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Hong Kong may amend its race hate law to protect mainland visitors

Widening the legislation could be an option to protect mainland visitors, says equality chief, after 'anti-locust' protests in Tsim Sha Tsui

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 February, 2014, 11:57pm
UPDATED : Friday, 21 February, 2014, 9:06am


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21 Feb 2014
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Hong Kong could extend its anti-discrimination laws to protect mainlanders against abuse, as the debate over the number of visitors to the city becomes increasingly vitriolic.

The chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission, Dr York Chow Yat-ngok, said yesterday it was possible to amend race hate laws to cover discrimination against members of the same ethnic group. Chow, a former health minister, said such a move would be difficult but that it was worth considering given the current climate.

Several senior government officials condemned the protest on Sunday that targeted mainland tourists in Tsim Sha Tsui, as animosity reaches new levels in the debate over how many tourists the city can handle.

Under the city's Race Discrimination Ordinance, inciting hatred against a person on the grounds of race or nationality is liable to criminal prosecution. It would not apply to Sunday's incident as mainlanders and Hongkongers are of the same race and nationality.

"We may consider having the law amended to address discrimination within the same ethnic group," Chow said.

"We are in the process of reviewing the anti-discrimination laws, and will factor in the current situation and seek legal advice on how to include clauses to deal with this situation."

No one has been prosecuted under the ordinance since it came into effect in 2009.

Chow said that in 2008, when the ordinance was drafted, the government took the position that mainlanders and Hongkongers should not be differentiated by race and nationality.

Chow described Sunday's "anti-locust" protest, when police had to intervene as 100 people marched from the Star Ferry pier to Canton Road, as "unacceptable".

Slogans such as "Go back to China" and "Reclaim Hong Kong" were chanted, and some protesters shouted abuse at mainlanders. The protesters demanded the government curb tourist numbers to the city. The number of visitors is expected to grow to 100 million a year by 2023.

"Hongkongers have always treasured their freedom to protest and their freedom of speech. But we have to ensure that there is respect. [Hongkongers] cannot infringe upon other's rights," Chow said.

He added that calling mainland tourists "locusts" or other derogatory terms could be considered an act of discrimination.

Chow said legislation should be a last resort. "We should be aiming much higher. Hong Kong is a free and international city."

Police Commissioner Andy Tsang Wai-hung said yesterday the protesters' actions had gone "beyond what is permissible under the law".

"The fact that shops had to stop operating, that customers had to retreat into shops … seems to me that there was a breach of the peace. We are following up with this according to the law and we don't exclude the possibility of making arrests."

A local deputy to the National People's Congress was criticised in an editorial carried by Global Times, a state-run newspaper, for his proposal to limit the number of tourists coming to Hong Kong. It said a proposal by Michael Tien Puk-sun of the New People's Party was "selfish and only trying to maximise Hong Kong's interests".

