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Police probe fatal shooting of 21-year-old by officers

Delivery worker shot in head and neck while wielding paper cutter at estranged wife and others. Security chief pledges thorough investigation

PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 May, 2014, 10:03am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 May, 2014, 8:50am

An internal inquiry will examine why two police officers gunned down a 21-year-old man who was threatening his estranged wife and others with a paper cutter - the first fatal shooting by officers in two years.

The city's security chief has promised a thorough investigation of the killing of delivery worker Ho Sai-tung and says police guidelines allow the use of firearms only to prevent "severe crime".

Police said Ho was holding a security guard at knifepoint and was about to attack his wife and a policewoman when two officers shot him at Hong Nga Court, in Lam Tin.

A police source said the man, said to have been extremely agitated, ignored repeated warnings from officers before he was shot at three times from a distance of approximately one metre.

"The man suffered gunshot wounds and fell onto his wife and the policewoman," the source said. "An initial examination showed two of the shots hit his forehead and neck."

Ho was pronounced dead at the scene.

Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok said police were concerned about the case and that the findings of its investigation would be submitted to the coroner for an inquest.

The police force had very strict rules on the use of firearms, he said. "According to police guidelines, the use of firearms is to stop severe crime from happening," he said.

Asked whether it had been necessary to fire three shots at the man, the police source said that question would form part of the internal investigation. But initial investigations had shown that "the two officers were justified in opening fire as the lives of the two women were in danger". It is understood an initial report will be submitted to police management within 48 hours.

Yesterday's drama began when Ho went looking for his 21-year-old wife, who had left their home in Sau Mau Ping the previous day with the couple's seven-month-old son after a heated argument.

She accused Ho of having an affair, police said.

The woman and child stayed the night at a friend's flat in Heng Nga House, Hong Nga Court, in Lam Tin. When Ho arrived at the building to look for his wife and son, he argued with a 48-year-old security guard who stopped him at the ground-floor lift lobby.

Other security guards called the police, and when officers arrived at the scene, a tense stand-off ensued as Ho held a paper cutter to the guard's throat. Matters took a turn for the worse when Ho's wife walked out of the lift.

"Upon seeing his wife, Ho became very emotional and agitated," said Senior Superintendent Eugene Yue, head of the Kowloon East regional crime unit.

Ho then left the guard and rushed towards his wife in an apparent attempt to injure her, Yue said. As a policewoman pulled the wife back to protect her, both women lost their balance and fell to the ground.

"Ho was standing over them and about to do something to hurt them," Yue said, adding that the man was still holding the knife at the time. "As repeated warnings were ignored, two officers fired a total of three shots."

A colleague of the guard held at knifepoint said: "Police ordered the man to drop the weapon and not to be emotional. The officers shouted repeatedly before there were loud bangs."

A resident who lives two blocks away said she heard three loud shots. "I heard bang, bang, bang and I initially thought it was thunder," she said. "Then I heard ambulance or police sirens."

Neither the security guard nor Ho's wife were injured.

Yue said a constable and a station sergeant fired the shots. Officers have retrieved CCTV footage of the scene. An autopsy will be conducted on Friday.

In March, a police officer fired two shots as he chased three suspected illegal immigrants who hurled stones at him in Shek O. No one was injured. In May 2012, a traffic policeman shot dead a 36-year-old man involved in a suspected triad attack in Sham Shui Po.



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The keystone kops have done it again--- another fatal error in a rapidly declining "face off "with the public. Asias finest they may well have been but not these days! Kids with guns! why not shoot one shot into the roof its easier for "guns for dummies".
ngo ho miss yny ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but dim gai mo ren ming my feeling ngo ho sern see dou kui but ngo d hair gum ugly ng hor yi bei kui see dou ngo really ho upset!
I have no comment sorry as you like thankyou.
the sun also rises
why the cutter-man had to be shot three times at his head and neck was a mystery/puzzle to be answered by our once elite cops in the Colonial days. In the Force, there are strict guidelines on the use of guns---only when lives are threatened or at great risks can the cops be justified in using their firearms and why didn't the two cops in this case just aimed at the killed's less vital parts of his body ? I wonder,The public requires a thorough and clear explanation from the cops together with the use of pepper spray several times ( at close range) at lawamaker Leung Kwok-hung in a recent clash with the cops during a protest march !
Why there wasn't qny warning shot?
gosh -__________________________-
Not easy to balance this...but it seems that the dead man was more emotional than a criminal...in such case police could judge fast to hit man's lower parts....Once city's top gangster Yip Kai Foon was so big criminal and now is still alive on his wheelchair...Police Force is public's one of the valuable investment and their service is outstanding...I hope they will come up with fair findings on this issue.
What intrigues me is where did the box cutter come from? If the husband had it with him, he had premeditated violence. It's not impulsive to bring box cutters around.
Imagine what could have happened if he made it past the guard! A possible murder case was stopped today. The facts don't say whether is his wife came downstairs by chance or was called to come down. But she was surely startled when she walked out the lift.
I say, it was a job well done (not perfect). It's hard to call this situation; there were two hostages, a cutter knife at one's throat and mental instability.
My condolences to the widow who will raise her child alone, but it's 100% better than having a potential killer/stalker for the rest of your life.
They shot him in the neck and forehead from ONE METRE??? What happened to 'centre mass' like they are trained to do?




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