Facebook seeks injunction against Hong Kong online games firm

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 02 March, 2014, 5:33am
UPDATED : Sunday, 02 March, 2014, 5:33am

Facebook has filed a lawsuit with the city's top court seeking an injunction to stop a local online games firm, its founder and another Hongkonger from using its website or any of its services.

California-based Facebook Inc and Facebook Ireland, based in Dublin, filed the writ to the High Court last week against Wong Man-tik, Tse Siu-hang and online games promoter MiniMax Game Entertainment.

Facebook is seeking damages for "unlawful interference" and "harassment" from "repeated, unauthorised, illegitimate, wrongful" use of its website and system by the company and the two men, the writ says.

It does not say how the three defendants allegedly interfered with Facebook's system.

The company has asked for a court order preventing them from accessing Facebook, or creating any accounts or pages on the social-media network.

In the writ, Facebook also proposes that a court order include terms preventing the three from engaging in any activity that would diminish or disrupt the quality of Facebook's operation.

Tse Siu-hang, also known as Kyle Tse, is a Hong Kong programmer in his 20s who has been creating online games since he was in high school, according to a Chinese-language media report. He developed an online game in 2010 and founded MiniMax that September to supply it.

Last year, the Office of the Telecommunications Authority was inundated with complaints from WhatsApp users who received nuisance advertising messages one Sunday morning in July. The advertisements were for a game being promoted by MiniMax, according to the report.