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Police track down taxi driver who picked up suspect in Kevin Lau case

PUBLISHED : Friday, 28 February, 2014, 11:52pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 02 March, 2014, 4:43am

Police made a breakthrough last night in their investigations into the horrific attack on former Ming Pao chief editor Kevin Lau Chun-to. They have located the taxi driver who picked up one of the two suspects involved in the attack and drove him to Kowloon Tong MTR station, according to a source.

The lead came several hours after Lau made an impassioned appeal from his hospital bed to the people of Hong Kong: "Stand up for press freedom."

Visitors to Lau described him as spirited and communicative.

They quoted Lau as saying that he "tended to believe" that articles published by Ming Pao while he was editor had led to his being attacked with a meat cleaver on Wednesday.

"His first sentence to me was, 'I hope Hongkongers will stand up for press freedom'," lawmaker Ronny Tong Ka-wah said. Lawmaker James Tien Pei-chun quoted Lau as saying that he wanted a cup of coffee.

Others relayed that Lau had said that he felt no pain in his back where he suffered a deep, 16cm wound but that his toes were numb. Lau’s condition was upgraded from critical to serious on Friday.

The attack was condemned in the Legislative Council yesterday as reporters from Ming Pao and other media organisations collected signatures in Causeway Bay to demand quick arrests.

A police source said that on top of the HK$3 million offered by Ming Pao, increased from an initial HK$1 million after donations poured in, police might put up their own cash reward.

An officer said the attack bore the hallmarks of the Wo Shing Wo triad society. The motorcycle initially used by the hitmen to escape was stolen in Fanling, a Wo Shing Wo stronghold.

Lau had just left his car on the Sai Wan Ho waterfront when a pillion passenger leapt off the motorcycle and slashed him from behind.

Additional reporting by Jeffie Lam, Jennifer Ngo and Lana Lam


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The motor cycle used in the attack was stolen in Fanling, classic Heung Yee **** territory, so the police should also look at what Lau Chun-to has been writing about these evil gangsters who are so close to C. Y. Leung's administration.
Ming Pao has been covering the rampant corruption in the Small House Policy in which the administration has been colluding with the H Y K by zoning country parks for massive development.
Perhaps some Village Representative ordered the attack? Or was it a personal issue? No-one knows yet, but let's hope Mr Lau recovers well and carries on the good work.
Dai Muff & other hate China readers:
If Beijing is as criminal as you think, there would be no more trace of Mr. Lau.

So it stands to reason that you, the accusers, are the most likely attackers. You hateful motive in smearing and framing China now becomes plausible prima facie ground for police investigation.
Dai Muff
Whymak, your comment is as teenage as the "haters gonna hate" comments on a certain notorious Facebook page.
Really, at your age you should grow the heck up. And argue better than a teenager.
You know? In most Western countries, people are not routinely accused of hating the country when they are critical of certain official stances. Americans can criticise Clinton and Obama. British can criticise Blair or Cameron. It is only among Chinese that this silly "hating China" comes out in response to every criticism. Some of us believe that countries who listen to criticism, and even consider it, are stronger. Not weaker.
Lu Xun did not hate China when he criticised its faults. And the Communist Part is not uniquely China. Nor are its rich oligarchs who think they can get away with anything they want. In fact, the real China is a lot more pleasant than that. And often a lot more poor than that. And if that confuses your "haters" formula then simply have some logic.
Despite the number of dislikes, Whymak has posted a valid comment. Hating Beijing is one thing. Accusing it of being involved in the attack is a bit far-fetched at the moment. If Beijing had really wished, Kevin would have disappeared from the face of the earth.
I suppose Beijing knows it too so they should also help to hunt down the attackers. The mainland police and the HK Police have joined hands before in solving complex criminal cases.
Dai Muff
The record of solving violent attacks against critical voices or organisations (and particularly tracking down or exposing the commissioners of those acts) hardly fills one with the confidence you profess.
It may be true that her father has told her who committed the crime and why, so she could so firmly say it had nothing to do with press freedom.
The Police needs to pull out all the stops and nab the attackers. I am not sure what they had in mind in announcing that they had interviewed the cabbie. Would this lead to the attacker change his hiding place? I assume the Police were under intense pressure and wanted the public to know they are trying their hardest. I can assure the HK Police that the whole of HK is fully behind them and hope these attackers can be nabbed soon to let criminals know violence is unwelcome here.
The Police hardly acts on such attacks. Either the law is lax or the police feels it has other important things to do. Triads are used by debt collectors openly and the police hardly act.
The debt collection process starts with nuisance phones. Even when phone calls numbers are available and the information on the suspects is supplied, the police never act. The debt collectors then throw red paint on the houses and also put blades into the post box. Even then the police don't act. Only when some attack on the person happens then they come into action.
How are these actions by debt collectors are accounted for in the police statistics? Whether they are reported by the police or not, nobody know.
I won't be surprised if this action on the journalist is connected with debt collection.
The Press has also ignored this issue . Hopefully, they will write something about this serious issue.
I few years back, as I was eating dinner at Knutsford terrace, two guys walked up to another guy, picked up a chain and an ash bin and smashed him over the head with it and then started knocking the heck out of hime. When they were done, they simply threw the chair pieces on him and casually walked away....the cops came 5 minutes after they were gone.......
And what did you do?




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