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Duo behind new newspaper beaten with iron pipes in Tsim Sha Tsui attack

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 March, 2014, 6:10pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 March, 2014, 2:58am

Two key figures behind a new Hong Kong newspaper were attacked by four masked men wielding iron pipes yesterday, the second attack on media executives in a month.

Lei Iun-han, 46, director and vice-president of Hong Kong Morning News Media Group, and news controller Lam Kin-ming, 54, were set upon in Tsim Sha Tsui East just after 1pm.

Police said the men, wearing caps, surgical masks and gloves attacked the pair as they walked along Science Museum Road before fleeing in a car.

Lei's nose and knees were injured, as was Lam's right elbow. They were treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and discharged.

The attack - four weeks after former Ming Pao chief editor Kevin Lau Chun-to was critically injured in a chopping attack in Sai Wan Ho - brought condemnation from Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok.

"Hong Kong is a lawful society. We will not tolerate any savage act. We must condemn such violence," he said.

Deputy chairman of the Legislative Council security panel James To Kun-sun said there was reason to believe the pair were attacked because of their editorial work - and if so it would be another attack on press freedom.

"Does it mean that some people do not want to see the newspaper join the market?" he asked. "It is unlikely [they were assaulted] because of their own personal matters."

The attack also prompted condemnation from the Hong Kong Morning News Media Group and Hong Kong Journalists Association.

Lei is the sole director of the company, which was formed on November 26, according to the company registry. It is not clear when the paper will be launched or if it will be free.

Police appealed for anyone with information to call 9193 3324.



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The triads probably approached this newspaper people and offered them cash/capital/business support. It's a good way for triads to keep claws into media organisations. When they got rejected, consequences followed.
It makes you think, how many existing media organisations have benefited from triad generosity. And how our existing media is already being manipulated by organised crime syndicates.
1) Violence due to freedom of speech, revenge, media turf war
2) Is this case related to Kevin's case, if yes how are they connected
It's still too early to speculate.
Formerly ******
Did such attacks occur before 1999?
Dai Muff
Yes, but they are getting more common
1967 Lam Bun murdered.
1993 Next Media office at Quarry Bay vandalised. Giordano criminally damaged.
1993 Firebomb hurled at Jimmy Lai’s home.
1996 Leung Tin-wai attacked.
1998 Apple Daily's Cheng Sha Wan office gets a threat by fax and a fake bomb.
1998 Black paint thrown at three Next media print ad. sales offices
1998 Commercial Radio host Albert Cheng chopped
2004 Wong Yuk-man assaulted by six men in Tsim Sha Tsui,
2008 Jimmy Lai’s home set on fire after someone hurled a fire bomb
2008 Attempt to kill Jimmy Lai and Martin Lee
2012 Online news website Inmediahk computers smashed
2012 A car drives into into the plate glass windows of the Sing Tao News Corporation headquarters.
2012 Three men attacked a Sing Tao outlet in Tsim Sha and smashed its windows
2013 iSun Affairs Magazine publisher Chen Ping was beaten up
2013 Ramraiders left a knife and axe on the driveway of Jimmy Lai’s house, after driving into his gate.
2013 Two men burned copies of Apple Daily on a delivery truck. A chopper was found in front of the newspaper’s office at Tseung Kwan O. More copies were burned near City Hall Also, am730 founder Shih Wing-ching attacked
2013 September - DIstributor of Apple attacked
This yearbso far: Kevin Lau and these two new cases.
Formerly ******
Thank you.
Russia: Invades neighbouring territory (Crimea) that used to part of Russia, suppresses freedom of speech including the use of violence to do so, controls much of the economy through State companies.
China: invades neighbouring territory (Tibet) that used to be part of China but was more recently independent, suppresses freedom of speech as above, controls much of the economy,,,,
Spot the difference?
People of Crimea voted to go with Russia, but Kiev won't let go. Who's unreasonable?
Formerly ******
Mr. Koh,
First, Russia and its thugs made sure that only supporters of Russia would vote in the election. They threatened Cossacks and other non-Russian minorities, including marking with red-paint x's the homes of Russians. The residents of those homes w/o a red x were threatened with physical violence and death. So, many, many residence fled.
The vote didn't include an option to remain part of Ukraine. The two choices were become an independent nation or become part of Russia.
Perhaps someone from mainland China, N. Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, etc. might consider such an election an exercise in free-will, but not anyone who understands democracy.
Г-н Кох,
Во-первых, Россия и ее головорезы убедились, что только сторонники России будут голосовать на выборах. Они угрожали казаки и другие нерусские меньшинства, в том числе маркировки с красно-краска иксы домах россиян. Жители тех домов ж / О.А. красных х угрожали физической расправой и смертью. Так, многие, многие резиденция бежали.
Голосование не включают возможность остаться в составе Украины. Два варианта были стать независимым государством или стать частью России.
Возможно, кто-то из материкового Китая, Северной Кореи, Кубы, Венесуэлы, Ирана, Росс
I see. Thankfully no one injured other than the 2 reported yesterday. Hope it will not further escalate. I agree with you they should give 3 options though, to be fair with the third choice asking if people want to stay with Ukraine. The info that people are intimidated needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as I haven't seen any evidence of that. Just a face off between the troops.
I think either way outcome quite assured since there are more Russians there than other ethnicities. Only question is whether whole Ukraine gets to vote, as a more holistic solution, or just crimeans.
Just the crimeans get to vote.




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