Preacher denies molesting two 12-year-old boys

One of the pupils says they had asked questions on private parts and invited him for showers

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 25 March, 2014, 3:47am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 25 March, 2014, 4:01am

A preacher allegedly molested two 12-year-old boys and bathed together with them in school, public shower rooms and his home on many occasions, a court heard yesterday.

Eric Wong Wai-ming, 48, pleaded not guilty in the District Court to nine counts of indecent assault on the pair between June and August last year.

The married father-of-two denied having touched the genitals of the two Form One pupils, identified only as X and Y in court.

According to Y, Wong thought the boys, who had known each other since primary school, were too close and had once told them: "Don't be gay."

The preacher had treated him so well that he was like a godfather to him, Y testified in court.

Wong first met the boys around March last year when he was stationed at their Tuen Mun school, the court heard.

Both came from single-parent families. Y said they were once warned by police for harassing female schoolmates and were referred to Wong for guidance on their conduct and poor studies.

Prosecutor Lily Yew said Wong first molested the boys in his office in June, then in the school's changing room, shower cubicles of public swimming pools and sports centres, his home and X's home. He allegedly assaulted X indecently seven times and Y twice.

In the first incident, he held X's penis in the presence of Y, she said.

The boys had laughed at each other's private parts in a toilet and had then gone to his office to ask about circumcision, Y told the court. Wong initially drew pictures to explain to them, but Y told Wong he could not understand it. Both boys pulled down their pants and asked Wong to show them.

Wong used a pencil to show how circumcision would be done, Y said. He agreed with the defence lawyer that Wong did not touch the penis of either boy.

They first showered together at school after a basketball game, Y told the court. The boys had invited Wong to join them as other cubicles had no water.

The boys asked Wong whether they could avoid circumcision by pulling the foreskin. Y said they tried to do it themselves but failed and asked Wong to help.

Y said that according to Wong, his wife asked him why they had showered together on another occasion and he told her it was for sex education.

X told an uncle about the incidents on August 16 and the family called the police, the court heard.

After the complaint, Wong allegedly told Y: "I had treated [X] so well. I could not imagine it would end up like this." Y was said to have responded: "Never mind. Treat it like a dream."

The case continues today.