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CY Leung’s failed promises push women's union, deaf groups to join January 1 protests

Members say city's leader had seemed sincere but backtracked on many of his campaign goals, and warned they would join both New Year rally and Occupy Central

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 31 December, 2013, 1:48pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 31 December, 2013, 2:01pm

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has failed to keep his promises even after the public gave him ample time to do so, say sectoral groups who warn they will join the anti-government protests on January 1.

“We no longer know when is he speaking the truth [or] when is he lying,” said Wu Mei-lin, chairperson of the Hong Kong Women Workers' Association, in a radio interview alongside deaf rights group Silence.

Wu said Leung had met with various women’s groups during his election campaign and had “seemed sincere”, making promises to establish policies on a universal retirement scheme and working hours, but had since backtracked.

“Now the government is just saying that they will ‘look into’ the possibility of a retirement scheme. That’s an obvious step backwards,” she said. “In the past, there are less working-class members taking part on January 1 protests, but now I think that it is time.”

We no longer know when is he speaking the truth [or] when is he lying
Wu Mei-lin, Hong Kong Women Workers' Association

For the working masses, the two groups said, the bottom line was whether they would have a say in choosing the city’s next leader, so that the leader would answer to them.

Wu said that, ultimately, universal suffrage was necessary, or else the government would never have a clear mandate to serve the community’s needs.

“We understand that there are many different ways of establishing a voting system, but it comes down to the most important question: Do we have the right to directly choose of chief executive, so that they have to answer to us and fulfil their promises? There cannot be people with more power, choosing candidates for us,” Wu said.

Wu, together with Lam So-yin from deaf rights group Silence, indicated they would be joining the Occupy Central movement as well.

“The government doesn’t understand the needs of the deaf community. Whether it’s transportation or job opportunities, or education, they don’t care. There are no policies made to improve our lives,” said Lam, through translator and Silence chairman Siu Tsan.

“We will definitely support Occupy Central. This is something which will affect our lives,” said Lam.

Lam said three representatives of Occupy Central, which has vowed to hold a New Year’s Day referendum on 2017 electoral reforms, had discussed their aims with the deaf community.

There will be a deliberation on January 11 for Baptist University and deaf groups.


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hard times !
failed to keep his promises or have them realized has become one of the features of this Leung administration led by a suspected CCP underground member,C.Y.Leung, nicknamed Wolf Leung or 689 (who could only grab 689 ballots from nearly 1200 Election Committee members in 2012). No doubt,now women's unions and even a deaf people organisation are going to join the grand march tormorrow to urge this incompetent though eloquent and cunning enough Chief Executive to step down for his failures in his governance ! It is learnt that ' Voice of Loving Hong Kong' members are going to set up stands along the route of tomorrow's march, just wait and see what might happen.
i find it kind of funny and i always imaginate that the chief executive would be those who related to the three representatives of occupy central even if the electoral reform done. i hope i am wrong.
He has also broken his 2012 election manifesto and 2013 policy address promises to protect the Country Parks and other areas of ecological value. In a dirty, under the table, political deal, he has given the gangsters of the Heung Yee **** carte blanche to massively develop inside the Country Parks, totally contrary to the Government's enclave policy published in 2011. The Heung Yee **** and their greedy developer allies are going to build thousands of houses in the Country Parks which will destroy the natural environment. All this when HK is a signatory to the Convention on Biodiversity. What a disgrace that our Government has fallen to the forces of corruption.
You cannot expect the guy to deliver on almost anything. While I would like to give him time the way he shoots himself in the foot on various issues makes me wonder how incompetent he is. He is supposed to be quite eloquent but often mumbles to himself whenever he is asked to elaborate on policies and decisions. Simply, he doesn't give most Hongkongers any confidence. Even if he has no special agenda the way he handles crises is too amateurish.


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