Phoenix TV host Shen Xing says 'ex-lover' broke vow to court to stay away

Phoenix presenter alleges mainlander continued to contact her despite having vowed to stay away

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 16 February, 2014, 4:46am
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 February, 2014, 4:46am

A mainland businessman claiming to be the former lover of Phoenix TV presenter Shen Xing is back in hot water: she now wants him jailed for allegedly breaking a promise made to the court by bombarding her with calls and messages.

The latest twist comes less than two months after Li Jun, chairman of car dealer Abest Group, was placed on a two-year good-behaviour bond after he was arrested for breaking into Shen's flat and allegedly trying to harm her.

Li, 42, was bound over after the prosecution decided to drop charges against him of assault, weapons possession and criminal damage because the prosecution failed to serve a witness summons on Shen, 38.

Li admitted he had broken into Shen's Kowloon Tong flat and had a fit of jealousy when he found another man there, accusing Shen of cheating on him. Shen denied that Li was her former lover.

According to a High Court writ, available for viewing since yesterday, Shen wants Li jailed or fined for contempt of court. She claims Li breached an undertaking to the High Court in September that he would not approach her before her pending application for an injunction against him was heard in court.

Li had pledged he would not harass Shen or go near her workplace, two homes in Hong Kong and her mainland residence. He also promised not to approach or contact her.

But Shen claims in the court document that Li called her by phone 20 times and sent her nine text messages between December 14 and January 25. The calls were made as late as 4am, and five calls were made on Christmas Eve, the writ says.

When Li was bound over by Kowloon City Court on December 23, he admitted he had gone to Shen's home at Jade Court, Peony Road, on August 22, after finding she had another man staying in her flat. He had climbed up onto her balcony in the early hours of the morning, as Shen refused to let him in.

The court heard that Li claimed he had the right to enter the flat and that he broke the balcony's glass door. He then brandished an extendable baton and rushed towards her. The other man tried to intervene before the police arrived, the court heard.

Shen suffered bruising to her legs and hands and was taken to hospital for examination.

Under the terms of the good-behaviour bond, Li must refrain from any acts of violence or destruction of property. If he violates it he will be fined HK$3,000.