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Justice minister Rimsky Yuen says Hong Kong should accept 'imperfect' reform package

Failure to allow proposal on 2017 poll may harm city's global standing, warns justice secretary

PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 February, 2014, 11:44pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 04 February, 2014, 7:04am

The justice secretary is asking Hongkongers to accept even an "imperfect" electoral reform package in order to safeguard the city's standing in the international community.

If the city fails to accept the proposal ultimately put to the Legislative Council to achieve universal suffrage in 2017, then its international ranking in some of the most influential global indexes could suffer, warned Rimsky Yuen Kwok-keung. He also said further changes to the method for electing the chief executive would be possible beyond 2017.

Last week Yuen, who is on the constitutional reform task force, said that a nominating committee - as stipulated in the Basic Law - was probably the only authority with the power to confirm who could run.

If universal suffrage could not be delivered as scheduled, he said: "It would definitely have an impact on the question of governance within Hong Kong. Also, I'm concerned with the international impact ... people outside Hong Kong are also watching."

Yuen cited The Heritage Foundation, a conservative US think tank that publishes the annual Index of Economic Freedom, and Canada's Fraser Institute, which publishes the Economic Freedom of the World index, as institutions that could downgrade the city's ranking.

The Heritage Foundation has warned of the risk to economic freedom posed by potential political turmoil in the lead-up to poll.

Asked if Hongkongers should accept a reform package that may be imperfect to some, Yuen said: "I think so … Let's make a start first, and then we can find ways to improve the system. We will definitely have a chance to do this in the future."

Stanley Lau Chin-ho, chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, agreed. "When we make business decisions, overall conclusions and assessments made by internationally recognised organisations … are important references," Lau said.


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Everyone has the right to show up his opinion. But they should be aware of if the opinion come from their mouth in public. I am really angry when I just read the heading. What do you mean by "we should accept imperfect reform"? This is not a suitable statement he should speak as a justice minister. Also, a lot of non-sense statement comes. I am quite sure that the minister is graduated from first class school, only care of ranking. Ranking doesn't mean anything! HK has gained a high ranking in economic field in Asia. But only a few of people really benefit from economic growth. A lot of people still suffer pain, property price remains sky-high, etc. Democratization may not be a perfect solution to those social problems. But it is an important step toward a brighter future.A future with a responsible government really try to tackle problems and work for citizens. Everything has its price. I think the price of frighting for this dream is affordable. And plz as a justice minister, he better sit in his office and think about legal problems, eg: if the mainlands can really benefit from social security system.
"Let's not do it right, let's do it quickly so we don't lose face."
Sums up everything wrong with this government.
Again this minister is creating a strawman, accusing us of asking for a PERFECT system. If Rimsky is in his right mind he should realise what a stupid thing he said. Hong Kong needs an open to all and equal electorial system, so that no individual can entitle (by the system) to have more votes that the other (the Functional Constituency MUST GO, the Electorial Committee MUST GO), no individual's vote holds more weight (the Functional Constituency MUST GO), each individual can stand for election with reasonable requirements (the Nonimation Committee MUST GO) and the right to nominate a candidate is equally availableto all (the Nonimation Committee MUST GO). End of story!
No one is asking for a PERFECT system, for crying out loud. Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all others that have been tried.
Dai Muff
Why do we need an "imperfect" reform package except for Beijing wanting the "imperfections"? How about Beijing deciding to want what's best for Hong Kong?
If you allow all directly elected lawmakers and district councilors into the nomination committee, then indeed the political reform package will stand a chance of passing Legco. Otherwise, it will fail. It's as simple as that.
These so called "leaders" are exactly the reason why we need Democracy in the first place
When is Hongkongers going to learn there is no perfection of anything in reality? Nothing can be perfected but can always be improved.
And why are politician making all this stupid excuses and not point to this fact? Could it be because they also don't know?
I hope politician will also realize their priority should be to focus on what they think is right for Hong Kong, not what's is best for their ratings. I hope they realize if Hong Kong is doing well, their rating will improve and their job of making changes for the betterment of Hong Kong will get easier.
I think our current CE is doing a good job pouring resources to help the old and children to lay the foundation for future generations, particularly the less privileged. The stability of property prices is also a good sign of the work done. Well done and best of luck in 2014.
I wouldnt expect the justice secretary to say such a thing. Would he next say thatjustice need not be totally served and the serving of partial justice will do. This is required to safeguard the city's standing that it stands by the 'rule of law'.
Actually, even should there be a compromise that the people of HK accepts a reform package that is imperfect just when will we be able to get the ultimate perfect product? Without a date its likely that many people will not accept the imperfect package as suggested by the JS.
"ultimate perfect product" ..... oh yeah ? you mean like Thailand and Egypt's (and much of Africa's) experiments with "genuine universal suffrage".
Get Real !



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