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Ignore our wishes for 2017 and we'll occupy, students warn government

Young leaders will consider non-violent action if government rejects reform plan to allow nominees who have support of 35,000 voters

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 16 April, 2014, 5:45am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 16 April, 2014, 5:45am

Student leaders warned yesterday that they would not rule out engaging in non-violent civil disobedience if the government rejects their proposal to allow the public to nominate candidates for the chief executive election.

Student-led activist group Scholarism and the Federation of Students issued the warning as they tabled a joint reform proposal for the 2017 election.

Both groups called for anyone who secures the written support of 1 per cent of Hong Kong voters - some 35,000 people - to be allowed to enter the race. The Alliance for True Democracy has proposed the same threshold.

Beijing officials told pan-democrat lawmakers on Sunday that there was no chance public nomination would be accepted by the central government.

Scholarism's convenor Joshua Wong Chi-fung said he hoped the proposal would be backed in the citywide "referendum" to be organised by Occupy Central on June 22.

"If the government rejects such a proposal, which could be endorsed by 100,000 residents, that would be [tantamount] to trampling on public opinion and insulting the public," Wong said. "[If that happens] Scholarism and the Federation of Students will consider all kinds of nonviolent action."

The student groups also suggested a model for the nominating committee. It would consist of 35 directly elected lawmakers, and any hopeful would also be allowed to run if they could win the support of at least 8 per cent, or three out of the 35.

If no candidate wins 50 per cent or more support in the election, the top two candidates would enter a second-round run-off.

The federation's secretary general Alex Chow Yong-kang said the proposal "will not just manifest the spirit of social equality, but also let Hongkongers regain control of their right to nominate, to elect and to be elected".

Chow dismissed a proposal from academics that the public only be allowed to make non-binding recommendations of candidates to the nominating committee, saying it would "empower the privileged class in the nominating committee to veto the recommendations".

The federation also rejected former chief secretary Anson Chan Fang On-sang's proposal for the public to elect 317 members of a 1,400-strong nominating committee.

Meanwhile, two Beijing-loyalist bodies tabled their own reform proposals. The Chinese Manufacturers' Association, one of the city's four major chambers, said the nominating committee should have between 1,200 and 1,600 members.

The 160,000-member Kowloon Federation of Associations proposed a 1,200-member committee that would put forward, at most, four candidates.


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Perhaps the rest of the population should think about "occupying" the university campus and sleep in the lecture halls just to give them abit of the same taste?
Warning others to be submissive to them or face some consequences. That sounds like a triad tone.
These university Students think they know all and think that everyone are idiots. They have no idea of what they are talking about. Just makes Hong Kong look childish. These will be students who have not secured summer jobs because no one would be stupid enough to hire them. They feel useless (like they are) and think they can improve their self confidence by blindly making stupid threats and sitting on a street doing nothing for their summer. I don't even think they are even bright enough to sit on a road. A peanut could do a better job.
These students are likely to be ruffians of the future. OK They may engage in civil disobedience to seek attention and establish a dialogue with the government but this sounds more like a threat and intimidation' Heed us or else.....'
Sleep in lecture hall ?ha who cares?
These "kids" are not even using their brains (if they have any) and are simply following suit - like in the recent Taiwan situation...........Idiots - as these kids are, have never worked in the real world, earned a real living or even know what political issues are, and they are threatening the government that they will occupy?...........What a bunch of hogwash!.............they only places these kids should be going is to crawl back home to their parents and hide in their rooms until they really grow up and know what the real world is made of........Until then, hope this bunch of idiots and political wannabes just simply shut home and go home to their parents.
First they come up with a word "scholarism" which showed they level of intelligence. Then they displayed gang-like behaviors no different from the students who wanted to advance themselves during the Cultural Revolution that set the country back decades. I look at these kids and sigh why bother if our future generation is made up of these irrational radicals. They think they know more than we do, simply shows that they are not thinking.
The tyranny of ignorant double-digital-IQ kids who never held a job, never lived outside of HK and whose behavior resembles that of pests; to you I say please commit suicide and burn in hell forever, you won;t be missed.....
Plenty of sleeping in the lecture halls already...
The floor would be too dirty because these kids cannot even clean up after themselves. Can't do anything without their mommies.



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