Additional reporting by Tanna Chong and Ernest Kao


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What is the difference between the SheungShui protests and the TST protests ? Amazing !
Masters in Beijing must have given their employee CYL a tongue lashing for not controlling uppity HK people, so repress the statement rather than dealing with the problem. He follows the mainland model to a T.
This is so typical Hong Kong:
"Assistant professor of law at the University of Hong Kong Puja Kapai said the existing Race Discrimination Ordinance could arguably be extended to cover mainlanders."
In order to elaborate the real problem, the city's intellectuals and pseudo-politicians are debating the scope of their laws.
Hong Kong and its people should finally learn that they are fully depending on China and its people (the mainlanders). And in this free economy there are always Hong Kongers who profit massively from the mainlanders. Those who actually sell the baby milk formula and the luxury items and whatever to them. Are these people who sell this stuff to mainlanders not Hong Kongers?
Just try to imagine where Hong Kong would be if there would be no China. Hong Kong would be very independent and very much insignificant!
That is pretty much the truth and perhaps too hard to swallow for some Hong Kongers.
Good point. Singapore is utterly irrelevant in SE Asia. Wait, no. An independent city state with solid finance, tourism and trade sector? How could that happen. The truth is the masters in Beijing need us to heel like good pups as they take all the benefits of HK to Shanghai and other cities and then leave us behind. Thank you, comrade. We needed to know that we need to bend over to China.
It's funny how many of these pro-CCP comments come in the wee hours of the morning. Is it because of the time zone difference? What time is it over in your country?
Why Chinese from HK and Taiwan always think they are better Chinese than the ones from mainland? My parents from HK orginally. I remember years ago when HK was still under the control of GB, many HKer were showing off whenever they go. Many of them immigrated to Canada and US in fears of mainland Chinese government after take over HK from GB. These HKers were rude and showing off all the time in Canada. They knock down houses in a historical district and build big ugly new ones that change the landscape of the area. I did not hear any of the Chinese from mainland were joining the force with the foreigners in complaining and bashing them back then. When Chinese from mainland were poor and weak you complain and look down them. Now when they are rich and may abit noise like you were before, you still complain. If Chinese can act like Jews, they would be much stronger as a race. Jews around the world are helping each other among themselve regardless where they are from, from a communist Russia, or democratic countries, they always corporate each other and assist each other when needed. They is why the minority Jews but controls the majority of the wealth and politics in the world. Chinese, on the other hand, like a pile of sand, hardly stand up together for long. There is nothing for the people in HK to show off, give same amount of time to the mainlander, they will surpass people from HK in many areas that is for sure. Go China!
Why do you adopt a non-Chinese name to post? Just wondering.
Act like Jews? Like telling "holocaust" stories? No thanks...
Very good comments but the Jews do not so much help each other any more. It seems like their wealth have also corrupted many of them. Only about 10% left that care about their neighbor. I think the one thing that is missing from all this debate is that people no matter who they are or where they are from are part of the human race and tribalism is a dead practice and brings misery wherever it is enforced.People are people wherever they originate from. Time for all of us to come together and not classify groups. The top of the 1% loves this chaos and disharmony but it is now falling apart. Thank God for the internet where anyone can be exposed for their greed, corruption and lack of good will. No one is better than anyone else. That was taught to me in New York City as a Jew growing up with very open minded and caring people around me who had seen enough suffering in their lives through war, prejudice and misery and went on to build better lives through hard work. But they did not limit their view to only helping each other. They helped whoever they met. That set them apart. Alas their kids went on to become super successful and forgot the lessons of the greatest generation who fought in World Wars and gave and gave and gave. Perhaps China can learn from the people outside their borders who I meet who understand the perils of new money and what you must do to channel that wealth so kids grow up to want to help their neighbor. Ethics will take you much farther than math.
