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Leung Chun-ying
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Electoral reform on the table at Shanghai meeting with top Beijing officials

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 March, 2014, 1:55pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 March, 2014, 2:45am

Lawmakers invited to Shanghai next month for talks on electoral reform can expect to meet two of the most senior Beijing officials on Hong Kong affairs, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying says.

Leung also extended a gesture of goodwill to pan-democrats, who have yet to decide if they will join the April 12-13 trip.

"Wang Guangya , director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, and Basic Law Committee chairman Li Fei will be in Shanghai to meet lawmakers and exchange views on electoral reform," Leung said yesterday.

"I hope lawmakers can make use of the chance [to meet central government officials]."

The line-up prompted the pan-democratic camp to call for a separate meeting. Exclusive talks between the camp and the two Beijing heavyweights would allow for exchange of genuine opinions, Labour Party leader Lee Cheuk-yan said.

"If pro-establishment lawmakers were there as well, it would become more like a Legislative Council debate," Lee said. "That would be meaningless."

Ronny Tong Ka-wah of the Civic Party echoed Lee's request.

Pan-democrats are to decide today on whether they will attend, after failing to reach a consensus on Friday. They will also meet Legislative Council President Jasper Tsang Yok-sing to express other requests and doubts over the trip.

Leung said the administration would try to accommodate the requests of all lawmakers.

"Regardless of their political affiliation, we will convey their requests to the central government," he said. "I hope lawmakers can raise more concrete requests."

Today, 16 legislators from across the political spectrum will attend the first of four breakfast meetings hosted by Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor on electoral reform.

The liaison office will be represented, most likely by Legal Affairs Department director general Dr Liu Xinkui.



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Pan democrats need to accept as engagement with one's opponent is much better than simply rejecting the invitation. I'm sure we'll receive an unvarnished account of any 'discussion' and then the public can decide whether any future engagement is going to be worthwhile or not.
Kudos to CY for setting this up. It's time for the pan-dems to put up or shut up.
I hope the Shanghai excursion for the Hong Kong legislators would yield some progress for the two sides in getting a dialog going – this time, face to face. Who initiated this break-through meeting is really not relevant and thus any argument over it is a useless exercise and a suspect.
Having now injected with a positive reinforcement that political reform will be on the agenda, the otherwise negative reinforcement of an aimless trip has turned into a positive reinforcement for the pan-demo legislators. For any normal person, under a choice of negative and positive reinforcements, a choice can be clearly and easily made. The legislators are going to Shanghai.
A small catch that shouldn’t affect the trip is that perhaps the legislators of the Functional Constituency should have a choice if they would like to go without condemnation from anyone. The FC would be disbanded soon, no?
hard times !
the bottom-line of the so-called Electoral Reform set for 2017--the year to elect our next chief executive has been set by Beijing officials sent here earlier on and during the recent meetings of local delegates to the NPC with Jiang Tejiang (the top cadre official responsible for Hong Kong affairs) who stated that the territory's future leader has to be one who is both patriotic (in Beijing's eyes) and 'love Hong Kong' which implies that no pan-democratic camp people will be eligible for the top post and thus their taking part in the election is unnecessary as they will have no chance at all to be chosen by the Nominating Committee which compositon will be more or less like the former Election Committees. Yet we Hong Kong people can never understand why Hong Kong qualified voters will not be allowed to choose a candidate (from pro-democracy camp) to compete in the election in 2017 of our chief executive as it is said to be a universal suffrage (which both the rights to vote and to be voted should be offered to all qualified voters) while in the past elections, we voters can still cast our ballots to pan-democratic camp candidates ! How absurd it is !
Thank you for the views of the ministry of propaganda in Beijing. We needed that. Good for you.
OK You pan-dems. CY has confirmed that electoral reform will be discussed during the Shanghai trip. If you guys are really pushing for electoral reforms do give it a go. The whole of HK wants the 2 sides to reach a compromise as early as possible.
hard times !
How can any compromise to be reached as the bottom line of the chief executive election has been set by Beijing ? I wonder. Don't mislead the public and our lawmakers from the pan-democratic camp please !
Rit Fan Hsu Lai Tai saw it through, CY Leung thought the status quo would most benefit him for his second term, he was very reluctant to start the game, repeatedly claiming there was "plenty of time".... until Beijing grumbed. This event was the result of effort from people like Tsang Yuk Shing, Cy Leung was not the one who initiated this, don't give him credit. Beijing agreed to the meeting but the mind is set and all of this is just but a farce.
You imply that it is unnecessary to love your country or your city in order to govern it? Surely that should be a basic minimum?
So many systems in the world require some form of screening, even selecting kids to enter kindergartens, recruiting new employees, landlords picking tenants.....why shouldn't the candidates for the CE have at least some basic level of screening besides voting? Unless the majority are willing to have someone like Long Hair be up for candidacy? Which I highly doubt...
Yes they may have set a bottom line but surely it is up to the pan-dems to convince Beijing to adopt a more moderate stance towards electoral reforms. To say a bottom line has been established and hence there is no need for further talks is throwing the towel in before you even start punching.



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