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Hong Kong protesters who mocked urinating mainland toddler branded ‘skinheads’ by state media

Global Times editorial slams protesters and urges ‘bravely pay them back’

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 April, 2014, 4:12pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 May, 2014, 8:59am

Hongkongers who protested against a mainland family whose toddler urinated in a Mong Kok street were yesterday compared to "neo-Nazis" and "skinheads" in a scathing editorial carried by China's state-run Global Times.

The article came in response to a protest on Sunday, where some 30 Hongkongers mocked mainlaind tourists by squatting down and mimicking toddlers defecating, using fake faeces, at the Harbour City shopping centre in TST.

The piece is the latest in a spat that has drawn both widespread condemnation and support for the family both in Hong Kong and on the mainland, after pictures taken by passersby went viral of a toddler urinating by a roadside, leading to ugly scenes in the street.

Some netizens in the city believe the boy was actually defecating, claiming photos and videos showing the evidence.

"Humiliating mainlanders must be the only aim these protestors were trying to achieve. But it turns out that who they embarrassed and humiliated was nobody but themselves and all of Hong Kong society. Hong Kong's image was badly tarnished by them," read the editorial, posted on the paper's English language website.

"This handful of radicals in Hong Kong remind us of the rampant skinheads and neo-Nazis in Europe. Xenophobia is the cult of these groups. Their opinions have an effect on public opinion, but their actions will usually make trouble for mainstream society."

"These Hong Kong 'skinheads' shamed Hong Kong civilization, which has to take a much longer time and more efforts to eliminate the ill effects."

The article called on mainlanders to be open-minded and distinguish between Hong Kong mainstream society from "those contemptible wretches" who protested at Harbour City.

"All of Hong Kong shouldn't be blamed for these incidents, but they can serve as a gate for mainlanders to have a better understanding of Hong Kong society."

Originating in working class London in the 1960s, skinheads are known for their close-cropped or shaved heads and violence against ethnic minorities. The movement spread across the world.

The article said that while protesters had wanted to humiliate mainlanders, they had ended up humiliating themselves and Hong Kong society instead, letting people see “a low-quality, dirty and messy tip” of society.

Such “rogue and anti-civilisation behaviour” would affect mainlanders’ interest in visiting Hong Kong, the Global Times continued.

The article described Hong Kong as "still a young member in this big Chinese family" and said it was "unavoidable that some troublemakers will keep posing challenges to society".

"Patriotism demands this massive country should have a certain tolerance for frictions within different groups," it read.

"We need to fight back and overwhelm any forces that try to harm the integrity of the nation."


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I think what is the most amazing thing about this whole situation is that the offenders who were urinating/defecating don't seem to think that what they did was wrong or regarded as poor behaviour.
Just looking at this incident, the child was crying not because someone was filming the kid (doubt he knows); but because the child's parents started screaming and turning voilent.
Time and time again we have read about unacceptable behaviour of mainlanders not only in Hong Kong, but in other countries as well, and these behaviours were sometimes bordering on unjusified voilence. There are reasons why so many flight attendants are now being trained in self defence, because when things go wrong, the only reaction that mainlanders knows best is anger and voilence.
And in all honesty, I'd still much rather be a skinhead or neo-nazi than a dog.
Actually Hongkongers that dislike the Mainlanders comes from a segment of people that are lost and confused and have been left behind. Some can be called losers as they find their way up the economic ladder being blocked by lack of education, opportunities and low command of English necessary in an international city like HK. Coupled with the high cost of living in HK, these people are in a pressure cooker environment especially with the jealousy stemming from the rich mainlanders splashing on expensive designer goods and even milk powder. Others are recent migrants or children of recent migrants to HK from China. When they left China some 20 or 30years ago, China compared to HK was really backward and poor. But turn the clock forward to today and these migrants compared to their friends and family that stayed behind find that they are very much worst off comparatively. The tables have turned. Those left behinds have had little progress in HK because of not having the necessary business or job skills. Rubbing salt into their psychological wounds is seeing that the lesser people that stayed behind are now doing much better than those who migrated to HK. So these people are enraged with their bad luck and takes it out on the mainlanders. China should address this problem by building a few more international cities like HK where mainlanders can visit tax free and you can get everything you want without being subjected to abuse or discrimination. Bye bye HK!
Dai Muff
They must be slipping. The usually call them "Red Guards". In most sane countries, when people's countrymen behave badly as tourists, the citizens have the decency to feel shame. For some of us in China, it becomes a matter of national pride. Hopeless.
That is the beauty of freedom of speech and expression. In HK the worst is resorted in name callings or face defamation charges as a misdemeanor, but in China, they will be locked up or gunned down by firing squad.
Hey, call us whatever you like because the truth hurts, and I guess these demonstrators have outdone themselves and hit the pressure point. I always love a good drama, it delivers a message to people who can't comprehend words.
I am a westerner living in Hong Kong and have to confess that on more than one occasion, in moments of emergencies, my toddler daughters resorted to drains on discrete corners of HK streets. It happens - not often and only when a loo couldn't be found- and I can't remember any protests or objections. And daily, our dogs wee on lamp posts, with no protests. Why the fuss when a mainland child does the same? We don't see this every day and the child was no doubt desperate. It is time HK people become more tolerant of mainlanders and the challenges of being out and about with a child in this urban jungle.
My own experience abroad of Mainlanders' behaviour:
In a toilet on a plane, getting their young toddler son to stand on the basin and urinating into it, with the toilet door wide opened.
In the cubicle of the male toilet in a lounge for business class at an airport in Canada, defecating with the door of the cubicle wide opened, in a squatting posture with pants down.
The mockery of this infant urinating episode on a busy Mong Kok street is called neo-Nazism and ultra far rightism? What is the Mainland press doing here, they want us in the world to condone the uncivilized behaviour of its citizens in order to divert our attention from the real issue? The protest is the only way to arouse the motherland's attention to this crisis which is affecting the image of all Chinese people globally.
Excellent, posted a normal post about the situation on the Global Times article, then it gets removed.
Shows you why the mainlanders' behaviour will never change because the government and media shields the public from the fact that their behaviour is not acceptable.
It seems that you haven't been paying attention to the news so let me ask you this question, if it happened that someone took a photo of your child urinating on a Hong Kong street would you steal their SD card?
There are thousands of Chinese visitors in Hong Kong every day. I'm sure that there are countless cases of Chinese parents encouraging their little ones to urinate in public places. I've seen it myself a number of times most recently in the tunnel between T.S.T. and T.S.T. East station. None of the cases I've witnessed have made it into the news which means Hong Kong people tolerate this behavior often. The difference in this case is that the behavior of the mother of the child turned this from a matter of a fine for relieving themselves in public to a matter of theft, the mother stole the camera/SD card of one of the men.
As for your case, I would recommend that you obey the law. There are millions of people in Hong Kong and a lot of families have young children, why haven't there been so many cases of Hongkongers doing such behavior.
Haven't these sad individuals got anything better to do with their spare time. Pathetic
Those who protest mimicking the boy in Mongkok are worse than the boy who urinating in Mongkok. I guess their iQ is less than their boy!



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