I have just scanned through the readers' comments. Many of you seem fixated on your irreconcilable beef with China's sovereignty and HKSAR government legitimacy. It appears the only way out for you is the pro-Western Ukrainian, Egyptian Islamist or Thailand Yellow Shirt rebellion, which will ultimately lead to violence. Whether you will gain a majority in an election or not is beside the point. Of all belligerents, only the Egyptian opposition has the majority. So don't kid yourselves that democracy is the solution.
Rest assured that the US Consulate General and US Chamber of Commerce will wholeheartedly support your fight for "freedom." Whatever this word means now is anyone's guess.
Be forewarned that your opposition -- those who call you losers in this column -- are just as ideologically hardened. If you have in mind a revolution, their attitude is likely to be an Inspector Harry Callahan invitation: "Go ahead punk, go ahead and make my day!"
Hong Kong is pathetic tiny city. I feel bad for the people living there. They don't know who they are when UK gave Hong Kong back to China.... They wanna be Chinese and they wanna be governed by British Queen...sigh
At this point, HK should just change their motto of being an international city. Because they're not, they only want locals and everyone else isn't welcomed. Just ban tourism altogether.
I'm saddened/disgusted that such a developed city is acting this way in the 21st century. Laughable. Have fun living among yourselves...
FYI, I found this tidbit from a HK forum. A few of the tourists were actually Singaporean and Malaysian. The racist idiots can't even tell if they're Mainlanders or not. LOL, talk about irony.
For proof, go listen to RTHK's archives.
Jackie Chan was right. And the survey about HK being the most racist turns out to be correct after all.
Yes a few but they will assuredly not be taken aback by the protest. The irony is that the Mainland has wanted us to be their playground and petting zoo and the animals in the zoo were not so pleased. Sorry to irritate your masters in Beijing, tool.
Indeed, 'anti-****' protest will only exacerbate the deep-rooted contradiction between Mainlanders and HongKongers. Amendment of the anti-discrimination law does help avert the disrespectful behavior done by the protesters if it is put into practice. Nonetheless, the amendment is only ostensible and whether the law is strictly adopted is another story.
Now everyone can see in plain sight what the purpose of these "anti discrimination" laws are: suppressing opposition and censorship.
i think the problem about the mainland tourist is that we welcome ppl from all around the world as long as they will not disturb our daily order in every aspect .....to set up a upper limit over the visitors is considerable to me ,,,, coz the fact is hong kong is a small place and could not handle such a large amount of people ..on the level of sources and spaces ......the govern should act fast .....stress and pressure do exerted on hong kong people ....
Could our unelected officials please stop kowtowing to Beijing and just start looking after their own people!
Understand and address the problem. A change in the law won't do this.
Learn to prioritise, and try harder to put HK back on track.
STOP being too overly procedural - you are distracting yourself and avoiding doing the real work need to save this sinking ship.
This will not happen, because its too ambiguous. Who is a Mainlander? If you lived in Hong Kong since you were 3, are you still a Mainlander? How about a person who came here to go to school and they stayed after getting a job in a local Bank, are they a mainlander? Do you have to have a Mainland issued passport to be a Mainlander? Is protesting the unbearable invasion of tourists from the Mainland, which is making your life miserable considered hatred? There is no way for such a law to be enforced fairly. This is ridiculous.
Having thrown down the gauntlet
declaring that “go home” shouters had acted
"beyond what is permissible under the law"
we should see how Commissioner Andy Tsang fights
to bring the criminals to justice
“a strong verbal assault” is within oed definition for assault
do we need racist assualt, discriminatory assault or stupid assault
given what is provided in Cap 212 Sec 4 under common assault?
We should look for statutes and cases
to liberate totality principle and maximize penalties
to express the city’s revulsion against gratuitous degradation
Says the person who's every contribution to these pages consists of gratuitous degradation. Staggering hypocrisy.
please suggest a proper term
to describe someone like rsallen
who misused “gratuitous degradation”
out of sheer ignorance and bias
This is a big joke..........amending a "race hate" law so Chinese should not "hate" their own.........hahahaahhaahh.................This is certainly a new twist to modern racism.
Think carefully, objectively and search your feelings if you must. Who is truly being abused? Mainland tourists or Hongkongers ?
The HK is going down the wrong path “again” by thinking to change any law, the HKSAR is indirectly acknowledging the existence of “them” and "us". We should all take one step back looking at hate speech and an overload of tourists separately.
