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Deliberation day? Gandhi's groaning in his grave

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 14 May, 2014, 3:37am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 14 May, 2014, 3:40am

Deliberation day? Gandhi's groaning in his grave

Our bosses up in Beijing must be laughing at us. We have shown them what a bunch of idiots we Hongkongers are. They did not need to use divide and rule tactics; we have divided ourselves. Now they can rule us with far greater ease. We have spent decades demanding democracy, but we destroyed it all in one so-called "deliberation day". The pan-democratic camp is now in tatters, divided and speaking with so many different voices that it is starting to sound like mumbo jumbo. Our democracy crusaders have obviously never heard of the old adage, "United we stand". Last week's deliberation day by the Occupy Central movement to decide on a democracy model to put to the people in an unofficial referendum next month was nothing short of a joke. Only about 2,500 hard-core Occupy supporters voted. They unsurprisingly chose the three most radical models, proposed by two extreme political groups and one student group, whose plan had the most votes. The people of Hong Kong will be asked to choose from these three proposals only. Has the Occupy movement so lost its marbles that it wants kids still in school to dictate our democratic path? Gandhi must be groaning in his grave that the movement has based its credibility on the use of civil disobedience, which he pioneered. None of the three proposals has a hope in hell of getting the nod from the central government so why waste time with a referendum? Is the movement telling us it will occupy Central after Beijing rejects the referendum outcome even when its winning proposal is one of three radical models chosen by 2,500 people?


Moderates wouldn't know what to do with democracy

Moderates in the democracy movement are howling. Their movement has been hijacked by the radicals, but instead of forming a swat team to regain control, they are flailing their arms not knowing what to do. God help us if we ever get democracy. These self-styled champions of democracy do not even know how to fight for it. What will happen if it is put in their hands? Thailand, maybe? Jackie Chan was probably right when he said Chinese people would not know what to do with democracy and that they needed to be controlled.


Monkey business at the MTR Corporation

Even monkeys can be taught tricks, so why can't the MTR Corporation? It is clear that the people are baying for blood. They feel they have been taken for a ride by the MTR. A HK$67 billion high-speed railway is delayed for two years. When an MTR cover-up did not work, it blamed rain for destroying a tunnelling machine. When the people did not buy that, it blamed difficult tunnelling conditions. When the people wanted heads to roll, MTR Corp chairman Raymond Chien Kuo-fung announced chief executive Jay Walder's contract would not be renewed when it expired next year. Why didn't Chien just leave it at that? People would have thought they got their blood. But no, he chose to slap the people in the face, by insisting Walder's departure had nothing to do with the scandal over the delay. He said Walder had decided last year to leave after his contract ran out, but that the MTR had chosen not to tell us because it was none of our business even though the public owns more than 70 per cent of the railway. In other words, the people will not get their blood, because Walder is not being pushed; he just decided to jump. That slap in the face has increased pressure on the MTR to cut short Walder's contract. When will the MTR learn? Maybe spending time with monkeys would help.


Michael Chugani is a columnist and television show host.