CY Leung policy address 2014

VOXPOP: What do they say about CY Leung's latest blueprint?

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 January, 2014, 7:06pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 16 January, 2014, 5:09pm

Yiu Chung-hung, 53, businessman

"The CE touches on everything in his policy address, but his work is not in-depth. He has fulfilled few of his election promises. Property prices are still very high."

Yeung On, 65, retiree

"I hope the government can hand out rent subsidies, and increase the old-age allowance. My retirement fund is not enough to support my living and I cannot benefit from the policy address at all."

Law Yuen-wan, 25, office worker

"I hope the government can give cash handouts instead. Cash handouts would be most useful to me. I don’t believe in any government policies."

Yoyo Wang, 34, housewife

"I am happy that the government plans to give subsidies for low-income working families. With the subsidies, my budget would not be that tight and I can buy better food for my family."

Au Sun, 60, retiree

"I don’t expect to get any help from the government. But I support its plan to increase social welfare for the poor, given that it has a large fiscal surplus. There are a lot of underprivileged people in Hong Kong."

Patrick Kwan, 42, employer of a PR firm

“The policy address has some good things in it, such as helping the elderly to get affordable accommodation and subsidies for families with children. But to me, the HKTV free-to-air license saga has not been fully resolved yet and the government still has some explaining to do.”

Koman Lau 34, travel agent

“The land policy is bad and favours only developers and the rich. The inadequate land strategy is having a negative impact on the environment, and we are losing our country parks.’

Lone Yeung, 31, finance consultant

“The measures to help ethnic minority groups are good and I support them. Ethnic minorities can readily add to the labour force and all they need is Chinese-language skills.”

Angela Yam, 19, student

“There is a massive imbalance between the private and public medical sectors, with the latter having very scarce resources. The interests of patients should come first… I hope much content in the policy address was given to the evaluation of the new DSE education system.”

Rachel Fu, 26, piano teacher

“There should be more in the Policy Address to help young people get housing. The Special Stamp Duty has been introduced but the prices of private properties haven’t dropped. Also there is a town planning imbalance, with new and high-end boutique apartments being built in old districts. Subsequently they attract the rich and bring up commodity prices in the area.”

Ryan Chan, 26, interior designer

“Not much has been done to address the housing problem in the city – the supply of public housing is still short, and private housing is too expensive for young people in the middle and lower classes.”

Kevin Lok, 39, salesman

“The Policy Address is average and not very comprehensive. A lot of people are living in subdivided flats and are still on the waiting list for public housing... the measures to address the housing problem seem like empty talk. The measures in this second Policy Address are not specific enough and there needs to be more concrete actions.”

Alexander MacDonald, 58, retiree

“The mind is willing but the body is weak. The Chief Executive has a difficult problem in balancing the interests of both the mainland and Hong Kong. The mainland migrants bring in funds and investments, but the government needs to look after the locals too. I am seeing local pregnant women lining up in Kowloon Tong to enrol their yet-to-be-born children in kindergartens, and that about sums up the competition we have in the city.”

Chan Wai-kit, 57, retiree

“I had no expectation of the Policy Address as such I can’t really comment on it. The chief executive only takes orders from above and the address is just a show. We are getting the richest and poorest immigrants from the mainland, and that is skewing the balance in our city.”

Liana Cheung, 62, housewife

“CY Leung is doing a decent job and working very hard. This is only his second policy address and we shouldn’t be too critical. The only criticism I have is that there is too much help for the poor, and the city is becoming too socialist. We have low tax in Hong Kong and the fiscal reserve is not limitless.”

Photos: Thomas Yau