No one in the right mind should commit and accept direct derogatory words in public. Sometimes it’s not a word per say that is offensive, but the underlying notion of hatred behind it. Words spoken with deliberate intent of degrading other people should not occur, period.
That spoken, as much as I’m annoyed with Yakult disappearing from Taste at Festival Walk to tourist going back home via KCR, tourists are going to keep coming. As pointed out by other readers, the government has no say in this. Let’s just hope tourists don’t stay long term, but if they do we’ve got to accept it. One country, two systems…it’s surely becoming one country. After a merger and acquisition, what do you really expect to go on after a few years?
Exactly. If you don't want too many tourists, go to the gov't offices and protest there.
Insulting/harassing tourists won't do a darn thing and would only ruin the credibility of the movement. Once protestors start using hate speech, it's not a protest anymore. It just becomes a KKK rally(google it).
I find it ironic, Mainlanders are labeled as rude and uncivilized. Yet, all the protestors are acting the same way.
Who usually are poorly trained and paid
All this commotion is just a farce from the bureaucrats as a last ditch effort to amend damaged feelings with the leaders in the motherland. Who would want to get on the bad side of the puppet masters? If this joke does get passed, it would only make sense that people who breaks this law would be expatriates. What will they think of next? A curfew?
There should be a heavy sales tax on buyers from mainland China. the government should redistribute the money to hong kong people.
What planet are you from? Uranus? Sounds to me like this comment is straight from ur a_n_u_s. In case you're new to Hong Kong, this city has been a Chinese territory for nearly 17 years.
And I suppose if I feel people from your country is infringing on my interest, Hong Kong should heavily tax you and your countrymen, too? Try not to be a problem, if you cannot come up with a solution.
Dai Muff
It is a solution. A sales tax on ALL would distribute the tax burden more equitably. We are paying tax for facilities people who pay ZERO tax are using.
A usual, our government officials (who are amongst the highest paid in the world) see the symptoms but never understand the problem. Nobody in Hong Kong is against mainland visitors just because they come from the mainland. Rather, Hong Kong people are against the rude behaviour and exploitative attitude shown by many visitors and unfortunately most of these problematic visitors are from the mainland. I give you one example of rude behaviour: when Japanese tour groups assemble on a pavement they politely line up on one side to make way for the locals to pass but when mainland tourists assemble they block the whole pavement and force the locals to either push their way through or step onto the dangerous roadway. Exploitative attitude ranges from the cross boarder smugglers (money) to emergency ward births (subsidised heath care and free citizenship). The point is that many Hong Kong citizens are now asking a simple question: what's in it for me? I encourage our government officials and the tourist sector to seriously consider that and do something to return more benefits to the average Hong Kong citizen. Start with an arrivals tax.
Absolutely twisted logic. Blaming the mainlanders for everything is disgraceful and there is no justification for racist behavior. Hk is going down the drain exactly bc of this behavior. No wonder all my expat colleagues are leaving, hk people are getting so twisted with their perspectives. Worst of all, hk people are known for being rude or cold, yet, they have the cheek to look down on mainland people. Singapore will be laughing because hk is **** itself big time.
Good, go ahead and put "dislikes". Nothing is going to change the fact that you are rude and have a distorted sense of reality. None of civilized people in the world agree with this behavior and stop trying to think that you deserve the sympathy because of your plight. Just because you have some reasons for losing your temper doesn't justify you being rude, wake up or all the intellectuals and elites will leave hk.
Precisely... With all what's been happening in HK and on the mainland, the city's irrelevance lies in the not-so-distant future. The best part is that 90% of these fools don't even see it's coming.
People are either dreaming or this forum has been swamped by other political forces who wants to divide this society. Either way, hk is gone, no help from china economically is going to prevent his fall unless he wakes up and has some sense of reality. Really wondering now if he's golden year in the 80s is just due to luck. People are so immature.
it is perhaps more than the social ettiquettes. It is the crumbling infrastructure o HK, and the dying attention to education and other ways to upgrade human capital. Overall, there is simply quick erosion of what already exists....with no renewal in sight.
According to many people, HK is simply now a shopping and food destination. That is sad.
