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China propaganda organs slam Anson Chan, Martin Lee over America trip

Propaganda mouthpieces say pair's recent trip to North America 'invites foreign intervention' and reflects 'fetish for Western authority'

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 20 April, 2014, 5:27am
UPDATED : Sunday, 20 April, 2014, 3:46pm

Beijing's propaganda mouthpieces are taking turns to lambast two of the elder statesmen of Hong Kong's democracy movement, saying their visit to North America was "inviting foreign intervention" and reflected a "fetish for Western authority".

Global Times and the overseas edition of People's Daily yesterday ran caustic editorials condemning Anson Chan Fang On-sang and Martin Lee Chu-ming for their two-week visit to Canada and the United States, where they met Vice-President Joe Biden.

Accusing Chan, a former chief secretary, and Lee, the founding chairman of the Democratic Party, of making themselves the political "opposition" for "all of China", the opinion piece in the Global Times' Chinese-language edition largely repeated rhetoric used a day earlier by Xinhua.

Western powers have long lost their influence in shaping Hong Kong's politics
Global Times opinion article

"Inviting foreign intervention has become a political choice, as historically foreign power has outweighed that of the Chinese," the newspaper said. "It is normal for some in Hong Kong, which was a colony for more than a century, to have a fetish for Western authority."

Responding to Lee's statement that the US Congress was likely to resume its annual reports on the city's political development, the paper said it was unrealistic to believe the West could influence Hong Kong's political development.

"Western powers have long lost their influence in shaping Hong Kong's politics," it added. "The vigorous reaction of Chan and Lee's supporters to the pair's meeting with Biden shows they are … unrealistic."

In a front-page opinion article, People's Daily overseas edition accused the pair of "staging a farce" which would "lead the city's democratisation astray".

A Xinhua editorial on Friday compared Chan and Lee's response to senior Western politicians to that of "foreign slaves and traitors".

Lee had no comment last night.

The pair's trip came amid the ongoing debate between pan-democrats and Beijing over the 2017 election, when Hongkongers are due to elect their chief executive for the first time. Democracy supporters believe Beijing will use a nomination system to screen out candidates critical of the central government, and want the public to be allowed to nominate candidates.

Lawyer Johnny Mok Shiu-luen, a member of the Basic Law Committee, yesterday dismissed the idea of public nomination as unconstitutional. He argued the idea of using a nominating committee to select candidates was put in place to "foster the city's capitalist development".

Mok told RTHK the Basic Law gave the committee the power "to endorse or not endorse a candidate" and that no law passed by the Legislative Council could override the mini-constitution.

The committee is expected to be based on the 1,200-strong election committee that decided the 2012 chief executive election, and comprise representatives of four sectors: business, professionals, politicians, and a fourth group including religious and labour leaders.

"The one thing Hongkongers feared most ahead of the handover in 1997 was that Hong Kong would dump the capitalist system," Mok said. "The purpose of the nominating committee is to uphold Hong Kong's prosperity, stability, and development of the capitalist economy."


