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'Parody' protesters march to urge mainlanders to 'reignite their patriotism... and shop at home'

Latest protest sees marchers dressed as Red Guards, equating patriotism with staying home

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 09 March, 2014, 4:54pm
UPDATED : Monday, 10 March, 2014, 11:15am

Dozens of protesters, some dressed in Red Guard uniforms, marched through Mong Kok yesterday urging mainland visitors to "love their country and party" - and stay at home.

They waved copies of Mao's "little red book" and chanted slogans like, "Love your motherland, use products that are made in China" as they gathered at the sitting-out area in Dundas Street.

Some also waved Chinese and Communist Party flags. They said the aim of the march was to reignite patriotic feelings in mainlanders.

"If they really love their country, they should stay and shop on the mainland, not come to Hong Kong," said Leung Song, 24, convenor of the march's organiser, the Coalition of True Love for Country and Party.

Leung said they bought the costumes and props from Taobao, a mainland e-commerce platform. "We support Chinese products and our motherland," he said.

Another protester, Alex Lam, 21, a university student, said: "We do not dislike mainland tourists. We simply want to support them in their development of patriotic love, and think it'd be better for them to buy Chinese instead of foreign imported products."

The group organised the protest on Facebook where an event page, "True love for country and party march", was created. About 350 people clicked that they would attend.

Police upset the protesters by splitting them into small groups for the march. They then separated themselves into their own groups and marched along Sai Yeung Choi Street South, ignoring police orders.

Some of them marched to Nathan Road after reaching Argyle Street. They shouted abuse at mainland customers inside shops, forcing some Nathan Road jewellery stores to close briefly.

Li Qing, a 27-year-old from Guangdong shopping in the area, said: "Hong Kong is a free city where people can do whatever they want. I understand why they do this, as they think there are too many visitors."

A protest against mainland visitors in Tsim Sha Tsui last month, accusing them of overwhelming the city and hogging its resources, drew condemnation from Beijing and senior officials in Hong Kong, including Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. Few turned up for a second protest in Mong Kok a week later.


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LOL. Brilliant satire and I salute HK citizens with their impeccable imaginations to mock and ridicule. Soft power is just as affective as hard power displayed previously on Canton Rd. As many sit and point fingers against angry protesters in the name of civility while the fact that the feeling of 'satisfaction' lingers marvelously inside is human hypocrisy at its best. Keep up the good work!
“I appreciate that they’re being peaceful but I don’t think they’re accomplishing much else than making a ruckus. Many locals, including myself, don’t like that tourists from the mainland drive up prices of local goods and clog up areas like Sheung Shui, but solutions should be found in a peaceful way,” X said.
Completely in agreement here.
Very good Idea! And Hong Kongers should also stop buying German cars, Italian sports cars, European Luxury brands as well, and stick to thier own products as well to show their patriotism. Hong Kongers should also stop travelling to other countries and stay in Hong Kong only, showing thier love for Hong Kong and their pariotism. What you demand others to do, one should practice first.
They succeeded in nothing but making a mockery of themselves. One keeps wondering how low Hongkongers can go.
What they did only shows their arrogance, ignorance & narrow-mindedness! Hong Kong is an open and international city. There is nothing wrong with the mainland visitors. People in HK shouldn't be so rude and hostile to them. These people have only damaged the image of HK. Very stupid!!!
This was actually really funny. It pretty much captures what goes on in Weibo anyways.
If they ever succeed in getting Mainland Chinese to buy not from Hong Kong, but elsewhere, they will put our retail shops, restaurants and other support businesses out of business. How many people will be out of work? Do they not know that Hong Kong needs the business from Mainland Chinese? Do they also not know that many high price products are actually make in China?
the market will restructure if it puts the shops out of business. All this money is being put into the pockets of the landlords who own these shops.
If nothing is done about this, the next thing that will happen is your local shopping mall will start selling luxury goods and gold jewellery all aimed at Mainland Chinese tourist. Then where will you go to buy your products?
HK needs to diversify their economy to be less reliant on Mainland Chinese tourists. But I believe the China government will prevent HK from diversifying into new industries which do not rely on China.
I don't know what the big fuss is all about. We're all CHINESE for god's sake. A little less fighting and a little more loving please.
who are these idiots!!!



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