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Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong hits back at claims developers hindered Leung Chun-ying

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 24 December, 2013, 5:15am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 24 December, 2013, 5:15am

Sun Hung Kai Properties' co-chairman Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong yesterday said neither his company nor other real estate developers he knew of had ever affected the government's policymaking.

Kwok's comments came as pro-Beijing political heavyweight Maria Tam Wai-chu said in a radio interview yesterday morning that Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's efforts since taking office might have been hampered by local tycoons.

"[Leung] has been working hard to tackle some of the long-standing problems we have, but his attempts to boost land supply might have offended some big businesses," Tam said.

"If you're constrained from doing anything, there's no way to show your ability."

Tam added that Leung's critics are finding other reasons to attack him now that they can no longer accuse the government of colluding with land developers.

At a charity event yesterday afternoon, Kwok described Tam's comments as "very unfair" and quoted another tycoon, Li Ka-shing, who said it was implausible that land developers could influence the government.

"Big businesses only reflect their views to the government. It is the government's decision whether they listen," Kwok said.

"Neither Sun Hung Kai Properties nor the Kwok family, nor any land developers that I personally know, would plant any political landmines [for the government]."

Tam also dismissed views suggesting that Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office director Wang Guangya's comment about inadequacies in the chief executive's duty trips to Beijing were a warning to Leung.



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‘Tam added that Leung's critics are finding other reasons to attack him now that they can no longer accuse the government of colluding with land developers.’
I was told by my neighborhood’s grocer more than a decade ago that government colluded with business people in Hong Kong. I wish this unfortunate relationship has truly come to an end. It should be reasonably true for the statement that the current government is different. CY Leung actually proclaimed once he is even avoiding being accused of collusion. And Tam is affirmative with her statement here.
Collusion between government and business people who were in property development had been practiced as a high art. No physical evidence could ever be found as there were no conversations or written contract. Things just fell into place by understanding of mutual benefits; immediately or one’s future. Nevertheless, the effects of collusions were not concealable – even my grocer saw through them.
Since there is no law against collusion, collusion has the confidence to be the ruling principle of Hong Kong. The powerless people are its victims. It has caused so much of social commotions.
the sun also rises
Ever after the Handover in 1997, the policies of the SAR administration has been said to be affected/hampered by local tycoons (represented by a bunch of supre-rich real estate developers), especially during the seven-year-long rule of Sir Donald Tsang Yam-kuen whose policies was biased towards these tycoons for their support in his 'election' to become our Chief Executive in 2008 when these tycoons and their associates' votes occupied quite a part of the 1200 Election Committee.What pro-Beijing heavy-weight Maria Tam said might be right to certain extent but not all because of these unhappy tycoons whose businesses and interests have been harmed by the so-called 'harsh tricks' of leung administration in cooling the over-heated real estate market which led to the sky-high flta prices in town ! This morning,Maria Tam tried to clarify her words by claiming that what she accused were the local lawmakers (implying those pan-democrat camp ones) and never the local tycoons. How powerful these local tycoons are and their close relationship0 with Beijing authorities can be seen !
If CY Leung has avoided collusion, what reactive steps the once collusion partners to previous government would take is out of Leung’s hand. These collusion partners mostly are in property development that now can’t be business as usual. My advice to them, turning to sit on their hands with their land bank may not settle well with Hong Kong people and they must avoid to be rightly accused of still pursuing money at all cost to Hong Kong. And my advice to CY Leung is that get suitable land for development you need for affordable housing with the power entrusted in government.


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