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Tiananmen Square crackdown
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Tiananmen Square activist refused entry to Hong Kong to attend June 4 museum opening

One activist was denied entry a fourth time as he tried to visit the June 4 museum

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 20 April, 2014, 5:46pm
UPDATED : Monday, 21 April, 2014, 5:33pm

Hong Kong's Immigration Department has been accused of operating a blacklist of mainland dissidents after a US-based activist was barred from entering the city for the fourth time.

Dr Yang Jianli had planned to attend the opening of the world's first permanent museum dedicated to the June 4, 1989 crackdown on student protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

But after arriving at Chek Lap Kok airport from Taiwan on Saturday night, Yang said he went through three hours of interrogation by immigration officials before being placed on a flight back.

Watch: World's first June 4 museum to open in Hong Kong

"It proves that there is a blacklist in Hong Kong which tries to block" dissidents, Yang said of his case. "The list is not decided by Hong Kong's government but Beijing, which attempts to intervene in the city's internal affairs."

The Immigration Department said it would not comment on individual cases.

Yang was studying for a doctorate in the United States when the 1989 democracy protests began, but flew home to join the movement. He returned to the United States after the bloody crackdown to complete his education and campaign for democracy in his homeland.

Beijing refused to renew Yang's passport two years later, and jailed him for five years when he entered China illegally in 2002.

He was refused entry to Hong Kong in August 2008 and ahead of the June 4 commemoration in 2009, then again in 2011, when he wanted to join a conference on the 1911 revolution.

Yang said the June 4 museum, which had a trial opening yesterday, was important both to Hong Kong and the human rights movement on the mainland, as it was the only place on Chinese soil dedicated to illustrating the truth about the crackdown.

Lee Cheuk-yan, of museum organiser the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, condemned the refusal to allow Yang in.

Yang "was part of the generation of the 1989 democracy movement and he witnessed the June 4 massacre", Lee said. The veteran activist "wants to … come and see the museum".


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"Throwing stones at glass houses", this is what I equate those pro-mainland protesters as doing.
Calling people traitors because they disagree? Get real.
What's even more sickening as that their rallying cry was to bring up the Nanjing Massacre whilst trying to prevent this account from being shown. Beijing likes to accuse others especially Japan of whitewashing history, but all these cries of "traitor" is exactly what they're doing. And they think, because it's Zhongguo and that they are "Zhongguoren" that it's perfectly okay for them to do it.
Hypocrisy is ugly, and this only shows how hurt the mindlessly rabid pro-mainland lobby really is by the truth. These "people" claim to love their country (aiguo) but this is so far from the truth. If you love your country, you'll be able to praise and criticize it at the same time.
Wow, how did this thread become a love-in for Mao worshippers? Those instincts are hard to resist, I suppose, for those who have them.
The discussions about what actually happened in and around TAM on and before June 4 are much more relevant. And the ultimate apportioning of blame will depend on your point of view, whether you fault the students for starting the sit-in, or the government for the manner in which it ended it. In all likelihood, there is some degree of culpability on both sides.
However, whether you think the CCP was justified in how it acted at the time or not, I would wonder how one justifies its continued denial of history wrt those events. As an anecdote, I would suspect that those with nothing to hide would have few qualms about coming clean.
Anyway, the incident described in the OP shows clearly that it is one country, and somewhere between one and two systems. Those who spend their days living life by the letter of Basic Law might wonder how that could be.
How About:
" is China helping or killing its 1.3 Billion people?"

I know for sure that 30-50 million killed under Mao is an outright lie perpetrated by Western media.

Even with Mao's economic mismanagement, China's grain production per capita during 1958-1961 exceeded India’s. How many Indians died from famine?

Professor Sun Jing Xian had spent over 3 years on this problem. He came up with many census errors in hukou registrations during “massive” migrations from rural areas to the cities.

At least 30 million were involved during this migration. Out of which 11.62 M new registrants in cities were not offset by the same from their origin.

Fact checks showed 7.5 M deaths in rural areas in between 1953 and 1957 were counted short in old census reports. A detailed study of Shandong death reports alone showed it missed 1.52 M deaths.

In 1964 census, a 19.12 M (=11.62+7.5) correction was restated in the 1960 census.
Because of the severe decline in China’s GDP in 1960, 30 M were repatriated back to the villages. 14.82 M had their hukou canceled from the cities while the corresponding figure was not added to the rural registry.


Other scholars who studied the deaths from malnutrition during GLF placed the upper bound at 2.5 M, which unfortunately won’t satisfy the demonized instincts of SCMP readers.