Hmmm ... Have you thought it's the tour guide's fault for not saying stand to one side.. These are usually HKers.
The tour guide's fault? Are the tourists all children or what? Do they need parental guidance to teach them how to be polite?
No they are not
A Hong Konger
Obviously the protest was a form of hate (though not hate speech yet). Regardless of ones feelings over the protest, many of us hate the mainland and the rest of us understand why even if we pretend not to. This hate was not always this strong, but the changes Beijing has forced on us since 97' (if not longer), squeezing the poor from their homes, taking our freedoms, rewarding the rich and a deliberate campaign to marginalise HKers through quasi-colonisation, has sharply divided us.
We saw two ends of the bell curve the other day, one fawning sycophants who would gleefully give away everything we have to China, the other snarling 'localists' whose fury clumsily target tourists instead of policy makers. The highly visible protest has already taken us a step closer to an independence debate; rather than dismissing the latter group as ultra-'localist', we understand and even sympathise with their motivation (not methods), the prior we do not. The comparisons of ultra-'localist' to overseas ultra-nationalists shows a perception not lost on us. Amending the race hate law to protect mainlanders may help gentrify & formalise anti-mainland discussion away from hateful protests to philosophical and political spheres, while further defining HKers as distinct from Chinese nationals. Given the HK-Sino structure & grassroots issues it was inevitable, the question is how far will it go? And how will Beijing exploit our division? The two are not mutually exclusive.
Silly arguments. Hk is suffering from its own willingness to be competitive and over indulgence in politics. What has this to do with mainland ? In fact they shouldn't help hk and let hk die naturally so there is no more reasons to blame anyone but themselves. Totally delusional and still coming out with silly arguments. Loser.
Very balanced comment.
It was the HK government who refused to include "Mainlanders" in the Race Discrimination Bill in 2008, so as to avoid a public backlash by extending protection to "new Mainland migrants" who were thought to be welfare takers. Now, it suggests making a U-turn to protect "Mainland tourists". It not only smells "class discrimination" but also indicates how times have changed...
Dai Muff
When "race" means someone from the next village it becomes meaningless. How about next neighborhoood, next street, next house?
Discrimination laws do not apply. This has been raised before and the Government's argument has been that racial discrimination laws do not apply to 'discrimination against ethnicity'. This stance involved requests that the Administration address discrimination against lawful Mainland immigrants, many of whom had low social and economical standing. Is the Government now focusing it's attention on protecting tourists but still avoid the obvious grievance that we have too many visitors?
As the Visa free access scheme involves 49 cities - why can't the Government suggest an administrative solution such as splitting these into 2 groups and rotating the right to visas to alternate years? The list could be tweaked to give preference to Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai residents but the rest - if they want to visit then they can wait? This will help to reduce the numbers significantly so that we don't feel swamped! As Government officials appear to be lacking any creating thinking then please turn to the public for sensible suggestions so this problem can be resolved without dividing society further.
What is the definition of "race"? People from Mainland China and that from Hongkong are Chinese. Everyone is part of China. Their upbringing, social and cultural background may differ but fact is everyone is Chinese. This is not about race discrimination but about discontentment between the ways each group of people perceived. Its similar to the different views of villages or if you take a local comparison, its the differing views of Hongkong people not entitled to any land rights which is only accorded to those descendants of the New Territories.
The use of insulting words or phrases reflects the level of civility but English has a clear definition of words. A **** is an insect and any connotation is merely a play of word. How is freedom of speech allowed if generic words are disallowed. In Cantonese, is it illegal to call westerners as "****", or Indians as "ah cha"? The government should not be impulsive and should identify the root cause of such discontentment and address it instead of creating more laws that are controversial. The mainland Chinese interest in visiting Hongkong will not be perpetual and soon they will realise they can get all they need in China. When they stop coming, it will be ironical to see how Hongkong's economic health will be. There is a good saying - when there's no food on the table, sensibility will prevail.
