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How to behave in Hong Kong: Xinhua publishes tip list for mainlanders

State news agency publishes article advising mainlanders of Hong Kong etiquette

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 10 May, 2014, 2:59am
UPDATED : Saturday, 10 May, 2014, 3:56pm

Xinhua last night published a list of "dos and don'ts" for mainland tourists visiting Hong Kong in an attempt to teach visitors etiquette. The move comes amid growing hostility after mainland parents allowed their toddler to relieve himself in a busy Mong Kok street.

Xinhua listed six dos and six don'ts for those coming to Hong Kong, including warnings against overzealous bargaining and spitting. It also warned of fines if caught eating or drinking on the MTR, sneaking into first-class carriages or not wearing a seatbelt in taxis.

Notably, the article initially mentions the Mong Kok incident - a video of which was posted online last month - but it is clear Xinhua did not feel the need to tell mainlanders not to urinate in public.

"Hongkongers have a strong sense of self - they don't like to inconvenience, impede or affect others with their actions," the mainland state news agency advised.

"And while visiting someone's place, one must learn to adhere to that place's rules - it is a kind of respect for Hong Kong and also to protect mainland tourists themselves."

The agency went on to warn visitors that they might be inconveniencing others without even being aware of it.

The article, roughly 1,600-characters long, had a non-accusatory tone and read like a helpful guide for tourists. Each rule was accompanied by a paragraph of explanations. These included cultural differences and the fact Hong Kong is a crowded city.

Where Xinhua advised people to refrain from yelling at others from afar, it explained that Hongkongers usually walk up to a person to talk to them. The article explained that loud greetings and animated chatting were part of mainland culture and not a Hong Kong habit.

It added: "These are some social parameters. Best to adhere to them. If not, you may find people rolling their eyes at you."


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I applaud that the people of HK are trying to keep their city etiquette! I have visited dozens of major cities around the world and HK has all of them beat!! Also the people are very polite and do talk at a lower tone. Sure HK is part of China now but HK is still way ahead of other cities in China.
I live in California, USA and our cities are crowded, full of crime, loud for sure, and full of debt!! I love my country but if I had my choice I would live in HK because of the people.
Keep up the good work in HK and don't compromise for anyone what makes HK a "jewel of Asia".
Thank you for your kind compliment, with such understanding of Hong Kong. As the saying goes, when you are in Rome, do as the Romans!
Although they should change this say about Rome, as the Romans are known among the rudest in Europe, lol!
Cover noise and mouth with hand or a tissue paper when coughing and sneezing.
This is getting ridiculous. the level of bigotry of hk people is getting offensive. if i were from the mainland, i would just not bother. HK is a **** place to come for holiday anyway, shanghai or beijing are much more interesting!
HK locals can also use some of the Dos and Donts: have u ever met a hk local guy that speaks quietly and doesnt use "delay no more" as a means of punctuation? Hk people are the only people in the world who speak at the same volume in cinemas, lifts and concert theatres. somehow, the cantonese dialect doesnt do well in whispers.
@ allan94
If you were from the mainland ?? Perhaps your parents were by the patriotic way of defending them despite their collective blatant behaviors.
And don't come back! And don't let the door smack your **** on the way out! Jeez what cultural insensitivity slash racism in your foreign devil tongue !
allan94, you must mix with a bad crowd. My friends and I never speak loudly, and I have never been disturbed by conversations in cinemas and concerts. Were you dreaming, or making it up?
Hope it is a good start. I wonder what is our HKSAR Government is doing to respond to the public.
oh great...so now they'll think it's up to them to decide whether they relieve themselves on our streets...




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