Post wins 28 global design awards; artist Adolfo Arranz's work singled out

28 wins for SCMP at global news design awards, with 18 for Adolfo Arranz

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 February, 2014, 5:11am
UPDATED : Monday, 24 February, 2014, 1:30pm

It took Adolfo Arranz one month to draw and organise the information graphic on Hong Kong's "den of sin", the Kowloon Walled City, which was demolished in the early 1990s. At its most crammed, some 500 buildings stood on the 2.7-hectare squatter camp, housing 50,000 people.

A combination of facts, illustrations, charts and numbers, "City of Anarchy" - which was published in the South China Morning Post as a full-page infographic in March - won two prizes in this year's Best of News Design competition at the global Society for News Design awards. Adolfo also won a silver medal for his portfolio, and the infographics department as a whole won a judges' special recognition award for its body of work. The Post also won 26 awards of excellence in the contest, which has been held since 1979. The Post's haul accounted for more than half of the 49 awards given to news outlets from China.

An infographic artist for the Post for two years, Arranz won 18 of the awards, including the silver medal for portfolio - one of only seven handed out for infographics.

"The challenge is explaining the information you have collected through research to the readers in a visualised way," said Arranz. "For me, it's the most beautiful part of infographics."

Helped by other departments, he spent the best part of a month collecting information and photos of the walled city from online resources and books. "You always learn things you can't learn through other ways," said the 44-year-old Spaniard.

He said he usually started his work having no idea about a subject but would end up having a good understanding of it after his research.

Other infographics by the Post, such as one on late kung fu star Bruce Lee and another on Hong Kong's country parks, and photo packages also won awards. Other winners in China included the Economic Observer, Qianjiang Evening News, China Daily, Beijing News Agency and Oriental Morning Post.

Some 1,136 awards were given to media organisations worldwide, led by Canada's National Post, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Award of Excellence in Information Graphics (Features/Non-deadline)

Also known as the Tuen Ng Festival in Hong Kong, today's Dragon Boat Festival takes place each year on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, and celebrates the legend of Qu Yuan during the Warring States Period. People observe the occasion by eating rice dumplings and racing dragon boats, which demands great strength, endurance and team work.

Award of Excellence in Feature design pages (Entertainment/Broadsheet)

Hong Kong's streets have always provided a natural film set for local directors. And it's no surprise that the city has for decades inspired filmmakers around the world. Here we list all the international movies set in Hong Kong or featuring scenes in the city.

Award of Excellence in News Design/Page(s) (Inside page/Broadsheet)

Far from being a problem confined to the past, territorial disputes remain a thorny issue on parts of China's vast borders, threatening to overshadow relations with its neighbours. Here we examine some of the key disputes that still plague the frontiers of China.

Award of Excellence in Information Graphics (Local/Non-deadline)

Hong Kong's open spaces and natural habitat provide a vital escape from the stresses of city life and are host to a wide variety of wildlife. As the possibility has been raised of encroaching on country parks to build flats, the Post points to potential sites that could be used

Award of Excellence in Information Graphics (Features/Non-deadline)

An outbreak of green algae, or hutai as the Chinese call it, has invaded the seawaters off eastern Shandong. It looks harmless and lots of fun, as beachgoers are pictured frolicking in the green mass. But danger lurks below, with the algae posing a massive threat to aquatic life. Here we examine what lies beyonds the layers of tangled seaweed.

Award of Excellence in Information Graphics (Local/Non-deadline) and Feature design pages (Entertainment/Broadsheet)

The earth contains almost 21 million cubic kilometres of ice, or about 2 per cent of the planet´s water. As the earth warms, the ice is shrinking. Scientists have warned the Arctic could be free of ice by 2040. If all of the world´s ice were to melt, sea levels would rise by more than 65 metres, radically altering shorelines. This is how Hong Kong looks under that scenario.

Award of Excellence in Photography/Multiple Photos (Photo Page Design)

The South China Morning Post spoke to a cross-section of workers about their views on the minimum wage and poverty.

Award of Excellence in Photography/Multiple Photos (Photo Page Design)

Sharing a meal, doing homework or simply sleeping, and all in about 40 square foot of space. Photographer Benny Lam took these overshot photos for a campaign by the Society for Community Organisation to highlight the plight of poor people in Hong Kong cramped into tiny rooms, often subdivided flats. 

Award of Excellence in Photography/Multiple Photos (Photo Page Design)

Photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagreze takes you on a photographic journey between Hong Kong's biggest and most eyecatching buildings.