Mother admits throwing two-year-old daughter off top of village house

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 May, 2014, 2:03pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 May, 2014, 3:10am

A mother admitted in court yesterday that she deliberately dropped her two-year-old daughter from the first-floor balcony of a house in Tai Po. The girl suffered minor injuries to her right knee in the two-metre fall.

Fanling Court heard that Fung Man-yi was high on methamphetamine when she "heard a voice" telling her that her boyfriend, the girl's father, was going to hurt them and subsequently left their home. She took the child to nearby Sha Po Tsai village and wandered up the front stairs of a two-storey village house, where the voice then told her to "release" her daughter, Fung said.

A villager saw Fung carrying the girl in her arms before she let the child drop to the ground from the balcony with a huge thud, the court heard yesterday. The mother reacted to the sound of her child hitting the ground as if she had "just woken up from a dream" and ran down to check on her daughter, the court heard.

She found the toddler lying conscious on the ground.

Fung's lawyer said the incident was a "very unfortunate event" caused by Fung's "foolish decision of take drugs", and that it did not reflect her personality.

She said the methamphetamine had brought on hallucinations and the mother heard a voice telling her to leave home with her daughter as her boyfriend was going to hurt them.

Fung heard the voice again later, telling her that her boyfriend would attack them and that she should release her daughter, the lawyer said.

She said Fung and her boyfriend, an antenna installer on about HK$20,000 a month, suffered a "giant blow" when their son died of unknown causes two months after he was born in 2010.

After she gave birth to her daughter a year later, her boyfriend left them, which added to her psychological trauma, the lawyer said.

Although her boyfriend returned to the mother and daughter in January, Fung lived in constant fear that he would leave them again, the court heard.

"She now realises that she has been very foolish and should not have taken drugs to ease the pressure," the lawyer said. "Her boyfriend has been taking good care of her since the incident."

The lawyer also presented to the court five letters from Fung, her boyfriend, her aunt, who is the toddler's current guardian, her mother and her employer, all of them appealing for leniency.

Fung admitted that she had used drugs again since the incident, but said she was not an addict and that she had not been using since March. She vowed not to take drugs again.

Deputy Magistrate Cherry Hui Shuk-yee said she would give Fung a chance and granted bail.

The magistrate said she would make a final decision after she saw the results of urine testing and a probation officer's report in July.