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Martin Lee and Anson Chan are quite a pair. One a useless lawyer that knows nothing about decency or democracy and have never done one good thing is his miserable life, the other a useless ex-chief secretary who's only claim to fame is her misguided loyalty to the colonial British. Both have no common values with Hongkongers and have no right to sell out Hongkongers to the US which by the way is the biggest abuser of human rights in the world. The Hong Kong people should have these people tar and feathered.
Typical mainland thinking, if it's not along the Communist Party lines, then it is considered an act against the party and therefore, an act against the Chinese People.
Both outdated and dangerous from a logical and rational point of view.
China is the USA of Asia, full of flag waving, Jingoistic rednecks who are brainwashed to see the Communist Party as the "face" of the "Han Chinese".
The fact is, Anson and Martin has done nothing nothing to indicate "treason" nothing to indicate they have done wrong and as the basic law has been written, they have been given no responsibility or powers to represent Hong Kong in any foreign policies, so the Beijing has nothing to worry about, but from what being said in the parties newpapers, they seem pretty scared.
These Party Newspapers are like a "dog" who barks at everything, it might be thinking it is helping it's "master", but if it becomes too annoying, it will turn it's neighbours against it's "master" cause more trouble then it should. lets hope the "master" will put the dog down.
OldPeak Toad
Hey Commie Times Chimes, if "Western powers have long lost their influence in shaping Hong Kong's politics" - what's your panic???
The propaganda mouthpieces are deceiving only themselves. They are simply out of touch with the people of Hong Kong. It's not Western authority we Hongkongers crave, just the simple concept -- as exemplified in other Asian nations -- of choosing our own chief executive. If they think the meeting with US Vice-President Joseph Biden shows a lack of a grasp on reality, I submit that they (and Anson Chan in particular) understand the threat of losing the freedoms we now have all too well.
Anson Chan is a true heroine, always standing up for common sense. Clearly she is so effective that Beijing wants to blacken her name. It's only when we speak up for freedom of thought, expression and justice that we demonstrate how terrified the mainland is on losing it's grip on power.
US "democracy" is actually a non-starter where actually only around 40% of the electorate actually votes despite the universal suffrage the US president is actually elected by an electoral college of some 3 or 4 thousands! Isn't that the same as the election for the CE in HK now which is like an electoral college? If that is good for the US why complain when the same happens in HK? Also US democracy is subverted by vested interests, lobbies and the military industrial complex where you have a strange situation of the US being willing to spend trillions of the War on Muslims but very little on peace like for example paying the US dues to the IMF. For Anson Chan and Martin Lee to pay homage to the US where democracy is hijacked is indeed laughable. Anson Chan and Martin Lee goes to the US to learn the worst form of government where 1% owns 80% of the wealth and minorities finds that even casting a vote is sometimes impossible.
Rambo, just a 'stab in the dark' here, but I'm guessing you are actually a mainlander, perhaps actually in the service of the mainland govt. assigned to post messages here in line with CPC positions. How else you be capable of producing such nonsense?
Certain elements of your message are clear giveaways:
(1) name calling: a standard childhood playground activity actively championed by propagandists for China
(2) arguments completely devoid of any factual basis
(3) stereotypically party-line positions
(4) complete lack of balance - no effort whatsoever to see the other side of the argument
(5) attacking people and personalities rather than arguing the issues
(6) demonizing an enemy
(7) black and white thinking
(8) attempting to divide those you perceive to be of an opposing camp.
It is my sincere hope that as you come to realise how intellectually impoverished your 'statements' are, that you will gradually become more conscious of the values that underly peaceful open societies where people are able to live fulfilling lives.
Daniel Lee
Us democracy is at the dead end with the expose by Edward Snowden showing the depths the US government goes to illegally spy of the public as well as leaders like Merkel. Just a few months back when Edward Snowden was in HK, the amount of obscene threats by the US was deafening. The US is now an empire of fear and violence not freedom. What in the world does Anson Chan and Martin Lee hope to get from the US except to make fools of themselves and just prove in the eyes of the US that Hong Kong people cannot rule themselves despite the guarantees under the Basic Law by asking for US interference in HK. This is contrary to Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong. Do they want to sell out HK to the US and make the Hong Kong people into slaves of the US? Anson Chan and Martin Lee are really shameless.
I'm sure a commenter with the name "Rambo" really knows what they are talking about.
Dear Rambo,
Go back to watching your fictitious action film and leave the commenting to those of us in the real world who know what we're talking about.
Anson Chan and Martin Lee, keep up the good work. You both know what Hong Kong people treasure.
I respect your opinion, Hong Kong people have a choice to agree or not agree with them.
But they are not "traitors", they are not even close to the word.
The more they throw that word around, the more it lose its real value and becomes a meaningless and mocking accusation to persecute innocent people.



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