An anecdote. My relatives experienced hardships. But none died from famine.
Common cop-out excuse by the pro-mainland lobby. It's ALWAYS someone elses' fault.
Never your own. I am expecting you to next say that "foreigners forced China to kill all those people." Pathetic.
Even if the numbers are incorrect, your attempting to justify all these deaths does make me VERY ashamed to be Chinese. I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way.
Those people didn't have to die, even with smaller figures, China still killed as many Chinese if not more than we lost in the war!
"I know for sure..." Well that settles it then.
"none (of my relatives) died..." - Strange isn't it? The only people you hear talking about the famine are the ones who survived.
I have tons of documentation. Having listened to people like you for decades, I am ABSOLUTELY sure -- in terms of setting upper and lower mathematical bounds for statistical outliers -- that you're either brainwashed zombies or liars.
Having worked and been trained in science and technology, strategic planning, business development, finance and decision making careers, I realize the most important quality in these professions is a special awareness: The easiest person to fool is yourself. I apply this statement to myself as well as to everyone equally.
The absurdity of your statement about the famine and survivor is a non sequitur. This will earn you an F in a freshman essay. Chew on it and learn something! Have you ever attended college?
I claim my personal eyewitness as an ANECDOTE, not PROOF as facts in media and other readers hearsay, i.e., 50 million lies of Chinese died in a famine.
John Adams:
You said, "But the fact is that they (student leaders) were totally idealistic and naive."
I commend you for your reasonable opinion, but this statement is not accurate.
Many of these students leveraged China's "repression" to gain entrance to the US. American media and politicians quickly took advantage of this new stock of propaganda assets. Their lies were much needed by Western media to perpetuate the Tiananmen myth, even if they were testimonials from phony eyewitnesses. For "thirty pieces of silver" -- fellowships, visiting "scholar" titles and stipends galore -- offered by brand name US universities, they peddled dubious stories of tyranny in China to their foreign benefactors. Most of them were dropped by media after their tall tales became shopworn and repetitive. None to my knowledge acquired an advanced degree in a "useful" discipline -- science, medicine, engineering, etc. One got a Ph.D. in a wishy washy discipline political "science" and has been milking for all its worth since in Taiwan.
They deserted their comrade in arms against Beijing for a good life in America, where they failed to capitalize on academic opportunities offered by their gullible hosts. Should we be surprised they don't know the meaning of 義 in Chinese?
Could they be considered idealistic? May be you should give this matter a second thought.
However, a Taiwan physics professor in the US told me his grad students and postdocs from China are the best and brightest.
John Adams
@ Whywak : Again I fully agree !
When I said "idealistic" I was being generous.... and giving the ( then famous) student leaders the benefit of the doubt.
How About
Touche Whymak!
It's poignant to question how many students did die elsewhere in Beijing and whether the witnesses' accounts of these crackdown were factually accurate, and not produced to stoke and fuel further unrest. Many of the dissidents who left China became mouth pieces of the West specifically for criticism of the CCP and its crackdown of the student uprising.
It's also worthwhile to question even if it's only rhetorically, what would have become of China had the student uprising succeeded would China have become another banana republic and continued to be pillaged by the Western industrialists and capitalists? Were the students ready, and would they have right tools to help the 1 Billion Chinese in 1989?
China is shaping its destiny on its own, one needs to contrast this with what Russia had become in the 30 years since Glasnost & Perestroika. Above all the all important central question, is China helping or killing its 1.3 Billion people? Then everything else would be secondary!
Hundreds were killed in Beijing on June 4, 1989, including a few PLA soldiers, with one burned to a crisp. Adjusted for population size, US National Guards and police in race riots 2 decades earlier killed just as many.
Absolutely, positively not a single student was killed in Tiananmen Square. Every student left the Square before the tanks moved in. Both Canadian and US Embassies have always known this for a fact. The students died in Chang An Da Jie were curious spectators, collateral casualties caught behind the barricades set up by rioters.
No one should deny this is a dark chapter in modern China's history. People's livelihoods were improving ever so slowly after the lawless Cultural Revolution destroyed much social fabric and many institutions. There were corruptions at many levels -- as there are during Hu-Wen regime. It was easy for the aggrieved to point finger and scapegoat the government.
China bashers will keep up their lies because student martyrs fetch the highest propaganda value; and for the media, revenues from myths flow directly to the bottom line -- no fact checks and editorial costs.
Take away these lies from hate-China folks, you take away their only meaning for life.
I don't tell Christians Jesus ascension from the dead on Easter is c*ck-and-bull because they need faith for moral support. But when an individual's indulgence in faith is all malicious slander, it becomes every citizen's duty to put an end to it.




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