Hands off our bun symbol, say Cheung Chau festival organisers

Organisers of Cheung Chau bun scramble say peace stamp should be used promote island

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 24 April, 2014, 3:26am
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 April, 2014, 3:26am


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Organisers of the annual Cheung Chau bun scramble say they were right not to trademark the peace stamp that adorns the buns when it was chosen a decade ago.

The stance by the Hong Kong Cheung Chau Bun Festival Committee came despite an application from a private company to register the symbol.

"We didn't register it because we wanted it to be used by many people to boost tourism on the island," committee vice-chairman Ho Lai-on said. "Over the years we've seen Cheung Chau thrive because of that."

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department, which oversees the scramble, and the committee plan to object to the application that was lodged in November by Kwai Chung company A Gimmick Limited.

The department's chief leisure manager for New Territories West, Dilys Cheung Yuk-king, said it would also look for ways to protect the trademark in future. Twelve finalists have been selected for this year's scramble on May 6 - the 10th since the bun festival tradition was revived in 2005 after being suspended for years for safety reasons. Contestants will climb an 18-metre tower to snatch buns, which are worth more points the higher they are. To mark the anniversary, an extra category of 12-point buns has been added to the existing three categories of nine, three and one, although the total number of 9,000 buns will not be changed.

"Participants will snap up the 500 12-point buns quickly. This will make the difference in their scores bigger and the competition more exciting," Ho said.

Ho said the afternoon Piu Sik parade - continuing its tradition of political and social satire - would feature a float with the topic "Let's not talk", mocking the government's slogan of "Let's talk and achieve universal suffrage". Another would feature "The Scrooge from the Star", a take-off of popular Korean drama My Love from the Star.