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Anson Chan and Martin Lee meet US Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi

Anson Chan and Martin Lee meet top American Democrat as leaders of Congress commission on China warn HK democracy is under threat

PUBLISHED : Friday, 04 April, 2014, 11:18am
UPDATED : Saturday, 05 April, 2014, 5:49am

Two senior pan-democrats yesterday met the Democratic Party leader of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, in Washington, where they are believed to have discussed Hong Kong's political development.

Anson Chan Fang On-sang, the former chief secretary and the convenor of pro-democracy group Hong Kong 2020, and Martin Lee Chu-ming, founding chairman of Hong Kong's Democratic Party, are halfway through a two-week visit to the United States and Canada.

Yesterday's meeting came after the pair attended talks organised by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China to discuss Hong Kong's prospects of democracy and press freedom.

Commission co-chairman Senator Sherrod Brown described the future of freedom and democracy in Hong Kong as being "under serious threat".

"China promised to let the people of Hong Kong freely elect their leaders... China is backtracking on these promises," Brown, a Democrat, said after the hour-long meeting.

"This commission has made it a priority to monitor and report on developments in Hong Kong, and we will continue to do so."

His fellow chairman, Republican representative Christopher Smith, expressed concern about the city's "steady erosion of press freedom", citing the knife attack on former Ming Pao editor-in-chief Kevin Lau Chun-to and the abrupt sacking of former Commercial Radio host Li Wei-ling.

"If given a real choice, people everywhere vote to advance representative governments that protect the rule of law and the fundamental freedom," said Smith.

"The people of mainland China do not have such a choice and attempts to pursue universally recognised rights are often met with brutality and harassment. This cannot be Hong Kong's future."

On another visit to the States back in 2009, Lee had discussed the city's constitutional development with Pelosi, then the Speaker of the House.

At the start of their trip last weekend, Chan and Lee gave a speech on the city's democratic future at an Asia Society event.

They are expected to head to Canada this weekend to deliver speeches on political reform.

Pro-Beijing newspaper Wen Wei Po yesterday ran a one-page article featuring seven Beijing loyalists who condemned the duo for being naïve, inviting external interference and "betraying" Hong Kong with their trip.

Its headline read: "Martin Lee and Anson Chan condemned for betraying Hong Kong."

The article criticised the two for "pretending" to represent Hong Kong, adding that they should not encourage external interference in China's internal politics.

National People's Congress delegate Priscilla Lau Pui-king slammed the US for not respecting other nations' sovereignty.


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Why do we need to discuss Hong Kong democracy in Washington? We do have Beijing and I believe Beijing is open to talks then why we need someone guiding us? this is NOT fair. we should resolve our matter our self. and US should not be meddling here.
Martin and Chan should be aware that "Don't put the sh'it at your own door".
Ermmm. The aim of such a visit is to bring international attention, especially that of the United States, to the Hong Kong universal suffrage issue. International pressure is helpful in pushing the Chinese government to obey international values, such as equality and protection of human rights. However, when it come to the matter of China's sovereignty, international pressure will be regarded by the Chinese government as insultive intervention, as seen in the Tibet and Xinjiang issues. Chan and Lee's visit to the United States not only failed to bring sufficient international pressure, due to the lack of reports from the foreign medias, but also insulted the central people's government in Beijing.
Hong Kong people have to understand that Hong Kong is a city of china not country, so taken Hong Kong matter to USA don,t make sense
Anson Chan and Martin Lee going all the way to the US to pay homage to Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi is really strange. What do these two hope to learn from the US? Using democracy as a too for divide and rule? How to commit genocide against indigenous people? How to become slave owners? How to lie about everything including WMD in Iraq? How to spy on everyone and blame China for spying? How to violate human rights by committing torture like Abu Ghraib? How to two time like Bill Clinton? The US is not a protector of freedom and human rights but on the contrary the US is the biggest violator of freedom and human rights and profits immensely form the arms trade and causing conflicts everywhere. Instead of wasting their time going to the US and sucking up to Nancy Pelosi, Anson Chan and Martin Lee would have been better of doing some charity work in Hong Kong.
I Gandhi
Nancy Pelosi favourite person apart from herself is the God King and Slave Owner the Dalai Lama. In fact if you are an anti-China terrorist, Nancy Pelosi and the US government will support you as well. The US establishment are no believers in democracy and human rights but just evil doers only interested in containing China. For Anson Chan and Martin Lee to meet Nancy Pelosi or the US government is tantamount to high treason and selling out the rights of Hong Kong people. These false democrats are traitors. The rights of 1.2 Billion people override the rights of 7 million people. If it comes to a vote, the majority vote of 1.2 Billion people will reign supreme. Without China there is no Hong Kong. Without Hong Kong, there is still China.
So does Anson Chan want Hong Kong to be "just another city in the USA"! Hong Kong's future is nothing to do with the USA and even less to do with Pelosi, who, if not for her little black book, would be in prison for fraud!
If these two oldies are suppose to be considered heavyweights (or heavyweights has-been), then the pro-democracy camps are really in trouble.............these two are past their prime and should have been out of the limelight ages ago............Don't they know what the word retire means?
The US has a habit of being involved militarily. Is that what these two are canvassing for, maybe like Madame Chiang Kai-shek in the past? Has HK delegated these two to petition to the US on our behalf? If not, and this is a social visit, SCMP should not have reported it and alarmed us. Most people are not interested in what these two do in their retirement.
And how much power does Nancy Pelosi have anyway?
No, thanks. Our problems solved by ourselves.
US will take that seriously if Hongkong has something to allow them to leverage against China, no matter whether Martin Lee or Anson Chan visit USA personally or not. I would say this visit did not make any good sense or in helping Hong Kong to move forward in universal suffrage as China is more prepared to stand still once "international force" is involved.



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