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Cathay Pacific union says female cabin crew's uniforms 'too sexy'

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 04 May, 2014, 5:41am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 May, 2014, 10:11am

Cathay Pacific flight attendants are asking the airline to redesign its uniforms for women, which they say are too revealing and may provoke sexual harassment.

The union representing cabin crew complains that the blouses are too short, showing off flesh when the attendants bend down to get items out of a food trolley.

The Flight Attendants Union (FAU) also says the skirts of the uniforms, introduced in 2011, are too tight-fitting, but says management has so far rejected its pleas for a modesty makeover.

FAU honorary secretary Michelle Choi said: "The blouse is too short and does not cover enough. Whenever a flight attendant bends down, her waistline is exposed.

"We believe the company intentionally does this to make us look a bit sexier and to let the passenger see more."

Choi said she believed the too-revealing uniforms were contributing to an apparent rise in incidents of sexual harassment of cabin crew by passengers, which she now estimates to affect each cabin crew member on one in every 10 flights.

Asked why she thought cases of sexual harassment seemed so prevalent, she said: "I think part of the reason is that we treat our passengers so well. They are spoilt in some ways.

"Some of the Marco Polo Club [frequent flier] members think they can do things to us because they are privileged and we somehow allow it. That is very bad.

"They think it is part of their privilege … Afterwards, they believe they can apologise and everything is settled."

Choi added: "When you report it to the flight manager, they always say it is the crew member's decision whether or not to call the police. They tell you, 'It's your decision. Do you want to delay the flight by calling the police?'

"That puts stress on the flight attendant and it is sad the company is not actively supporting and protecting us in cases like this … [Inflight managers] should be trained to have a stronger mindset to protect the crew."

Choi called for the company to issue specific guidelines on how to deal with instances of harassment on flights.

The FAU had passed on complaints from its members, she said, but no action had been taken to adjust the uniforms. The matter is expected to be raised during a meeting with management on May 13.

In a written response, Cathay Pacific said it had modified the design of the uniforms in response to staff feedback prior to the official launch in 2011.

"We welcome feedback from the crew and certain modifications have also been made, including the length of the blouse and the tightness of the skirt.

"Crew are welcome to exchange their uniform any time if they feel the fit is not right."

On the issue of harassment, the company said: "We do not tolerate any form of harassment and take the issue of sexual harassment very seriously."


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Oh I need to hurry up and book a ticket of Cathay before they change the design!!!
Wear long pants and longer jackets can solve the problem. Well, I don't understand why people need to bend up and down to serve food and drinks need to wear such uncomfortable clothes.
It's not the uniform that's too sexy. It's what's inside the uniform :)
P Blair
Better hurry off the Manila now. The Pinoys are waiting!
I'd like to send my message to Cathay Pacific company!!! It's VERY IMPORTANT!!
Actually fashion designer Eddie Lau, make fatal MISTAKE! There is NO problem that "blouses are 'too short' and skirts 'too tight' .. If Eddie Lau know psychology - she will NEVER create Uniform in RED COLOR!
Because "Lady in RED" is only GOOD for romantic song.. : ) ...but RED COLOR in general produce AGGRESSION, and when woman in RED it's provoke men to RAPE her !!!
Cathay Pacific - you MUST to change this RED UNIFORM immediately to something Blue, Green, or any other color from 16 millions of them :)
As far as I can remember, Cathay stewardesses' uniforms have always been red. Very charming in an airport, I must say, and readily identifiable. I don't recall any signs of aggression or what have you. Some other stewardesses can be aggressive even in dirt-colored uniforms.
Formerly ******
This story has the most comments of any story over the last few days. Easy to entertain and occupy the minds of the ignorant masses by keeping them busy reading worthless pablum, while the kleptocractic, crony government folks get rich by stealing from the people in the name of the people. Yes, the Peoples' Republic of China, provided that your peopleness consists of being a member of the CCP.
The US is going in the same direction with POTUS Obama's cronyism.
這個故事已在過去的幾天最多評論任何一個故事。易於招待和通過保持他們忙著閱讀不值錢 pablum 佔據的無知的群眾的思想,同時 kleptocractic,裙帶政府人變富的偷人以人民的名義。是的人民共和國的中國,提供您的 peopleness 組成的中國共產黨的成員。
You must be speaking of yourself. I am never part of ignorant masses.
The female cabin crew’s uniform design looks terrific. The designer must have more design in mind than about sexual appeal. The blouse in white contrasts with the red in a proportion of 1 to 2 when the legs are included – for a illusory pleasing lengthy lower physique. Whether the uniform fits well for arm stretching and knee bending that only can tell by the wearer of this attractive design.
On the other hand, the male crew uniform design is conservative and unattractive. Just too many fabric used.
How about installing CCTV on the plane to catch the perverts? It could help to catch thieves on the plane as well.




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