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Shanghai sashays past Hong Kong as Asia's most fashionable city

PUBLISHED : Monday, 10 February, 2014, 3:45am
UPDATED : Monday, 10 February, 2014, 4:14pm

As China further emerges on the world stage, Shanghai is leading the fashion charge.

That's the verdict of a global survey that named the city the most fashionable in Asia - knocking Hong Kong off its perch.

After being given the top regional rank for the past five years, Hong Kong dropped eight places to 20th in the world, the sharpest fall among the top 20 cities.

It was also overtaken by two other Asian rivals, Tokyo and Singapore, according to the survey by the US-based Global Language Monitor (GLM).

Shanghai climbed 12 places to 10th and topped the table in Asia largely thanks to binge spending on luxury goods by its fashion-conscious locals. Tokyo came in at 11th and Singapore at 18th. New York has retaken the global top title from London.

GLM measures fashion trends by tracking print, electronic and social media for top words and phrases. It has released the report every year since 2004.

Without giving a detailed analysis of the individual cities, it said Hong Kong was "still a strong global presence" despite its fall in the rankings.

Mainlanders' living standards have been on a rise, thanks to the country's economic development. The mainland is expected to account for 20 per cent - or 180 billion yuan (HK$229 billion) - of global luxury sales next year, according to 2011 research by McKinsey, a consultancy.

Lawmaker Michael Tien Puk-sun, founder of clothing chain G2000, lamented the dwindling opportunities for young fashion designers to do business in the Hong Kong.

"Given the soaring rents, the fashion industry has had a hard time in Hong Kong in the past few years," Tien said, adding that at the same time the mainland had opened many new malls, giving room for designers to flourish.

He said fashion retailers in Hong Kong were losing out to shops selling watches and jewellery. Tien said the increase in mainland tourists had also seen high-end brands "snapping up more and more prime locations and malls". He urged the government to have better planning for commercial land use.


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Michael Tien: rent is not just killing fashion, it is killing our food too as likely now only 10% of your bills are going to food cost. Quality of restaurants, in terms of food and service, are dropping dramatically in past years because of high rent.
Quite seriously though, how can HK ever have been rated Asia's most fashionable city? This place is hopelessly backward and non-creative compared to Tokyo - which is easily on par with New York - and also lags Taipei and Singapore to name a couple. I guess 'fashion' is measured by the turnover of luxury Euro-style brand shops, like 'economic freedom' is measured by the capital throughput of our dear tycoons.
I don't believe this ranking which is not true. At least I don't believe that Shanghai outperforms Tokyo in this aspect. That's it!
What rubbish. No city in Asia comes even close to Tokyo.
I hope they did not come to this result by counting Shanghai construction workers wearing suits:)
SCMP get fucXXX and stop this sort of pointless reporting, I travel a bit and find HK is better off than many places in the world.
Wonder again why SCMP is putting this type of story in the headline again. Once a respected newspaper has turned to tabloid journalism.
According to Global Language Monitor (GLM) a Texas based co, in the year 2012 the top Fashion capitals in order of ranking in Asia were HK (no12),Bali (no14),Singapore (no 19) and Tokyo (no20). Shanghai did not even figure in the top 20.Isn't it surprising that in less than 2 years it is Asia's no 1 fashion Capital ? Here is how the data is collected and analysed and this is how the ratings are done, no wonder why it surprises many!!
"Over the course of three years the Global Language Monitor tracked 250,000 blogs, print outlets, and social media channels, looking for buzzwords associated with haute couture, ready-to-wear, and fashion.
It then looked at the frequency and contextual usage of the words, creating a set of data able to rank global fashion cities.
New York City, therefore, showed up more than Paris or London in relation to words like fashion, fashionable, best designers, street style -- but it was a narrow win: New York City bet Paris by 0.5per cent."
Would people be less critical of the way this is measured if HK had won top spot? Just asking.
This is similar to the University QS ratings which rates Chinese Universities very high but neither foreign students make a beeline nor the locals prefer them over Ivy league Universities. One wonders what do the locals really shop in Shanghai when most rich and moneyed are seen shopping overseas especially in HK during many holiday breaks



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