I dont see the need to amend the anti-discrimination law, as these protesters have no stance to discriminate anyone. The slogans just show how rude and less-educated they are. Are you protest guys really from so called highly developed Hong Kong? You are humiiating the city! Yell against compatriot whereas bow to 'foreigners', how pathetic you are!
For people who put
"Dislike", you are so twisted and a bunch of losers.
The law is neccessary before they drag the rest of us into the mud........Yup, i agree, "Yell against compatriot whereas bow to 'foreigners', how pathetic you are! "
Dai Muff
Foreigners are not the ones affecting our livelihood and our living situation for the worst, but if you don't think HK people are pretty much as rude to every race and ethnicity except themselves you do not listen to HK conversations or even HK radio. It is also not foreigners HK people are expected to bow to these days. We do not even have the right to decide for ourselves how many mainlanders come in.
They don't see you as compatriots, honger. They see you as a tool to be used and thrown away. Cross the border and you are just as much a foreigner to them as an African, an American or an Eskimo. Either way, it is symptomatic of the greater issue that the Mainland does not see us as equals but as subordinates. What these people did is inappropriate and deserves our scorn as people of HK but squelching their voice just will make it worse.
I call you a liar. I don't think you have ever been to any Chinese cities or towns.
The Police seemed to have sufficient powers to control the protesters as the article does quote him as saying there is a disturbance of peace. Cantonese spoken in HK is known to be "rude". If there is a rude way to describe something or some one, there will be plenty of people using it as it is part of the humour in HK. So how do you police it ... does it only apply during public demonstrations only or day to day usage?
I think it is time for more civic education in HK
I do not disagree with you especially on education, artdig18, but does the police have any power to prevent Hong Kong's reputation from being tarnished?
Clear eye with 100% hindsight, yes the police in this case could have arrested the protesters for their slogans and chants ... on the basis of existing laws see Din Gao below, and also when the protesters were disturbing the peace. But the headlines may then be police crack down on free speech etc. So HK's reputation would be damaged maybe in either case. It does not mean that nothing should be done. So I think the Police Commisioner is saying the right words on prosecuting those that committed an offence. This should be done as the Police needs to uphold the law. But sadly it is the application of law that our Govt is not good.
Why "Mainland" visitors ? Why not all visitors ? Why only members of the same ethnic group ? Why some types of victim of discrimination warrant protection by law and not others ?
I think the problem is that mainland visitors are NOT protected by the law currently while other ethnic group are already covered by the law... So you should really asking why other ethnic groups? why not mainlanders?
Dai Muff
This is a society where racist or derogatory terms for Westerner, Filipino, and Indian are part and parcel of everyday conversation and even heard in our media. You will hear one rude term used a dozen times for every one time someone says "西人". But describe mainlanders after an insect and you will be in BIG trouble. Protected species indeed. .
Surely Mainlanders can be considered to be "a class of persons" already covered by the ordinance?
602 PDF Title: Race Discrimination Ordinance Gazette Number: L.N. 166 of 2009
Section: 45 Heading: Vilification Version Date: 10/07/2009
(1) It is unlawful for a person, by any activity in public, to incite hatred towards, serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of, another person or members of a class of persons on the ground of the race of the person or members of the class of persons.
What is a mainlander?
Agreed ... it looks like the police "screwed up" and did not adequately enforce the law.
Dai Muff
It is amazing how virtually no article you print on this mentions the role played by the"loving Hong Kong" goons in ramping up the aggression at that protest. This government (and the EOC) does not currently even enforce its own laws on freedom of religion where they are concerned (watch them bully the Falun Gong in Causeway Bay), so what would be the point of introducing new laws?
To put the facts straight, the other group were welcoming the tourists and handling out leaflets in a stand before the ruckus started. In fact, Roland was calling for an outing in response to this - he (and others) were obviously angry that there were locals who warmly welcomed these tourists. Roland and company are the ones who are trying to snuff out freedom of expression in the first place.
The rest we could see on TV footage....
Dai Muff
Except that's not true. The local guys' protest was pre-planned then the loving Hong Kong bunch went out there on purpose, as they do with the Falun Gong, and many pro-democrat protests. I love to see you argue that others should not be allowed to protest and in the next breath that the PROTESTERS are the ones trying to stop freedom of speech. I guess black is white and white is black on your planet.
