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US to revive annual report to Congress on Hong Kong politics

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 April, 2014, 6:21am
UPDATED : Monday, 14 April, 2014, 4:48pm

The United States looks set to reintroduce annual reports to Congress on political developments in Hong Kong following a plea by the Democratic Party's founding chairman Martin Lee Chu-ming.

Lee broke the news as he and former chief secretary Anson Chan Fang On-sang returned to Hong Kong yesterday after their two-week visit to the US and Canada. US Vice-President Joe Biden was among the senior officials the pair met, with Lee calling for more international concern over Hong Kong's political climate.

The pair were greeted at the airport by about 30 protesters, who called them traitors for inviting foreign governments to meddle in the city's affairs.

Speaking at Chek Lap Kok, Lee, who was snubbed by the protesters as he tried to hand them flowers, said the US had decided to resume the US-Hong Kong Policy Act. The law, passed in 1992, required the US secretary of state to report to Congress on Hong Kong's developments, including its autonomy, until 2007.

"They now think the situation in Hong Kong is not very good, and it seems democracy in Hong Kong has been delayed," Lee said. "So they said they will follow it up and resume submitting a report to Congress every year."

He added: "[Beijing] wants to give us fake democracy by limiting the right to nominate the chief executive. We feel we need to tell the international community about what is happening. We did not demand [that the US and Canada] exert pressure on China. We just wanted to tell them what is happening in Hong Kong."

If Hong Kong was not permitted to achieve proper democracy, then it would damage Beijing's standing, he said.

Soon after the meeting with Biden, China's foreign ministry told the US to stop "any form of interference" in Hong Kong's internal affairs.

Chan, who is also convenor of the group Hong Kong 2020, said the reaction from Beijing demonstrated the changing climate in Hong Kong. She said that she made regular trips overseas when chief secretary and had never before been accused of colluding with foreign powers.

"Why was I not criticised back then, but I am now?" she said.


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No show to demonstrate against NSA when Snowden was in town whereas travelled many thousand miles to kowtow to a foreign government.
The question should be: how much more funding these so called activists will receive after the trip?
Someone should have thrown a shoe at them in the airport.
US congress report? Who cares?
Did Martin and "Suddenly democratic" Anson raise the MORE important issue of NSA spying on HK? Unlikely since their tongues are so far up American a**, they can definitely taste the peanuts.....
Hypocrites. Dared they or were they willing to ask for universal suffrage during the colonial era.
Usual US arrogance. It is about time they tried democracy themselves. Everybody knows 'democracy promotion" = promotion of US interests. Just like in Saudi Arabia.
Anson Chan was a British civil servant so you might expect her allegiance lies with the "West"-- so long as she doesn't need a hair do.
The idea of democracy is fine but the idea that Britain even promoted democracy in HK is absurd nostalgia-- proof that British brainwashing is effective.
200% agree with ngsw. Chan and Lee are Hong Kong traitors, now they want to create another Taiwan?
What's more, Britain and other western civilizations have broken up countries and families all over the world during the colonial eras. In particular, Britain has drugged the Chinese with opium. When the Chinese refused the import of opium, the British called foul and took over Hong Kong by force for 155 years (1842-1997); now that's the fact.
The truth is democracy is no better than communism or other political systems of this world, they are all utopias, imaginary and merely designed and created to put mass population in order and under control by a selected few (i.e. politicians). Just to state another fact in history, there were just as much corruptions and injustices in Hong Kong under the British colonial control, if not more.
Hope the younger generations in Hong Kong really learn about their own country's history and some hidden truth behind politics before going to the street asking for democracy.
中港漢奸 賣中港求榮
A bit grandiose about US and his own importance, to be honest.
In reply to Mrs Chan, she had travelled before as chief secretary, as part of her position. We have no problem with that. But visiting overseas countries now to lobby for HK is not her job, and neither the HK Govt nor the HK people had asked her to speak on their behalf. I am surprised that such a previously intelligent person cannot see this difference. In short, Lee and Chan, please stop lobbying on behalf of HK. You are probably serving your own agenda and the HK people does not want your meddling. If you must go, next time ASK us first before taking matters in your own hands.
Are these two old hags even news-worthy these days?...........they are just trying to get every bit of limelight they can get before they are about to go into the old-age homes.
Because the erosion of America's democracy and the ownership of politicians by the .5% of the richest there doesn't warrant an annual report?
Unfortunately the only people that would write such a report are most likely thug regimes like China's CCP and Putin's Russian clown carnival...



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