhere in the world – it sparked much debate online.

Here, we present the top 10 most popular polls of the year.

Would Hongkongers vote to return to a British overseas territory, given the option?

Yes:  19,098

No:  2,087

Should Hong Kong's legislature approve a HK$100m donation to Sichuan earthquake victims?

Yes:  124

Yes, but with conditions to prevent misuse:  631

No:  7,529

Who is most to blame in Sunday's street clashes in Mong Kok over a viral video?

The police:  2,294

Teacher Lam Wai-sze:  209

Pro-police protesters:  262

Radical pan-democrats:  127

Others:  35

Do you agree with a state leader that display of Hong Kong’s colonial flag indicates "subverting" forces?

Yes:  161

No:  2,136

Do you support the 'Occupy Central' movement?

Yes:  1,391

No:  362

Do you agree with Jackie Chan that America is the world’s ‘most corrupt’ country?

Yes:  473

No:  869

Do you think Beijing and Hong Kong would hand over Snowden after the US filed criminal charges?

Yes:  280

No:  925

Should Hong Kong cap the number of mainland tourists even if it means tourism growth will slow down?

Yes:  893

No:  234

Would you ride in a BYD electric taxi in Hong Kong?

Yes:  834

No:  276

What explains the deterioration of China’s global image?

Negative involvement in international affairs:  252 

Uncivilized behaviour of tourists:  622

Stalled political reform:  210