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'Human faeces' sent in post to Greg So after he calls for tolerance of mainlanders

Greg So had been mocked for urging civility in row over tourists' behaviour

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 May, 2014, 4:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 May, 2014, 10:43am

Three parcels apparently containing human faeces have been sent to the office and home of commerce minister Greg So Kam-leung, who has been the subject of protests after he called for tolerance of mainland parents who allow their children to relieve themselves in Hong Kong streets.

All of the packages were accompanied by typed messages making reference to So's earlier remarks, according to police, who are investigating.

News of the parcels - one of which was opened by So's wife - followed a demonstration outside his home on Sunday in which protesters used fake excrement to simulate urination and defecation.

So, in Paris on government business, yesterday described the acts as "very unwise".

"I hope that everyone can express themselves in civilised and rational ways," he said.

The first two parcels were delivered to So's office at government headquarters in Admiralty and his home on MacDonnell Road on Tuesday last week, a few days after he urged Hongkongers to teach mainlanders manners instead of pointing accusatory fingers at them. The third was received at his office on Monday.

Each parcel contained a letter and a bag of what is believed to be human faeces, So said in a statement last night.

A source close to the situation said the second parcel was addressed to his wife.

A police source said officers believed the three parcels were sent at the same time and the finger-sized pieces of solid waste were believed to be human.

So's call for tolerance came amid a public backlash against mainland tourists triggered by a video posted online showing a mainland couple allowing their toddler to urinate and defecate on a busy Mong Kok street.

The minister was on a business tour to Chongqing when the first two parcels were received and has been at a meeting of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's ministerial council since Tuesday. A police source said he had not come into contact with any of the parcels.

A police spokesman said the investigation was being handled by a Central District team. No arrests had been made last night.



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Such actions are deplorable and reflect very poorly on Hong Kong which needs to remember that Tourism is an important part of its economy.
maybe it was a fertilizer sample, or a test sample for the Biosolids incinerator ?
is that not what they use in China to grow the veggies ?
indeed HK used to export nightsoil to China every day for profit
Dai Muff
I don't approve of this form of protest, but perhaps how offended he is depends on whether it is Hong Kong excrement or mainland excrement.
Why? Because you think if it's mainland excrement he'll cook it for dinner instead?
hard times !
might be it serves this incompetent top official right to receive such parcels.How could a sensible and rational official with accountability uttered such words as,' accommodation is not leniency' **** indeed ! It served right to receive such extraordinary pracels !
I mean, who isn't afraid of human fe_ces.! If I were him I'd be afraid, very afraid since WHO released a warning that fe_ces kill ! This is a new face of terrorism. Worst case scenario, he could seek sanctuary on the Mainland for defending their national pride. He is their national hero for being a stand up guy.
HongKong-style democracy: Those claim themselves advocators of democracy chant democracy day and night but never respect different views. It seems they believe they are followers of democracy and therefore have the right to abuse dissenters. That's HongKong style democracy, totalitarianism masqueraded under democracy.
Dai Muff
To talk about the powerless being the totalitarians defies all logic. If you are going to say we should tolerate excrement .... someone is likely to challenge you on it.
Might I remind you as a mainlander, we suffer from the same totalitarian regime as Hong Kongers. This entire protest is rooted completely in prejudice and hatred, none of which has nothing to do with the CCP which rules over both groups of people. Although Greg So's action may as well be from the Mainland, the parcel of extrement does not represent Hong Kongers as justful, fair citizens, but instead as prejudiced and small minded.
Mind you this prejudice is directed towards people with the same historical backgrounds as you do! I really do not intend to see how Hong Kongers will treat people of other ethnicity and nationalities.




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