The behaviour of the demonstrators is to be condemned for some of the their actions. For sure.
However, the root for them to take to the streets lies in the fact that the HK citizens are greatly inconvenienced and feeling their livelihood being threatened by the shear masses coming from the mainland. It's not so much the mainlanders as such but the shear number who take away facilities meant to be for HK citizens (kindergarten, maternity wards, basic foodstuff (milk powder) to name only a few). Furthermore are they a big part in making property unaffordable for the ordinary HK citizen.
HK is overrun by tourists groups from the mainland but the government hasn't ensured that HK's infrastructure can cope with these masses of tourists groups. These groups do cause great inconvenience to the ordinary HK citizen. Tourist buses block roads, occupy parking spaces meant to be for the HK citizen, cause pollution with idling engines. It's no fun if you want have a quick lunch or want to buy your groceries and always need to navigate your way through hordes of mainland tourist groups that block walkways, shop entrances, pedestrian crossings etc.
The government has to wake up and start to control the numbers of people coming from the north, being it tourists or immigrants. HK is way beyond its limits to accommodate the current stream of people coming from the north into HK day after day.
Totally agree with this, and I think it reflects the sentiment of the majority of HK residents.
I think the HK Govt should look to enforce the law equally upon everyone in HK, so when the tour buses are double parked along Salisbury Road, so that the delightful tourists can see some metal stars set in concrete, blocking bus stops, no waiting areas and a whole lane to traffic, it should do something about it.
Simple matters such as the above, cause us to be late for work, appointments and frustrate us. Why should an elderly lady, a young mother and her children have to alight a bus in the middle of the road? Choosing to ignore the things that effect us citizens daily, causes resentment and issues soon come to a head because of it.
Previously on the MTR, passengers were not allowed to bring bulky items on to the train. Now rush hour journeys, you fight not only for space as before, but you have to contend with tourists and their suitcases taking up valuable space.
Basically, as long as the big corporations, the jewellery chains, the hoteliers and the government are profiting from our cross-border visitors, whatever HK citizens choose to say shall fall on deaf ears.
I do find it somewhat amusing, that for decades tourists from all over the world were ripped off in TST camera shops, restaurants, taxis etc.; as soon as a Putonghua voice complains, the government rushes to appease!
What about foreigners/expats in Soho and LKF??
Dai Muff
Well, as racist as you are trying to be, they do not affect me.
What about the Foreign Domestic Helpers? Try take a nice quiet stroll in Victoria Park.
Yes, maechung, aren't they inconsiderate, they should really just lock themselves in a closet on their day off.
What you've just shown is, to me, the very worst face of HK people. The locu$t thing pales in comparison.
Once again, the Hong Kong government demonstrates how it gives priority to Mainlanders over it's own people.
?? ... the law is in HK and it will apply both ways so if a Mainlander in HK called you some other form of insects or parasite ... they will also get equal treatment ... which is currently nothing...
It's amazing how you got 2 likes for this absurd comment. Who are the ones shouting racial slurs ??... Are people in HK really this thick-headed ?. Unbelievable... These type of racist behaviors aren't even tolerated in countries like the USA.
Dai Muff
"Are people in HK really this thick-headed ?" Sorry, but you are being "racist" there.
your childish , ad hominem attack proves you have no right to even own a computer
really original playing the race card
you forgot bigot
typo "...less than white teachers on the basis of their ethnicity"
that's a joke. you mean it doesn't apply already?? i work in the english language industry where agents, schools and other employers discriminate against overseas born chinese routinely. in certain education sectors, there is a preference for caucasian teachers - even if s/he is not a native english speaker. meanwhile, qualified ABC's/CBC's have to prove constantly prove themselves, and i've even heard of one place paying them less than opn the basis of their ethnicity.
My following comment (along with Ixflyer's) is slightly off-topic, but nonetheless is related to this thread. I think it is quite common for white-collar job seekers in HK to be faced with the following ridiculous scenario: If you're Chinese, you're expected to be trilingual (English, Cantonese and Mandarin).... But if you're white, you don't even need to speak English properly.


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