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Pro-Beijing group starts petition welcoming mainland visitors to Hong Kong

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 23 February, 2014, 5:03pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 23 February, 2014, 10:45pm

A pro-government, pro-Beijing group started a petition to welcome mainland tourists to the city on Sunday afternoon, just blocks away from a group calling for their numbers to be curbed.

The Voice of Loving Hong Kong collected signatures from tourists and locals near a Mong Kok transit point for mainland tour groups.

The group’s chairman, Patrick Ko Tat-bun, said they would hand the signatures to commerce and economic development secretary Greg So Kam-leung and hold another street demonstration in Causeway Bay next Saturday.

The group said it aimed at showing tourists that Hong Kong is a city of “sincere, hospitable and loving people...who are more than happy to help visitors where necessary”.

The rally comes a weekend after “anti-locust” protesters demanded that the government curb mainland visitors, clashing with opposition groups in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Canton Road - an area that has mostly been taken over by designer brand stores catering to mainland shoppers.

“After last week, we felt the need to do more to ensure our mainland compatriots feel they are welcome here,” said Ko.

“We are against any abuse against tourists. Limiting the number of tourists to the city is like throwing away your rice.”

He also said there was “no market” for any talk about independence or autonomy in Hong Kong.


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Disappointed with York Chow's failure to comment on the underlying problem. The method of complaining about the number of tourists was wrong but trying to paint the behaviour as discrimination is just ignoring genuine concerns. What is the Administration's plan to diffuse the tension? Rolling out the loyalists is just pathetic!
These bunch of hypocritical "loving Hong Kong people" should be commended for their street theatrics. They will have been more impressive if they all carry placards saying "we love your Renminbi and please come to Hong Kong as long you remember to bring your Renminbi". Unless the government in Hong Kong comes to reality and address the over crowding by mainland China tourists, there will be a growing discontentment among Hong Kong residents which will get worst.
“We are against any abuse against tourists. Limiting the number of tourists to the city is like throwing away your RICE.”
Saying like a typical go-getter spirit of HK. It's another way of saying cash is king, we are here to serve the highest bidders. They don't even have a clue who the real people are being abused. What a load of gold diggers that have no respects for themselves, no regards for grievances caused or oblivious to the fact that locals are being oppressed and exploited to the point of heading toward a cultural,emotional and revolutionary upheaval.
In reality The Voice of Loving Hong Kong is inciting hatred by provoking Hong Kong people. The simple fact is Hong Kong has surpassed its capacity to accomodate visitors. Chinese visitors have complained about making long trips from far away places to bring their children to Disney or Ocean Park only to be told ticket sales have been halted for the day. In addition to the long queues people have had to put up with rapid inflation and rude behavior. It seems that Patrick and government officials have forgotten that Hong Kong is home to 7 million people and not some freak show. Also, that the 1% increase from 3.5 to 4.5% percent of Hong Kong`s economy for tourism revenue in the last 11 years is hardly worth the inconvenience to the average person who lives here.
I totally concur your point being tourism revenue does not justify the abuses and harassment the mainlanders have caused. HK is not a 3rd world city that survives solely on tourism. It seems greed has gotten the better of those paper pushers on their high horses. The hard core protest at Canton Road was an irony, poetic justice. Allow me to reiterate: I said "poetic justice " NOT justice ! HK has become a circus for the mainlanders. It has turned itself into a neon light freak show with petty flare of firework just to please them despite the ongoing of issues of air and light pollution. Not even the Japanese tourists back in the good old days had these kinds of servile treatments. If there is still such a thing called dignity, then it must be buried 6 feet under.


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