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No need for photos, just point us to the toilet, say mainland tourists

As competition seeks pictures of mainlanders relieving themselves in public, tourists say better signage may be more constructive

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 May, 2014, 2:31pm
UPDATED : Friday, 02 May, 2014, 12:22pm


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2 May 2014
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Mainland visitors called yesterday for more signs pointing to public toilets in Hong Kong and help instead of confrontation from locals - as the row over a mainland toddler's urination on a Mong Kok street stretched into the "golden week" holiday.

As a protest was being held against mainland tourists in the popular shopping destination of Tsim Sha Tsui, an online photography competition was launched in a Mong Kok pedestrian zone, with organisers calling for pictures of mainlanders relieving themselves in public.

But a call for a "pee in Hong Kong" mass protest by mainlanders in response to last week's viral circulation of a video of the urinating toddler appeared to have drawn no participants.

By yesterday evening, more than 800 Facebook users had clicked "attend" on the photography contest's event page but only one picture had been posted, of a little girl relieving herself beside a rubbish bin with no indication of where or when it was taken.

Lin Shanglan, a Shenzhen resident who visited Ocean Park yesterday, said the Mong Kok boy's parents should have set a good example and taken him to a toilet instead of letting him urinate in the street. But she said it was not easy for many tourists visiting Hong Kong for the first time to find the nearest toilets.

"The government should put up more signs so people know where the toilets are," she said.

Toilet read offers advice for mainland visitors caught short

Pan Lingling, 31, who came to Hong Kong from Zhejiang with her two-year-old daughter, said public urination was understandable when children, who could not control their bladders, needed to relieve themselves urgently.

"But they could have found a more discreet place," she said, adding that it was not difficult to find public toilets.

Michael Ho, 28, father of a three-year-old, said it was embarrassing for children to urinate while being watched by dozens of people in the streets.

"Just use the toilets when children need to pee, they're free of charge. You should bring diapers when you go out with young children," he said.

Wang Xun, who came to Hong Kong from Shanghai with his parents, wife and son, said he felt the incident was "rather trivial".

He said he believed people from Hong Kong and the mainland should not confront each other and overreact.

One scuffle did break out yesterday between a mainland man and a backer of the photography competition at its public launch in Mong Kok.

The two were separated by police.

Contest organiser Leung Kam-shing said entrants were encouraged to advise offenders against unhygienic behaviour before taking photos or videos.

"We are doing this in response to mainland internet users calling on mainlanders to come and pee and poop in Hong Kong's streets," said Leung, leader of a series of anti-mainlander protests previously.

Another group, who had previously rallied to urge mainlanders to go home and buy mainland goods, continued their campaign in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday.

Organisers estimated that about 100 people took part.

Organiser Eric Leung said this might be his last protest as he had run out of new ideas.

His group has been dressing up as red guards, symbol of the Cultural Revolution. Leung referred to their rallies as "patriotic movements".

Watch: Urinating child altercation that began latest uproar



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I was in Harbour City today (May1st) with my wife and 4 year old daughter. We walked past a boy, around the same age as my daughter, urinating into a plastic bag his mother was holding, outside some high brand shop or other. What makes it worse is that the toilets were within 10 metres of where he was going about his business. My HK wife just looked at me and said, 'Tsim Sha Tsui is already lost to us' as we trudged off back to the car.
SCMP, please get the facts straight. In the incident, the toddler defecated and left behind two piles of poo poo. There are pictures all over the Internet already. Stop lying!
You forgot to mention the parents retaliated with violence and that is why they were cuffed and detained. If they had some sort of fruit knife I would bet they wouldn't hesitate to use it in the heat of the moment.
I Gandhi
The HK hooligans and bullies are making fools of themselves over a non issue. Most of these HK people complaining about mainlanders are even worse than the mainlanders.
Here is my wisdom to help educate the mainlanders. There is no excuse or mitigation that justifies public urination and defecation in broad daylight. If I were them, I would say: " Our country's food supply is so tainted that perhaps it effected our children' bladders and intestines that unpredictable and constant spasm have taken away all motor functions of self-control. Forgive us, we are merely victims. I am sure we would then take pity to the meek and humble.
I don't think there are needs for extra signage, we already have enough...Except for the mainlanders every other tourist manages just fine ... they should learn that the world doesn't revolve around them- they have to conform! The onus should be on the tourists to find a toilet themselves when they need to go, either by asking someone where the closest one is or using common sense like going to Mcdonald's.....
The problem is that they do neither of the above as they just squat in the middle of the street whenever they feel like going!
Building up more and putting sign directing to public toilet are a good sign for tourist. But I think it doesn't help those mainlanders. It's all about how their parents teach and educate their children. Good etiquette and manners always start at home. Which means, all the fault should be blame on the communist government for not giving proper education toward their citizens. Shouting, spitting, urinating and even defacating are all common scene in the mainland. Even in a broad daylight with populated places. Because the government are doing nothing and they can accept or tolerate such an illiterate action and uncivilized behaviour of their people without being fined or penalized. Remember 11 years ago when an outbreak of "SARS" pandemic was originated from mainland, China. In fact the communist government tried to cover up this pandemic. Unsuccessfully, they have to admit their fault due to the fast spread of this disease. Proper hygiene and good sanitation are so important to everyone. Therefore, it's everyone responsibility to keep the city clean whether you are a local or tourist. No excuses should be accepted...ALWAYS BE PREPARED WHEN YOU GO OUT, ESPECIALLY WHEN ACCOMPANIED WITH A CHILD. PUBLIC EDUCATION FOR PROPER HYGIENE AND SANITATON SHOULD BE CARRIED OUT MORE OFTEN IN MAINLAND, CHINA. THIS COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT ARE SO CORRUPT THAT'S WHY THEY NEVER THINK OF SUCH THINGS. THEY EVEN JOINED THE MEDIA AND CAMPAIGNING AGAINST THE HK PEOPLE FOR THEIR STUPID ACT
I'm sorry that you and your family had to witness such heinous act barbarism. The new century of bubonic plague seems inevitable and unstoppable. You must go home and bear witness to your daughter that what she saw is detestable. Children have a tendency to imitate and it is your job to press delete on what she saw.
Are there not any more important topics?
Pop out to Sai Kung on any holiday and see many dog owners allow their pets to do much worse without sanction. And it is easier to have sympathy for parents of young children...



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