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Hong Kong's sole Winter Olympian slams lack of medical support as he crashes out of Sochi

Officials - sent instead of team doctor - were nowhere to be seen, Barton Lui says

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 February, 2014, 3:47am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 12 February, 2014, 9:05am

Hong Kong's sole Winter Olympian has lashed out at local sports officials for refusing to send a team doctor to Sochi after he crashed out of the competition.

Barton Lui Pan-to said a lack of medical attention for previous injuries left him below his physical peak as he finished fifth out of six in his heat in the 1,500-metre short-track speed skating on Sunday.

The 20-year-old, Hong Kong's first male Winter Olympian, told Commercial Radio he also felt slighted by the fact no local officials turned up to show support at his training sessions.

"I was not at my peak…There was a lot of training before the match, resulting in muscle pain and leg pain from old injuries," Lui said. "Massage would certainly help the pain. But there was no team doctor."

He said he had requested a doctor but was told that the quota for the seven-strong Hong Kong delegation was full. The delegation also included Sports Federation and Olympic Committee Timothy Fok Tsun-ting, committee secretary general Pang Chung and delegation chief Ronnie Wong Man-chiu. Without naming names, Lui said officials virtually ignored him.

"The only time I saw them was when I was having an interview with a TV station," Lui said.

Wong countered: "There are hospitals and clinics in the athletes' village. And we also helped him buy medicine."

Fok declined to comment.

Civic Party lawmaker Dr Kenneth Chan Ka-lok urged the Legislative Council's home affairs panel to look into Lui's claim.



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HK is China, right? Why does China have different teams from Tie-1 and HK competing against other Chinese athletes? Is this some sort of a charade?
All I can say is thank god he really is from Hong Kong. Just being there is an accomplishment. Enough of second class Mainland athletes competing under the Hong Kong flag - a flag they can in no way relate to.
Seems like this guy needs a personal masseur more than a doctor. If he had previous injuries a doctor would do him no good. If there is an injury incurred during the competition there will be medical professionals on site. All in all, playing the blame game is getting old. He should be privileged to have been the ONLY Olympian to join the winter game. An athelte with class would never play this card.
what sports do you do?
The kind of sports that require no doctors or masseurs and gladly accepts the outcome without putting blame on bad weathers or bad karma
Not surprised.......HK was never recognized as a place that supported athletic activities even though the Fok guy always gives the public all the BS that he was supportive..........HK will never be recognized as a place with much athletes.
From what he says about previous injuries it would appear that he was not fit enough to leave HK and that was where the lack of medical attention occurred. However, it is clear that there are too many official freeloaders as usual.
Not a zero sum game when it comes to budgets. Underprivileged children could grow up to be similar athletes, who also would need a team doctors. With that kind of attitude, it's not surprising the lack of achievements on any scale by HK citizens. And quite an ironic story of our city officials going in to pose for photos, and not supporting the single, sole athlete that made their trip possible. And to think that we actually have a gold medal for this city in years past, despite the lack of government support.
Well, when you don't have the central government raising, educating and training children to be superstar athletes, what do you expect?
But you now what? Look at all the countries who win large amounts of gold medals in the winter Olympics without official support. Do you know what they have? Yes, Snow and freedom. That seems to be the mix that works.
Why are we wasting taxpayers money on this one guy? He's not going to win anything and even if he wins, whatever for? I rather the money spent on some underprivileged child's education!


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