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HK$10,000 fine for lawmaker who browsed sexy pictures on his tablet during budget debate

Albert Ho apologises to Democratic Party as panel finds he undermined its reputation

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 04 March, 2014, 4:30pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 March, 2014, 2:57am

Flicking through pictures of scantily-clad women instead of listening to the budget has proved costly for lawmaker Albert Ho Chun-yan, who became the first Democratic Party member to be fined for misbehaviour.

The former party chairman has agreed to pay his HK$10,000 fine to a women's group or similar non-governmental organisation, the party said yesterday.

Ho was called before a panel set up by the party's disciplinary committee after pictures emerged of him looking at images of models in bikinis on his tablet computer as Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah delivered his two-hour budget speech to the Legislative Council.

"Ho accepted the judgment and apologised to the public and his fellow party members," the panel said in a statement. "He has promised to learn from this and remind himself to maintain a high standard of conduct."

Ho said last night that he "humbly accepted the judgment, warning and punishment made by the panel" and again apologised for the incident.

Democrats chairwoman Emily Lau Wai-hing said the party had never levied a fine before, although it had kicked members out for misconduct. She said it received fewer than 10 complaints from members of the public about Ho's actions.

Lau said she respected and welcomed the panel's decision, but "could not comment further as the disciplinary committee is independently operated".

"I hope all our party colleagues would concentrate more and be prudent when carrying out their duties."

Ho has been told to make the donation by the end of the month and show receipts. He had "accepted the judgment and would not appeal against it", the committee said.

Ho, a lawyer, has been a lawmaker since 1995 and stood unsuccessfully for chief executive in 2012. He resigned as chairman of the party after six years after a disappointing performance in the Legco election.

It is not the first time the Democratic Party has disciplined a lawmakers. In 2006, James To Kun-sun was suspended as deputy convenor of the party caucus for six months over a blunder involving misuse of public funds. A 2009 scandal involving the sacking of an assistant by then-lawmaker Kam Nai-wai prompted a review of party disciplinary proceedings.


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Does anyone really believe that he was just casually browsing those "naughty" photos?..........the fine of $10,000 is just a slap on the wrist so that the Democratic Party can pretend that they are doing something about it............The only dignified thing for this fat guy to do is to step down.
If this were any other worker in any workplace, they would be summarily dismissed, and reported to the police. And never find work again.
That my tax dollars continue to pay this man, whom I never voted for, makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth.
John Adams
What about the CX Paris junket..... ?
Let's imagine what the situation would be if a DAB member was caught doing this? Emily LAU would be on every radio show screaming her head off, demanding investigations and evoking the powers and privileges ordinance. However, whenever her party is caught out she goes all soft and can't comment further. Her hypocrisy is breathtaking. Let's just remember that Fat Albert has a history of poor judgment ... taking free trips from Cathay Pacific, a clear conflict of interest given his status on the AA Board. Moreover, this man has a legal background and one expects better. If this is the quality of our politicians and legal people, Hong Kong is truly lost.
This isn't just a guy in a workplace - he's in a public place, an elected lawmaker, and should have responsibility and accountability to his constituents.. remember this joker ran for CE in 2012. Do you want someone this stupid running anything (not stupid for looking at babes, but incredibly stupid for doing it in this situation...). He should resign.
Of course, I suppose he is broadly :) representative of his male constituents, many of whom head off to other regions for fun and play.
And his fine is to be paid to a women's rights association.
I'm sure Albert make regular donations to certain female establishments...
Good job, Albert!
Yeah, the likes of such for CE - how would you expect China to nod its head or right thinking citizens to elect him?
The sleazoid is caught this time becoz he was using his tablet - he might have been doing so all along on other smaller electronic devices or even had hid some mags under the piles of papers and books!
10 K is too little - 100 to 200 k would bite more, it's taxpayers who are paying for him to be at Legco.
I guess sitting quietly and looking at pics of bikini girls is not ok but throwing shoes and disrupting Legco meetings is ok.
Poor Albert, it wasn't exactly pornography. One can't blame him for being bored. I would rather look at scantily clad models than Emily...
John Adams
.... or listen to John "whiskers" Tsang's inane budget drivel !



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