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China propaganda organs slam Anson Chan, Martin Lee over America trip

Propaganda mouthpieces say pair's recent trip to North America 'invites foreign intervention' and reflects 'fetish for Western authority'

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 20 April, 2014, 5:27am
UPDATED : Sunday, 20 April, 2014, 3:46pm

Beijing's propaganda mouthpieces are taking turns to lambast two of the elder statesmen of Hong Kong's democracy movement, saying their visit to North America was "inviting foreign intervention" and reflected a "fetish for Western authority".

Global Times and the overseas edition of People's Daily yesterday ran caustic editorials condemning Anson Chan Fang On-sang and Martin Lee Chu-ming for their two-week visit to Canada and the United States, where they met Vice-President Joe Biden.

Accusing Chan, a former chief secretary, and Lee, the founding chairman of the Democratic Party, of making themselves the political "opposition" for "all of China", the opinion piece in the Global Times' Chinese-language edition largely repeated rhetoric used a day earlier by Xinhua.

Western powers have long lost their influence in shaping Hong Kong's politics
Global Times opinion article

"Inviting foreign intervention has become a political choice, as historically foreign power has outweighed that of the Chinese," the newspaper said. "It is normal for some in Hong Kong, which was a colony for more than a century, to have a fetish for Western authority."

Responding to Lee's statement that the US Congress was likely to resume its annual reports on the city's political development, the paper said it was unrealistic to believe the West could influence Hong Kong's political development.

"Western powers have long lost their influence in shaping Hong Kong's politics," it added. "The vigorous reaction of Chan and Lee's supporters to the pair's meeting with Biden shows they are … unrealistic."

In a front-page opinion article, People's Daily overseas edition accused the pair of "staging a farce" which would "lead the city's democratisation astray".

A Xinhua editorial on Friday compared Chan and Lee's response to senior Western politicians to that of "foreign slaves and traitors".

Lee had no comment last night.

The pair's trip came amid the ongoing debate between pan-democrats and Beijing over the 2017 election, when Hongkongers are due to elect their chief executive for the first time. Democracy supporters believe Beijing will use a nomination system to screen out candidates critical of the central government, and want the public to be allowed to nominate candidates.

Lawyer Johnny Mok Shiu-luen, a member of the Basic Law Committee, yesterday dismissed the idea of public nomination as unconstitutional. He argued the idea of using a nominating committee to select candidates was put in place to "foster the city's capitalist development".

Mok told RTHK the Basic Law gave the committee the power "to endorse or not endorse a candidate" and that no law passed by the Legislative Council could override the mini-constitution.

The committee is expected to be based on the 1,200-strong election committee that decided the 2012 chief executive election, and comprise representatives of four sectors: business, professionals, politicians, and a fourth group including religious and labour leaders.

"The one thing Hongkongers feared most ahead of the handover in 1997 was that Hong Kong would dump the capitalist system," Mok said. "The purpose of the nominating committee is to uphold Hong Kong's prosperity, stability, and development of the capitalist economy."


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Why have those two deluded old fools gone to the USA to learn about Democracy? The recent PRINCETON University Study has outed the United States(of War & Terror)as effectively an OLIGARCHY where legislation favours the elites 3/4 of the time, while the wishes of ordinary voters(polling chit markers palmed off with false choices)are shunted aside. Congress as we speak has removed all election donation limits to add to the undue influence already exercised by vested interests' lobbying dollars. Western Main Stream Media,(MSM,aka free press tarts)have been reduced to being propaganda mouthpieces for the Elite Masters. The Patriot Act(2002) has removed effectively the right to habeas corpus(against wrongful arrest). The NSA total surveillance powers,drone murders, renditions... just the tip of the iceburg of a Rogue Democracy.
Not what would be good for HK. Lee,Chan & Co should have the integrity/ confidence to look to their Confucian heritage for solutions as Singapore had done. The grass is not always greener. To be informed/able to make meaningful comparisons, do start with international websites like RT NEWS, GLOBAL RESEARCH.CA. which provide truths/perspectives ignored by biased MSM.
How About
Certainly nothing Joseph MaCarthy wouldn't have done 60 years ago! And he was so successful with what he did the Congress, Senate and the White House became puppets ever since!
Anyone who knows how China's propaganda department works will see how the Global Times and People's Daily (two papers that have nice titles but are deeply pro CCP) are trying to mind-twist the public into believing that it is in Hong Kong's interest to go along with Beijing's diabolical plan to subvert any vestige of Hong Kong's democracy into authoritarianism with Chinese characteristics. The propaganda department must have a few native English speakers who have sold their soul to the CCP in return for loads of money, nice cars, and eye catching partners. If there is anything I hate is how the CCP lies so cleverly to deceive the average citizen, even those who normally would favor freedom over wealth.
Two things that produce most comments ; USA's democracy vs China's communism. We hate the CCP, and want democracy but at the same time don't want America to be the world's big boss. Hongkongers can't decide what's our identity.
The CCP troll density seems to be quite high again this weekends. Only 'wumaos' here mostly.
You think you really can suppress opposite voices by trolling others as 50-cents? So many people make a living by gaining 50 cents each post here? Ha, Ha, after this post, I have 50 cents more! But a cup of coffee costs $13, which means 26 posts. I guess I have to work harder.
I think you are right - I had this feeling very strongly. I had to do a little research to figure out what 'wumaos' are. .5/post ha!!! What a way to make a living! And they're suggesting I'm an out of work ESF teacher ;-)
These two old "has-beens" going to voice their opinions in the US does nothing meaningful for politics in HK because it is none of the American's business what goes on here. These two just cannot stand to stay out of the lime-light so they are trying to grab every bit of attention they can get before they head for the old-age home.................They simply just do not understand the term retirement and "S-up".........especially Anson Chan.
It's properly fair to say that the UN has failed its purpose in over 70 years to establish a new world order and no closer are we to any established international codes, other than what the USA says. It's also refreshing to hear that at least China is now speaking up against this hegemon. The USA's imperialist capitalist inverted totalianism isn't what the world needs, and we don't need anyone like Lee and Chan sucking up to this nihilistic empire called usa.
Daniel Lee
Us democracy is at the dead end with the expose by Edward Snowden showing the depths the US government goes to illegally spy of the public as well as leaders like Merkel. Just a few months back when Edward Snowden was in HK, the amount of obscene threats by the US was deafening. The US is now an empire of fear and violence not freedom. What in the world does Anson Chan and Martin Lee hope to get from the US except to make fools of themselves and just prove in the eyes of the US that Hong Kong people cannot rule themselves despite the guarantees under the Basic Law by asking for US interference in HK. This is contrary to Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong. Do they want to sell out HK to the US and make the Hong Kong people into slaves of the US? Anson Chan and Martin Lee are really shameless.




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