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Police fears over second anti-mainland protest

Organisers have been told to contact police after details of the protest emerged on social media

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 22 February, 2014, 3:55am
UPDATED : Saturday, 22 February, 2014, 10:29am

Police have expressed concern about apparent efforts to organise a second anti-mainlander protest tomorrow and have vowed not to tolerate any violence or illegal activity.

The force called for organisers to contact them following calls on Facebook and online forums for a second protest to take place in Mong Kok, similar to the one in TST last Sunday.

This came as legal experts debated how or whether mainlanders could be included in the anti-race-hate law after Equal Opportunities Commission chairman York Chow Yat-ngok said he would review the law.

The Tsim Sha Tsui protest saw participants yelling derogatory comments, such as "go back home", at families of mainland tourists in one of Hong Kong's most popular shopping districts.

The protest sparked condemnation from Chow and top government officials, including Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.

In a statement last night, police said organisers of any new protest should contact them "as soon as possible" to enable the event to be conducted "in a lawful and orderly manner".

The initiator of last Sunday's demonstration, Ronald Leung Kam-shing, said he did not know anything about the Mong Kok event and had no intention of joining.

Assistant professor of law at the University of Hong Kong Puja Kapai said the existing Race Discrimination Ordinance could arguably be extended to cover mainlanders.

She said Section 4 of the ordinance did not specify the race of the discriminator.

"Differential treatment on the basis of a person's race could still be regarded as discrimination," she said. If a case was taken to court, the ordinance could be up for interpretation.

University of Hong Kong law lecturer Eric Cheung Tat-ming said that when the ordinance was under discussion, one of the most controversial topics was whether or not to include mainlanders.

Many had wanted the definition of race to include locality - discrimination against a person due to cultural differences seen in different areas - but the government would not accept this.

"For the EOC to bring this up again is apt," he said. "Now it depends on whether the government is willing to expand the definition of race."



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Dai Muff
It is very simple. Hong Kong should have control over who comes to Hong Kong. Not the mainland. We were promised the right to self determination in issues not involving defence.
Dai Muff
You clearly understand nothing about the issues with mainland tourists in HK.
More than 3,000 parallel traders are crossing the border every day and over half are Shenzhen residents with multi-entry visit permits. They make at least two return trips a day; some can make four to five. The parallel traders account for at least 2.2 million cross-border trips a year. They account for around a quarter of our "tourist" figures from the mainland,
Afraid ?! Yes be very afraid because all social unrests start small until it reaches the height of an uprising. I'm not here to condone blatant verbal harassment, but it seems the kind of mental distress and abuse brought about by the Behaviors of mainlanders can't be ignored or tolerated.
As I sat and watch how these contemptuous protesters brought shame to our civilized world, at least this is how our paradigms were shaped into believing , but yet I fail to completely denounce them. The truth is, I savor the guilty pleasure as the drama unfolds. None of us would want to get our hands dirty and I guess many of us would act hypocritically to point fingers but somewhat feel good on the inside. A sad paradox.
I have the courage to admit it. Do you ?
Promptly arrest will backfire as hkers are the victims of the scheme. We really have enough Mainlanders affecting our daily life adversely. Can sbdy give us a break?
Still nothing from the Government about the underlying problem and how to address genuine concerns there are too many Mainland tourists. The condemnation of the demonstrators continues with impractical proposals on changing the existing anti-discrimination legislation. However, the failure to acknowledge genuine feelings of frustration and the impact of such huge number of visitors on daily life show how removed our Ministers and Mandarins are from reality.
The visa free entry scheme is an administrative one. There are administrative measures which can be taken to reduce the number of visitors such as splitting the 49 cities into 2 lists and allocating visa on alternative years and a significant reduction in numbers. The comments posted in this paper reflect such frustrations. CY and several (overpaid and useless) ministers spoke out to condemn the demonstration - almost a week has passed but no word on how they are going to address these frustrations. You need to do something as the method of the demonstrators was wrong but the message has a significant amount of support across the community.
indeed the protesters suspected of common assault and loitering..
ironically, in HK, a place claiming respecting law and justice, no one mentions it because the victims are mainlanders
simply CANCEL the multiple visa or entry scheme and replace it with the previous 2 way permit...and the HongKong society will be back to normal...
This is so typical Hong Kong:
"Assistant professor of law at the University of Hong Kong Puja Kapai said the existing Race Discrimination Ordinance could arguably be extended to cover mainlanders."
In order to elaborate the real problem, the city's intellectuals and pseudo-politicians are debating the scope of their laws.
Hong Kong and its people should finally learn that they are fully depending on China and its people (the mainlanders). And in this free economy there are always Hong Kongers who profit massively from the mainlanders. Those who actually sell the baby milk formula and the luxury items and whatever to them. Are these people who sell this stuff to mainlanders not Hong Kongers?
Just try to imagine where Hong Kong would be if there would be no China. Hong Kong would be very independent and very much insignificant!
That is pretty much the truth and perhaps too hard to swallow for some Hong Kongers.
Tourists come & go, they seldom visit the same place twice. They have many choices.
One bad impression of the place and in particular, the people, the tourists may never return .....
Dai Muff
(You can dislike it as much as you like guys., The figures come from Shenzhen officials.)



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