Out-of-womb operation was necessary, says Matilda obstetrician accused of professional misconduct

Surgery for suspected out-of-womb pregnancy was not unnecessary, doctor tells council

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 May, 2014, 3:59am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 May, 2014, 8:59am

An obstetrician accused of carrying out an unnecessary operation on a woman for a suspected out-of-womb pregnancy said yesterday it would have been negligent not to have done it.

Dr Michael Rogers was defending himself before the Medical Council against a charge of professional misconduct.

The council heard that he performed a diagnostic laparoscopy - an examination using a camera on a tube inserted through a small incision made in the abdomen - on Poon Wing on May 6, 2011, after she complained of abdominal pain and a late period.

The operation was carried out at the Matilda International Hospital on The Peak after a consultation at the Quality HealthCare clinic in Central.

Rogers, who has practised in Hong Kong for 30 years, is alleged to have gone ahead with the surgery without properly advising Poon of all options and without proper justification.

He said he suspected an ectopic pregnancy as her pregnancy test was positive although two ultrasound scans showed no fetus in her uterus. He told her the condition was "urgent and could be life threatening" and arranged for the laparoscopy to confirm whether or not she was pregnant and find out the cause of her internal bleeding.

Poon said she was "quite sure" Rogers had not told her of an option to observe her condition for one or two more days. "If he did, I would have waited, as any normal person would, before doing an invasive medical procedure," Poon said.

Rogers said that during the surgery he found no fetus. He believed it had been an ectopic pregnancy and that the fetus had been expelled.

Rogers told the council that he did mention the option of waiting to Poon and her husband, but he did not explain it in detail and did not recommend it. He said a laparoscopy was the best option and he would have been negligent not to have done it.

Dr Macor Wan later told Poon the surgery might not have been necessary and it could have terminated a normal pregnancy.

The hearing resumes in July.